[1.7.4] Demonologist: know yourself, your minions and your enemies

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[1.7.4] Demonologist: know yourself, your minions and your enemies

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Demonologist is a very interesting class. It is the first class introducing the tinker system, and thanks to the demon seeds, it is the most versatile class. Counting the talents granted by demon seeds and available to demon summons, it has the most talents among all classes. It can either focus on weapon damage or spell damage. It can either use shield or dual wield. It can either fight close or at range. It can either stacking armor or defense. It can either hide itself with invisibility or stealth. It can either be very mobile while lancing the second highest burst damage in game, or be crazy tanky with perma-block and damage affinity while slowly (relatively) killing enemies with on-block effects and passive damage. It can even be played as a summoner.
However a player new to this class may feel confused when planning a build because one cannot find information about the demon seeds in game before obtaining it. Cathbald did a great job explaining this in 1.4.9 and someone did this later in the Chinese community. Now this article will explain all demon seeds in 1.7.4 here. In addition, a lot of demonologist talents actually don't work exactly the same way as described in game, and this article will talk about this. This article will also cover the demon summons. However, this article will not give specific demonologist builds. As stated above, this class is very versatile, and given how easy the game currently is on Insane difficulty and below, one should be free to play whatever build he likes.

I'll first go over demonologist talents. Most of the effects are applied using spellpower. Not all talents will be mentioned because one can know exactly how some talents work and how to use them just by reading the description.
Block The new block is actually a bit complex. It functions like a flat damage reduction and can apply counterstrike, which is easy to understand. The complex part is its duration. It lasts for 2 turns (so actually 3 turns), but will end early on the actor's next act if it has reduced any damage. This means that high speed may actually be bad. If you activate a Movement infusion when blocking, the block may actually last for less than 0.5 game turns. And when fighting enemies with block at high speed, they're likely to block your several attacks. The prodigy Eternal Guard actually doesn't extend the duration, but cancels the early end so block always last for 3 turns.

Shield Offense
Shield Pummel: The sentence "The stun chance increases with your Accuracy and your Strength." means that this talent uses accuracy, but minus the value of dexterity and plus the value of strength, to apply stun.
Assault: If the 2 weapon attacks proc any additional physical attacks, the procs are also automatical critical hits.

Shadow Flame
Wraithform: As stated in the effect description but not in the talent description, it doensn't allow one to pass through trees. It does allow one to pass some undiggable walls though, like the ones in the Maze and on the demon platform. Vault walls are unpassable as usual. The random teleport is within 50 range. One can actually use this teleport to go to Island of Rel, Tar'Eyal or even Var'Eyal and some other islands (but one cannot use this teleport to return to Maj'Eyal from these places except Island of Rel so he'll get stucked). Considering that Tar'Eyal is going to have its own plot and zones in the next DLC, this should be considered as a bug and fixed.
Fearscape: With the current ever-increasing vim drain, it's no longer viable to use it as a high number cooldown reset. However, as the damage/heal from the ground is dealed on every act, one can use it as a very big heal if one has high movement speed. This also means that it may be unwise to use Movement infusion in fearscape for non-demons. This talent doesn't work on summons. If one uses this talent on nonlegal targets, the game will log and treat him as not having used this talent (no time pass, no cd, etc).

Demonic Pact
Demon Seed:
1. For some reason this talent is actually unlearnable. For demonologists this may only means 4 more spare class points, but for others this means that one can steal this talent and get permanant demon seeds even after the stolen talent is gone. Sadly Morrigor cannot steal this talent because it has on_preuse, so the Writhing One is probably the only one capable of this.
2. If one is equiped with a saw instead of shield in offhand, the saw will attack twice. This may be considered as a bug.
3. You don't need to suppress your damage output to get the seeds. Even if the initial attack kills the target you still have the same chance to get a seed.
4. The first time one has a chance to get a seed, he always has 100% chance to get a fire imp mainhand seed.
5. If you see a particle effect then it means that the first attack hits. The effect is permanent and checks no save or immunity, but is subject to cleanse.
6. Summons and your party members doesn't generate seeds.
Bind Demon: Actually one can attach demon seeds to whatever corresponding slot without this talent. The cause may be the introduction of steam tinkers, and this should be fixed. However one still needs this talent to generate the demon seeds of these slots, unless he decides to only use demon seeds of unique demons. This talent uses raw level to decide what demon seeds can be generated.
Twisted Portal: Remember that you can target across walls. The fizzle chance is 35%.
Doom Concordat: After some playing, I personally conclude that this talent actually do harm to players. Auto summoning a demon gives some heal on entering combat, which is useless in most cases, while the demon may interfere one's targeting, such as, blocking the path of Rush. In addition, the auto summon causes great casaulty of demons, which is exactly contrast to the purpose of this talent: healing demons. So my suggestion is: do not put points into this talent but save some points for it. Only put the points into it when you have dead demons needing resurrecting or you really need the heal yourself. If you have injured but alive demons, you can use Bind Demon to summon them and then heal them manually, using totem of healing or Fearscape Shift (granted by the Planar Controler seed). If you really like the auto summon to support your fight, you should keep the weaker demons at low-life so they don't interfere.

