any way to get a prodigy point back?

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any way to get a prodigy point back?

#1 Post by agentmith »

I recently started playing again to check out all the DLC and other new stuff. I have a character that's level 30 and was holding off getting a prodigy until I needed it, but when I finally went to use it, I saw that I had spent it accidentally on something I know I wouldn't have picked on purpose.

Is there anything I can do to remove the point so I can spend it again? It looks like any mods you install won't take effect unless you start a new character, unless there's a way to force it into an existing game.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Re: any way to get a prodigy point back?

#2 Post by Moasseman »

There's no "natural" way to do it. You can get some addons that allow respeccing prodigies or manually edit the save to remove the prodigy and restore an unused prodigy point.

Addons can be forcefully added midsave by editing the desc.lua file in the save folder, but whether they work properly or at all when added this way is a different matter. Some do, others really don't.
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Re: any way to get a prodigy point back?

#3 Post by mckwack »

There is a "natural" way to do it, I suppose.. just die and restart the game with the same character.. :P

Better yet, make notes of your current character's skills and all, so you'd have a slightly-similar build when you restart over with the new one.. although you might not get the same gears and/or items.. :wink:
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