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#1 Post by Loco15 »

When I play, sometimes adventurer parties shown up, sometimes they don't.

Sometimes, they want to kill me, and other times they don't.

Just what rules govern the spawning and hostility of adventurer parties?

And on that note, I know that Zigur patrol's will hunt you down if you're a mage class, but beyond that I'm not really sure. Will they hunt you down if you somehow acquired a mana pool? Will they hunt you if you have equipped stuff powered by arcane forces? Do you having a rune inscribed is enough of a reason to send them into a murderous rage? What about spell/shadow-blade classes, whose lore is that they have magic but didn't ever chose to learn it? Will afflicted classes be hunted down for their apparent evil, or will they be left alone, taking into account that they only really use mind powers?

And maybe I am wrong, but I faintly remember an Allied Kingdom patrol being hostile to me once? I'm not sure.

I remember them sometimes killing each other, though I don't remember exactly who killed whom. So what are the hostilities between patrols in Maj'Eyal? Are they constant?

I haven't really played TOME in a long while, and most of this comes from memory. I recently picked it up again, but I haven't made it past lvl 20, so I haven't really interacted with patrols much this time around.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: Patrols.

#2 Post by Effigy »

Zigur patrols are hostile if you have any talents that are tagged as spells, including runes. I'm not sure what would cause adventurer parties to be friendly; I think they're supposed to be always hostile. Likewise, I think the Allied Kingdom patrols are always supposed to be friendly. If you encountered a situation where that wasn't the case, it was probably a bug.

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Re: Patrols.

#3 Post by Klootje »

Perhaps the Allied patrols become hostile if you are undead and not wearing the cloak of deception?

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