Infernal Combat
Flame Leash: The pull doesn't check anything. The damage can spell-crit.
Demon Blade: On using this talent a spell crit will be checked to determine whether the proc damage becomes critical.
Link of Pain: Only the source gets the effect, which is detrimental, and it checks no save. One can link two targets to each other, and in that case the linked damage will be linked again (but only once). For example, if A and B are linked to each other at 80% and A suffers 100 damage, B will suffer 80 linked damage and A 64.
Demon Horns: The effect checks cut immunity. Contrast to the description, there is actually no limit of how many times the heal can happen in a turn, which makes this talent pretty good. This should be considered a bug though.

Doom Shield
Osmosis Shield: The heals only triggers on taking life damage. Note that this is not an instant talent although activating it takes no time.

Doom Covenant
Dark Reign: Contrast to the description, the damage affinity can trigger on dealing darkness damage through any way, as long as the target is enemy, which makes this talent extremely powerful for demonologists of any play style.
Dread End: The damage can spell-crit.
Blood Pact: The life pay is considered as damage so it can trigger various stuff.

Rain of Fire: The meteors fall within 1 range of the targets. If one only has 1 enemy in range, then only 1 meteor will be created. Each turn if at least 1 meteor is to be created, a spell-crit is checked to determine whether the meteor damage will be critical. The damage in the description is actually the sum of 2 meteors. The damage of 1 meteor is actually on par with half a common beam, so this talent offers great passive damage. You can set to auto use it out of combat, and in this case when you're running, you'll get in such a circle: activate Rain of Fire, move 1 tile, deactivate, move 1 tile. Therefore, you have 50% chance to have it on when entering a combat, and with more than +2 passive vim regen (possible with just one ring seed), you're likely to still be vim positive out of combat.
Only Ashes Left: The effect checks no save.
Shattered Mind: The effect checks no save.
Tale of Destruction: The bane checks immunity and the damage can spell-crit.

Black Magic
Grim Future: This talent doesn't check the source of the Bleak Outcome effect. The damage can spell-crit.
Ominous Shadow: This is the ultra damage-unifying talent in game. It doesn't check the source of the Bleak Outcome effect.

Now we're at the entree —— demon seeds and summons. All demon seeds have a max level of 50. If any demon seeds grant talents, then the talent level is level/10, round-up. Most talents belong to Demon Seed category, which demonologist actually has no bonus to. If you see some comma-separated numbers here, those correspond to the number at talent level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. All demon summons deal 0 damage (not non) to the summoner, so you cannot use them to trigger Osmosis Shield or Elemental Harmony.
Tier 1 demon
Fire Imp
Mainhand: Passive talent Flame Bolts. Randomly (25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55% chance) hurls up to 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5 flame bolts dealing combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 18, 120) fire damage to foes in sight when you hit in melee. Contrast to the description, there's currently no limit of how many bolts a single melee hit can create, which makes this talent very powerful. The targets also must be within range 5, rather than in sight. Each bolts checks its own spell crit. The bolts can hit allies.
Offhand: Increases fire, blight and physical resistance by 10 + level / 2 %, and grants level / 2 flat damage reduction to fire, blight and physical damage.
Body: Instant active talent Fiery Cleanse. 15 vim, 33, 26, 22, 19, 17, 16, 15 CD. Deals 20% of your total life to cleanse your afflictions, removing up to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 6 physical, mental or magical detrimental effects. Cross-tier effects are also removed for free. The life pay is considered as damage so it can trigger various stuff.
Finger: Grants +2 vim regen when hit.
Summon: The fire imp is basically a ritch (they use the same talent) without mindpower and crit chance. Do not expect it to do anything.

