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Wanderer seed sharing

#1 Post by Effigy »

Post your cool Wanderer seeds here with a brief description or screenshot. Be sure to include which DLCs and (if applicable) addon classes you have enabled, since that will affect how the seed functions. I think only addons that add/remove talent categories will affect the RNG.

I'll start it off with my current run.

Seed: 84870857-8qzFoecxEejkhAjRFszSHQ==
Addons: All DLCs enabled
Categories as of level 15:
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Re: Wanderer seed sharing

#2 Post by dreast »

Seed: 74674660-8qzFoecxEejkhAjRFszSHQ==
Addons: All DLCs enabled

Level 1: Techniqe/ Combat Techniques, Celestial/Glyphs, Cursed/Advanced Shadowmancy and Psionic/Feedback
Level 2: Cunning/Lethality
Level 5: Psionic/Focus, aka "One class point for a headslot and pure cunning daggers"
Level 10: Spell/Air
Level 12: Cursed/Cursed Form
Level 15: Cunning/Shadow Magic (!!!!!)
Level 20: Corruption/Scourge (!!)

Celestial/glyphs actually becomes worth investing in, since the spell sustain procs can trigger it, as can the lightning storm sustain. That's as far as I've gotten so far! I generally put a staff in my headslot for darkness damage boosting (and because extra accuracy boosts attack procs on staffs), make cunning and magic my top priorities, and make dexterity a defensive priority (for light armor, dagger mastery, etc)

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Re: Wanderer seed sharing

#3 Post by Kalolof »

Seed: 94864790-irg4cjcyMrPv3QrdqFuimg==

Embers of Rage deactivated, all other DLC enabled. For other addond in case they matter see link. (zomnibus and some UI stuff)
https://te4.org/characters/286360/tome/ ... 0367c61bcf

This wanderer is got me to the wilder pride on nightmare roguelike.
I unfortunately don't remember the unlock order of the talents but I think flux, guardian and earth started unlocked with air and doom shield being early. I went with a 1h staff + shield approach for a very unique and defensive build. Osmosis shield + guardian + fungus + extra healing from attenuate etc. I rarely was at any risk of dying until I got swarmed by some very unlucky aggroing around the Gorbat boss, including one of those disruption shield dragons, some mage hunters and such.

For damage I mainly went for lightning and attenuate, but as you see you get the option to go for reaving combat and wrath if you want a more close combat approach, or eldrich shield if you want to go all in on the shield use.

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Re: Wanderer seed sharing

#4 Post by dreast »

DLC: All Addons

In order of gain:
Cursed/Slaughter (1)
Chronomancy/Gravity (1)
Corruption/Doom Shield (1)
Corruption/Torture (5)
Corruption/Heart of Fire (10)
Technique/Dual Techniques (15)
Steamtech/Thoughts of Iron (20)
Technique/Superiority (25)
Cunning/Dirty Fighting (30)
Corruption/Shadowflame (35) (!!!!!!!)

Generic (Note: acquiring and unlocking any of these trees from escorts advances the list when that one would be awarded):
Chronomancy/Spacetime Weaving
Psionic/Finer Energy Manipulation

Primary stats: Magic, Cunning, Strength (armor/physical power/talents early on)

Notes: You'll want to "float" repulsion blast 2-4, so you can redistribute elsewhere once you're mainly melee killing (it becomes less and less useful at that point, and cleave becomes a far better AoE option). Gravity is still useful for the other talents, however (especially Gravity Locus, which lets you devote your staffs to physical boosting).

Waste no points in Physics when you get it. It prevents you from purchasing an A.P.E. and you don't start with one. Getting this does reveal the Tinker shop, so for 500 gold and a cat point at THAT point you can purchase chemistry and an A.P.E. and go to town.

If you get a sun paladin escort, grab Chants; it's amazing with the fire/armor setup in this build. (Also, you'll love the stamina regen.)

It goes without saying: Buy and upgrade staff mastery.

Pumping a category point into Corruption/Torture lets you get up to range 9 with Abduction. This is well worth it (plus the rest of the tree is awesome anyway).

6 points in corruption/doom shield for the armor/spellpower buff; you'll be dual wielding 2h staffs, so the rest of the tree isn't worth it, but that one buff definitely is.

Buying (AND UNLOCKING) generic talent trees from escorts causes the automatic generic granter to skip to the next one, potentially unlocking a new tree at 42 (or even 32 and 42, if you get really lucky with thief/warrior escorts). (It's possible to get technique/thuggery, for example, at level 22 at the cost of two escorts and two category points. Worth it? Probably not.)

Dirty Fighting's second talent works really well with the torture tree.
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Re: Wanderer seed sharing

#5 Post by overgoat »

All DLCs

Spell / Phantasm - level 1
Demented / Tentacles - level 1
Technique / Warcries - level 1
Celestial / Light - level 1
Spell / Necrosis - level 2
Steamtech / Gunslinging - level 5
Technique / Bloodthirst - level 10
Technique / Mobility - level 12
Psionic/Psi Fighting - level 15
Spell / Temporal - level 20
Corruption / Demoic Strength - level 22
Steamtech / Battle Machinery - level 25
Cursed / Darkness - level 30
Future Talents Unknown

This wanderer is pretty fun with a lot of talents that work well together. I focused most of my points in Tentacles, Phantasm, Necrosis, Bloodthirst, Psi-fighting, Temporal, and Demonic Strength which turned into a very strong character. At level 15 with the additional of Psi Fighting which basically doubles your tentacle attacks this wanderer's damage output skyrockets. On nightmare difficulty at level 17 I was able to take out the Weirding Beast in three turns. Level 20-30 was fairly easy with only a few scares, but there are many shields and defensive abilities that were able to get me out of trouble. As most abilities are spell based, being silenced by ranged enemies was the achilles heel. Once I picked up tinkers and getting spring grapple there weren't too many problems.

