how to Publish my addon (fixed)

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how to Publish my addon (fixed)

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my addon PlayerAioo was update for a long time ( viewtopic.php?f=50&t=51622)

For the 1st time I try in 1.7.6 I try to upload it, but the command: Addon Developper > Publish addon to
IT Show no addon!
The only way it show all the addon is when I generate addon"s md5 (but we cant publish that way anymore). Any other addon developer option show nothing.

Did something change, or I dont know how to do it anymore?

the addon is in my addon folder
I'm loged into steam and
My init as the new: addon_version = {1,3,9}

May or not be related: I cannot Purge my steam data. It give a lua error
Edit: and when I try to upload another new addon, it shows correctly.

Edit: I try to run a new version number 1.4.0 and then, it worked. Probably because I never unzipped the old addon from the .teaa format. So I'll do that next time before uploading
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