Mainhand: Sustained talent Corrosive Slashes. 5 vim, 10 CD. You cover your weapon in acid, turning all melee damage into acid. All melee attacks also gain 15, 31, 44, 55, 65, 73, 81 armor penetration. The damage conversion overrides those weapon talents with special damage type. For example, if you sustain this talent, both your Assault and Demon Seed deals acid damage.
Offhand: Increases acid, darkness and blight resistance by 10 + level / 2 %, and grants level / 2 flat damage reduction to acid, darkness and blight damage.
Body: Active talent Acidic Bath. 12 vim, 15 CD. You spawn a pool of acid in radius 4 around you for 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 11 turns, dealing combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 5, 777) / 10 acid damage each turn to all creatures, including you. You also gain 40%% acid resistance and 50, 73, 91, 106, 120, 132, 143% acid affinity. If you have no penetration, this heals you from level 1.
Finger: Grants +2 vim regen when hit.
Summon: The wretchling can spread acid vapour and that's all.

Tier 2 demon
Mainhand: Active talent Farstrike. 6 vim, 3 CD, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8 range. You send your weapon flying to the target, dealing 134, 156, 173, 187, 200, 211, 222% weapon damage. This talent allows you to target behind enemies.
Offhand: Increases acid, physical and blight damage by 10 + level / 2 % and penetration by level / 2 %
Body: Active talent Overpower. 22 stamina, 8 CD. Hits the target with your weapon doing 102, 112, 119, 125, 130, 135, 139% damage and two shield strikes doing 102, 112, 119, 125, 130, 135, 139% damage each, trying to overpower your target. If the last attack hits, the target is knocked back 4 grids. The chance for knockback increases with your Accuracy. This is a talent of technique category type.
Finger: Grants +3 vim regen when hit.
Summon: The quasit is a mini shield-fighter. It can stun and knockback, but it lacks the accuracy to apply these.

Water Imp
Mainhand: Active talent Frost Grab. 8 vim, 8 CD, 10 range. Grab a target and pull it next to you, covering it with frost while reducing its movement speed by 50% for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8, 9 turns. The ice will also deal combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 5, 140) cold damage. The damage can spell-crit.
Offhand: Increases darkness, fire and blight damage by 10 + level / 2 % and penetration by level / 2 %
Body: Instant active talent Blackice. 6vim, no CD, 5 range. Each time you kill a creature with non-fire damage you gain a blackice charge for 20 turns (stacking to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 6). At any moment you can use a charge to infect a creature with blackice, reducing its fire and physical resistance by10 + combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 2, 500) / 10 % for 7 turns. Since this talent is instant and has no CD, you can use it again immediately if the target resisted it and you have spare charges.
Finger: Grants +3 vim regen when hit.
Summon: It has higher damage than the fire imp, but with a CD. So still pretty bad.

Tier 3 demon
Mainhand: Passive talent Cursed Arm. Whenever make a melee attack, you have a 7, 15, 20, 23, 26, 28, 30% chance to randomly curse the target with one of the curses: Defenselessness, Impotence, Death or Vulnerability as if cast at talent level same as the raw level of this talent. This may only happen once per turn. This is actually treated as using the corresponding talent to the target.
Offhand: Passive talent Hexed Shield. Whenever you block an attack with your shield, you randomly hex the attacker with one of the hexes: Pacification, Domination, Burning or Empathic as if cast at talentl same as the raw level of this talent. This may only happen once per turn. This is actually treated as using the corresponding talent to the target, so it may also affect other foes than the attacker.
Body: Grants math.scale(level, 1, 50, 25, 100) % teleport resistance. (100% at level 50)
Finger: Grants +1 vim on melee.
Summon: The onilug has access to Soul Rot, Drain, Curse of Defenseless and Vulnerability, so it has some uses. However it also has Soul Leech and this may attract unwanted attentions.