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Re: Wanderer seed sharing

#6 Post by dragonsdemesne »


Easily the best wanderer seed I've EVER seen.

Started with Spell/Air, Steamtech/Mecharachnid, Cunning/Dirty Fighting. I forget some of the levelup order but at level 22 it looks like this (at least on a ghoul with all DLC and no addons)

dirty fighting
acid alchemy
star fury
psychic assault

dark sustenance

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Re: Wanderer seed sharing

#7 Post by Klootje »

It doesn't seem to be working for me. I also have all DLCs enabled, latest version, no addons, but it keeps saying the seeds are for a different set of DLCs.

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Re: Wanderer seed sharing

#8 Post by dreast »

Race: Undead
Mods: All core. In addition, if you play the main campaign, it is entirely recommended that you use the APE Tweak mod (to turn on steamtech world) and a mod that turns on the grand master's cave (so that you can purchase physics/chemistry without the randomness of a Tinker escort.) I don't see this as cheating, since these things are already implemented for steamtech classes.
Seed: 78284562-Gaqdzn+LsnhOhPk+AxnZUQ==
Stats: Cunning >> Magic>Willpower>Con

Schools w/ Strategy:

Level 1: Cunning/Poisons, Steamtech/Psytech Gunnery, Technique/Combat Veteran. Spell/Divination. The skeleton really shines here, as he can just float a couple of points to boost dex and nab Psytech gunnery right away. Already we see synergy between psytech gunnery (double hits at a distance) and poisons (something to do with them.) Divination is mediocre, but it is a chance to survive the occasional super-damaging one-damage-type attack.
Level 2: Cunning/Survival. You knew this was coming. Track is still solid gold.
Level 5: Psionic/Voracity. Aaaand things start to get broken. One point in here will give you Beyond the Flesh and Telekinetic Grasp. With a steamgun in your head-slot, all shots will be copied by that... including Venomous Strike (!!!). Note the mindstar attack is only triggered once per "main" shot, though; they both trigger off the same thing, primary weapon attack.
Level 10: Steamtech/Dread. Whelp, now we're getting some free poisoning attacks at things close and knocking their ability to hurt us way down. I wouldn't invest past the first ability here, though.
Level 12: Corruption/Torment. Not great, but we're about to buy physics and chemistry to sink generics into.
BUY PHYSICS/CHEMISTRY. (Earlier if you're playing Embers.)
Level 15: Demented/Entropy. Whiff. Fine, we've got plenty to work with.
Level 20: Steamtech/Avoidance. Oh, c'mon, now this is just silly. We're basically a dual-wielding poisoning Psyshot at this point.
Level 22: Psionic/Augmented Mobility. Oooooh, jumps! Good school.
Level 25: Psionic/Psychic Assault. Another whiff. We have better things to do with our turns and our psi than attack minds directly. I'd take Mystical Cunning for the progeny.
Level 30: Steamtech/Automation. The lightning net is amazing, pity it takes a turn. A pity, that is, until we get to level 35.
Level 32: Celestial/Light. Very redundant if you're a skeleton, but also some very good stuff paired with level 35's gift.
Level 35: Steamtech/Artillery. OH COME ON. Each automatic shot, by the way, counts for both beyond the flesh and psyshot... we get a (reduced damage) second shot and a (full) melee attack with each one. At this point, we're doing upwards of five shots and four mindstar attacks each round, depending on what's around us at what range... all of it poisonous, with poisons that spread on their own. We knock out two of those shots and one of those mindstar attacks if we do something like lightning net or heal with our turn instead of shooting. Still worth it.
Level 40: Spell/Acid Alchemy. Another whiff, we don't even notice.
Level 42: Cursed/Dark Sustenance. Truly great abilities, whether you decide to go 1/1/1/1 or to pump up the last couple. Range of 7 is kinda meh, but whatever. Arcane Combatant for the prodigy, unless you have a great set of gloves and would rather Flexible Combat (but in that case, you probably didn't want mystical cunning at 25... your call).
Level 45: Cunning/Artificer. Buyer's Remorse that you didn't take Flexible Combat? We have flexible combat at home!
Level 50: Steamtech/Elusiveness. Hilariously, this allows you to swap your mindstar offhand out for ANOTHER gun, at the cost of getting anything out of Dread. On the other hand, your offhand will at least have a relevant mastery (as undead, we can't get mindstar mastery). I don't think the third gun over the mindstar is worth it; if you want the abilities, that's up to you. My endgame mindstar of choice is amethyst of sanctuary for a lot of extra defensive utility.

Escorts: Chants (the whole school) is great (Artillery does fire damage). Seer will spare you putting any generics into divination. Rest is whatever you desire.


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