[1.7.3] Probability travel and doors

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[1.7.3] Probability travel and doors

#1 Post by Moasseman »

1. Probability travel "breaks" autoexplore if you run into a door with solid mass behind it (Elven ruins)

2. Probability travel can be used while unable to move/overencumbered (possibly intended, possibly not)

3. Ptobability travel prevents opening of Vault doors.

4. Probability travel prevents opening of doors inside vaults.

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Re: [1.7.3] Probability travel and doors

#2 Post by happenstance »

I thought I had busted my save file until I found this post. For all the hours I have put into this game, I had never selected probability travel before today.

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Re: [1.7.3] Probability travel and doors

#3 Post by ScienceBall »

The following change, which will be in the next version, fixes at least the issue where vault doors cannot be opened: https://git.net-core.org/tome/t-engine4 ... 0e54fdf919. I don't know if it fixes the other door issues.

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