All following non-unique demons are major demons. They're generated with one rune, so any can be useful as a summon if generated with an Acid Wave rune.
Mainhand: 13% chance to trigger a Blood Spray cast of level same as this talent. This is specific to the weapon attached and is a talent_on_hit.
Offhand: Passive talent Pain Affinity. 18, 12, 9, 8, 6, 6, 5 CD. Whenever you take blight damage you bask in the sweet pain for 2 turns, increasing all damage affinity by 15%. 0 damage after various flat damage reduction doesn't function.
Body: Instant sustained talent Blighted Path. 10 CD. Each time you walk or move you gain a blight charge. You can store up to 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 charges. When you de-activate the talent you can use the charges to either: - restore 3, 5.3, 7.1, 8.7, 10, 11.2, 12.3 vim per charge; - deal combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 50, 400) / 9 blight damage per charge to a target in range 5; - create a shield absorbing self:combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 50, 400) / 9 per chage damage and refelcting half of it back to attackers.
Finger: Grants +1 vim on melee.
Summon: The dolleg has Slime Split and Acidic Skin. You have better options if you want to disarm something.

Mainhand: Active talent Corrupt Light. 5 vim, 15 CD, 7 range. Weave darkness in a radius of 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6. All unlit grids contribute to your power by increasing all your damage done by 6 * sqrt(number of grids unlit) % for 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 11 turns. You can lit the unlit grids with your lite by moving around, but you can never remember them.
Offhand: Gain telepathy to 1) demons, 2) and humanoids if level > 20, 3) all if level = 50.
Body: Instant sustained talent Shadowmeld. 15 vim, 10 CD. Whenever you are on an unlit grid you can meld with the shadows, gaining 25 + self:combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 3, 150) stealth power. While stealthed you wrap shadows around you in a defensive cloak, giving you a 7, 15, 20, 23, 26, 28, 30% chance to ignore physical or magical detrimental effects. Your equiped lite does not count and will be turned off when activating. Moving will cancel the effect. Even with a mediacore spellpower most enemies won't be able to find you. Bump-attack will break this so use Attack talent manually.
Finger: Grants +1 vim on melee.
Summon: The dúathedlen has Blood Grasp and the annoying Darkness. Strangely its autolevel is warrior so it's even worse than the onilug.

Tier 4 demon
Mainhand: Active talent Disarm. 8 stamina, 6 CD. Hits the target doing 72, 82, 89, 95, 100, 105, 109% damage and trying to disarm the target for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8 turns. The chance improves with your Physical Power. This is a talent of technique category type.
Offhand: Active talent Doom Storm. 15 vim, 20 CD. A furious fire storm rages around the caster, doing combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 5, 120) fire damage in a radius of 3 each turn for x turns. This does not harm allies. The duration will increase with your Spellpower.
Body: Grants 10 + level / 6 (round-down) % global speed.
Finger: Grants +2 vim on melee.
Summon: The uruivellas wields a 2h axe and has Combat Accuracy and Weapon Mastery, as well as the stats to support it. It can disarm and pull. It also has Fire Storm to deal some spell damage. It has high life rating and 140% base global speed. Pretty good, but still outshadowed by some more powerful demons.

Mainhand: Active talent Silence. 10 vim, 20 CD, 7 range. Corrupt the target, silencing it for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9, 10 turns.
Offhand: Instant sustained talent Blood Shield. 2 vim drain, 10 CD. By channeling doom forces in your shield you constantly apply 15% of its block value as a flat damage reduction against all damage. Whenever you are hit in melee your shield retaliates automatically for 35, 49, 60, 69, 77, 84, 91% of its block value as fire and darkness damage. Somehow this talent doesn't auto-deactivate at 0 vim, which may be considered as a bug.
Body: Grants math.scale(level, 1, 50, 25, 100) % silence resistance. (100% at level 50)
Finger: Grants +2 vim on melee.
Summon: The thaurhereg is mainly a spell caster. Notably it can use Ice Storm to freeze group of enemies. It also has Bone Shield as defense and has access to Silence, although it doesn't have the mindpower to apply it. Note that it has Shriek. I don't know how the game handles it, but in the worst possibility it will attract unwanted attentions.

