Issues with syncing profile

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Issues with syncing profile

#1 Post by rafauke »

Hello guys,

I wanted to ask if you have ever experienced issues with syncing the profile, achievements and time played? Unfortunately, my account is stuck:
Total play time: 0 day(s) 5 hour(s) 8 minute(s)

Last connection: 2018-08-14 22:39:19
I have bought the game orignally on Steam, long time ago, somewhere around Jan 2016. I have linked the game to Steam then, played a bit, got some achievements.

Some time has passed. It's 2020. I have revived my account, changed my profile name, downloaded addons from GOG, redeemded them on my account, everything went fine.

I'm actually playing the game and have no game-breaking issues (there are some problems with shared libraries regarding the web browser, but I'm not using the browser anyway).

Currently I'm on LInux and I'm running the game from command line:
./t-engine --no-web
Gameplay's fine, some framedrops when fire spells are cast but it's all fine. When I finish playing, my characters get uploaded to the profile, no problem here, but the time played or "last connection" don't update. Also, new achievements are not appearing in the profile either. Do you have any ideas how can I force-sync the profile? I would be grateful for any suggestions.

Happy crawling :)

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Re: Issues with syncing profile

#2 Post by jbergmann »

I am having the exact same problem with syncing also. I am running Linux (Fedora 32), using GOG version 1.72.
Time Played
Total play time: 0 day(s) 11 hour(s) 29 minute(s)

Last connection: 2020-10-28 06:37:10
I have been playing and my local information is correct and my character is uploaded to the profile, but not the last played or achievements.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :D

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Re: Issues with syncing profile

#3 Post by bigpilgrim »

I'm having the same issue currently. I got the game earlier this year, took a break for a while, and started playing again earlier this month. None of my progress from this month has updated on my profile: playtime, unlocks, achievements, etc. However the characters, winners, and item vault tabs are all up to date. I play through steam and I have my accounts connected. I'm mainly concerned about my unlocks saving because I'm gonna be switching PCs soon.

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