Healing summons Necromancer

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Healing summons Necromancer

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Before I make a bug report, I'd like to ask, do Necromancer summons have special rules in regards to healing?

Thing is, early on I had a thing that allowed me to heal myself (Skeleton Necromancer) and all allies by a certain amount. It healed me alright, but not any of my Necro summons, be it the skeletons, the colossus or whatever it's called, or the ghouls.
Now I found retch on an item, and figured it's nice, as it's supposed to heal all undead within it. It heals me alright, but again not my buddies, that should also be undead. (well, Necro)

I honestly don't know what's up. I'm just very disappointed how all this stuff from items turns out so much less useful than it feels like it should be.

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