Tier 5 demon
Mainhand: Sustained talent Doom Tendrils. 20 vim, 10 CD. You turn into a pillar of doom, sprouting flame tendrils in radius 2 around you. All foes hit by the tendrils take combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 10, 210) / 2 fire damage per turn. If the creature suffers damage from the fire it is pinned to the ground. The damage can spell-crit and the crit is checked for each foe.
Offhand: Active talent Fiery Portal. 20 vim, 31, 27, 24, 22, 21, 20, 19 CD. Create two interlinked portals for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8 turns. Only you can use the portal willingly. If a creature stands on the other end of the portal when you enter, you will switch places with it. This is not a teleport.
Body: Grants math.scale(level, 1, 50, 25, 100) % stun resistance. (100% at level 50)
Finger: Grants +3 vim on melee.
Summon: The daelach is dual-wielder with Corrupted Strength and base weapon supports. It can disarm and use some spells dealing fire and darkness damage. It has high life rating and 130% base global speed. Pretty good as the uruivellas, but still outshadowed.

Wretch Titan
Mainhand: Passive talent Corrosive Cone. When you deal a critical strike in melee, you send out a cone of acid, dealing combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 20, 160) damage to all enemies and melting walls you hit. The damage can spell-crit. With 100% phyisical critical chance, this deals more damage than Arcane Blade's Magical Combat, on average. When a cone of acid is created, it first digs 1 grid-depth of walls hitted, and then deals acid damage in the area. Below are figures presenting the actual area of this cone.
corrosive cone 4.jpg
corrosive cone 4.jpg (90.17 KiB) Viewed 4085 times
corrosive cone 7.jpg
corrosive cone 7.jpg (89.19 KiB) Viewed 4085 times
Offhand: Passive talent Acid Burst. Whenever you block an attack with your shield, you release a cloud of acidic vapour, dealing combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 15, 80) damage in an area of radius 3 over 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8 turns. This is a turn proc.
Body: Grants math.scale(level, 1, 50, 10, 35) % crits shrug off. (35% at level 50) Somehow this is strictly worse than the steam tinker Ablative Armor.
Finger: Grants +3 vim on melee.
Summon: The wretch titan is also dual-wielder with Corrupted Strength but without base weapon supports. It has a stun and some spells dealing acid damage and that's all. Really bad for a demon of this tier.

Tier 6 demon
Champion of Urh'Rok
Mainhand: Active talent Doomed Nature. 10 vim, 15 CD, 7 range. You curse a target for 5 turns to sever its connection to Nature. Each time it tries to use a natural or psionic power it has 20, 30, 37, 44, 50, 55, 59% chances to fail and instead trigger a fireball of radius 1 doing combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 20, 200) fire damage. The "psionic power" here actually means any talent that is a mind power, and since most nature gifts are also mind powers, wilders usually need to check two failure chances.
Offhand: Active talent Armoured Leviathan. 10 vim, 21 CD. You enchant your shield to grant you power for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8 turns. While the effect lasts your Strength and Magic stats are increased by 10% of your shield block value.
Body: Increases max life by 4 * level, and strenghth and magic by level / 10 (round-down) * 5.
Finger: Passive talent Bloodcasting. Grants level / 15 (round-up) passive vim regen and level / 15 (round-up) * 1.4 passive stamina regen.
Summon: The champion of Urh'Rok wields a greatsword with base weapon supports. It has Stunning Blow, Disarm, as well as some other weapon techniques and a 130% base global speed. It is the one overshadowing Uruivellas and Daelach. It has more focused talent set and an innate physical power to help apply the debuffs, and it has a high innate resist all and 90 armor, which makes it much tankier. It even has the prodigy Spell Feedback to help fighting spell casters.

Mainhand: Active talent Doomfire. 15 vim, 20 CD, 10 range. Raging flames burn foes and allies alike, doing self:combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 15, 80) fire damage in a radius of 5 each turn for 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10, 11 turns. Demons standing in the doomfire will instead be healed.
Offhand: Instant active talent Flash Block. 5 vim. In a fiery display of speed you raise your shield to block instantly. Although having no CD on its own, it cannot be used when Block is on CD and using it will set Block on CD.
Body: Reduces duration of detrimental effects by 40%.
Finger: Passive talent Bloodcasting. Grants level / 15 (round-up) passive vim regen and level / 15 (round-up) * 1.4 passive stamina regen.
Summon: The forge-giant is again dual-wielder with Corrupted Strength and base weapon supports. It has some spells dealing fire damage (among which, Flameshock is the most important one) and can Throw Boulder. Although able to deal some burst damage through spells and Throw Boulder, in my opinion it's worse than the demons with Disarm and global speed boost.

