updated mindslayer questions

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updated mindslayer questions

#1 Post by aman3000 »

Are there any updated mindslayer guides? The only guide I could find was from 2013, and mindslayer has been updated since then. The wiki was not very useful either as the stragies section only had one sentence that said you can choose between melee or mindstars. It would also be helpful if anyone could tell me:

1. Does mindlash still have 0 cool down with a tier 4 mindstar

2. has mindlash been nerfed since 2013, and is it more viable now to diversify the amount of mental attacks

3. are auras more/less viable now, or are they about the same

4. what other changes have happened to the class?

any information would be nice. thank you.

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Re: updated mindslayer questions

#2 Post by Radon26 »

1) i don't think so.
2) the "psionic focus" thing has been removed. the only function of mindstars in beyond the flesh now, is pull and bonus stats.
3) auras, shields and strikes are ALL available to invest in from lvl1, and have the base stat requirement.

4) aside from the psionic focus aspect being removed, the reshape weapon armour has been made into a passive.

now, i have not been playing at the time of 2013, or at least i dont think so, so there might have been a piece of history i have missed.

here http://tometips.github.io/#classes/psionic you can compare the changes from whatever version you were using.
in the top right corner you can switch versions, and if you select "talents" from the top middle, on the left part you can see "new in x.x.x"

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