Unique demon
These are demons appread as fix uniques and bosses. You can only encounter them at most once in a play. They only generate one type of demon seed at a fix slot, regardless of Bind Demon level. The talents given by the seed is also at a fix level. The summon from boss demon seeds inherit the class and talents from the demon generating this seed, while the summon from unique demon seeds only has innate talents and no class.

Finger: Active Talent Frostfire Nova at level 5. 12 vim, 15 CD, 0 range. Fire a blast of frostfire in radius 6, doing combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 40, 220) fire damage and freezing creatures in ice blocks for 4 turns. For each frozen creature you regenerate 9 vim.
Summon: Walrog has several spells dealing cold and fire damage and can pull, pin and freeze. Strangely he also has Corrosive Cone but it's not likely able to trigger it. Not that good.

Corrupted Daelach
It is a fix boss in the zone Valley of the Moon. But TBH, I've never encountered it.
Mainhand: Active talent Fetid Breath at level 5. 18 vim, 10 CD. You breathe a mix of darkness and bight in a frontal cone of radius 9 (or 10 at talent level 7). Any target caught in the area will take combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 30, 390) darkness/blight damage. In addition each time you do a melee attack there is a 10% chance to trigger the breath at no cost. The damage can spell-crit.
Summon: The corrupted Daelach is a major demon with 3-4 free inscription slots. Innately It only has Exotic Weapon Mastery but it has 75% chance to be equiped with Whip of Urh'Rok. It has some spells and breaths and more importantly, Gloom, although it lacks the mindpower to apply the effects. So far nothing good at all, but as a boss it can get a random class.

Finger: Active talent Blood Drinker at level 5. 10 vim, 10 CD. Deal a blight-enhanced melee blow, dealing 200% (or 220% at level 7) blight damage. If the attack hits and the creature dies in the next 2 turns you drink its essence which makes you regenerate 7 vim per turn and gain 40% chance to evade attacks for the next 8 (or 9 at level 7) turns. If the attack didn't kill the target, you need to apply a magical effect with physical power in order to get the on death effect.
Summon: Kryl-Feijan is a major demon with 3-4 free inscription slots. He has Corruptor and Archmage classes so he can get some very good talents. His innate talents include spells dealing blight and fire damage, some diseases, Pacification Hex and Burning Hex, as well as Evasion. A very powerful caster.

Planar Controller
Offhand: Active Talent Fearscape Shift at level 3. 32 vim, 12 CD, 6 range. Open a gateway to the Fearscape, stepping through it to a nearby location. As you step out, a burst of fire will leave with you, dealing combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 20, 230) damage to everyone within 4 spaces and leaving flames which will deal an additional combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 20, 230) demonfire damage over 4 turns. Additionally, shifting through reality enhances your awareness, allowing you to see all enemies within 9 spaces for the next 3 turns. A single spell crit is checked to determine whether the initial and the map effect damage is critical. This talent is of Fearfire category.
Summon: As the boss of the starter map, it is at very low level, with very few talents and an innate damage penalty. It has a large life pool compared to other demon seeds you can get in early game though.

Khulmanar, General of Urh'Rok
It is a unique major demon and can appear anywhere where major demons infest.
Finger: Active talent Infernal Breath at level 3. 20 CD. Exhale a wave of dark fire with radius 6. Any non demon caught in the area will take combatTalentStatDamage(t, str, 30, 350) fire damage, and flames will be left dealing a further combatTalentStatDamage(t, str, 30, 70) each turn. Demons will be healed for the same amount. This is a talent of spell category type, ant it shares the icon of talent Flame of Urh'Rok. All damage can spell-crit, and the crit of the map effect damage is checked each turn.
Summon: Khulmanar wields a battleaxe with base weapon supports. It can pull and stun, and can use Battle Cry to make enemies easier to hit. It has 100% fire resistance and has some spells dealing fire damage, which can trigger Elemental Surge to boost its damage. It also has Spell Feedback. Although not having all resistance as the champion of Urh'Rok, it has about twice max life. However it still lacks physical power, global speed, and most importantly, Disarm. So this is a general overshadowed by the champion.

Offhand: Active talent Meteor Slam at level 5. 25 vim, 20 CD, 7 range. Using demonic forces you jump high in the sky and fall down on your target as a meteor, slamming the ground with your shield. The impact is so powerful it shakes the ground in radius 2, dealing a 220% (or 233% at talent level 7) fire and physical shield attack to all foes and turning the ground into lava. This is a mobility possible when pinned.
Summon: Shasshhiy'Kaish has a very high burst spell damage against things without flat damage reduction, if you let her grow to full power. She also has Pacification Hex, Burning Hex, and most importantly, Inner Demon. In addition, she has an innate high bonus to all damage, 3-5 inscription slots and a random class. Very powerful.

Draebor, the Imp
It is a fix boss in the zone demon plane, which you can only enter through the portals appearing in the demon invasion event.
Finger: Active talent Blazing Phase at level 3. 5 vim, 10 CD, 10 range. By seathing yourself in flames you phase to a distant location. Any creature caught in the way is burnt for combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 15, 200) fire damage which you use to regain 12 vim. The damage can spell-crit and is just fire damage and doesn't apply burning effect.
Summon: Draebor has Flame and Blood Grasp at CD 1 so it can continuously deal spell damage. It also has Curse of Vulnerability to weaken enemies and Bone Shield to protect itself. It at least has 2 runes. And as a boss it can get a random class, so it has the potential to be a powerful caster cannon.

Rogroth, Eater of Souls
Body: +2 to all Demon Seeds, Spellblaze and Demonic Pact talents.
Summon: As a summon Rogroth doesn't have access to its Soul Eater talent. And strangely it doesn't have any innate talents other than that and Combat Accuracy, so how useful it is purely depends on its random class.

Body: Grants 50 + level % disease resistance, plus passive talent Diseased Body at level 5. Whenever you take direct damage, there is a 53% (or 61% at talent level 7) chance that your your diseased body erupts in blight, diseasing your attacker with a random disease for 10 (or 11 at talent level 7) turns. Each turn the disease deals 5 + combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 5, 30) blight damage and reduce one random attribute (strength, dexterity, constitution) by self:combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 5, 28). This may only happen once per turn.
Summon: Lithfengel has base weapon support, some diseases and nothing more. Still depending on its random class.

Body: Increases fire and physical resistance by 10 + level / 2 %, plus active talent Volcanic Skin at level 5. 6 CD. For every turn where you take damage you have a 62% (or 71% at talent level 7) chance to store a seismic charge. You can activate this spell to consume the charges, spawning a raging volcano that lasts for 2 turns per charges. Each turn the volcano spews 2 flaming boulders that deal combatTalentSpellDamage(t, 15, 80) damage, split evenly between fire and physical. The charges quickly fade when outside of combat (-1 each turn).
Summon: Although Harkor'Zun is a unique, the summon somehow inherits its random class. But the summon always auto-target the player. Although it deals no damage, it will be really hard to use this summon. If this is fixed, Harkor'Zun has 50% phyisical and acid resistance, physical damage penetration granted by Crystalline Focus, Constrict, and some spells dealing physical damage (notably Earthquake). This alone isn't great, but it has a random class.

Know your enemies - Demonologists
Enemy demonologists are far worse than those in players' hands because they lack the class-defining tinker system. They're usually worse than Bulwarks, for the later usually having higher accuracy, block value and shorter block CD. Although if they have Osmosis Shield on it will be unwise to hit them with numerous small damage instances, unless you have ways to cripple healing. They occasionally have Fearscape, which makes them hard to deal with. They will also become dangerous if they have access to Rain of Fire. As said above, this thing is like half a common beam passively strikes every turn, and if you have summons it will even become a full beam. Fire resistance and sorts of flat damage reduction will help you to deal with enemy demonologist with either Fearscape or Rain of Fire.

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Re: [1.7.4] Demonologist: know yourself, your minions and your enemies

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This is extremely useful, thanks for writing it up.

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