Undead Drake

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Should Undead Drake be reworked to make it actually playable??

No, it's just fluff
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Wait and see what happens
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Undead Drake

#1 Post by pizdabol »

This tree just seems totally random and all over the place. The breath scales off of Magic :shock: . Not to mention it's locked. Am I not seeing the whole picture here? Does this tree supplement Wyrmic even remotely? It just looks like mockery to me. It's sad because I was really excited by the idea, once I saw it - major buzzkill. I mean, even Yeek which is supposed to be a kind of a challenge race has some pretty powerful synergies. I hope the new Corrupted drake ain't such a joke.

PS. I guess I could see a Wyrmic fallen from grace (in-game quest style, lich-like), foregoing natural drake aspects (say you keep the skills, but can no longer invest in wild gifts) and gaining a bunch of trees like undead/corruption/?horror/whatever and some new generics, that'd be a pretty cool rework of the class as a whole. Pretty far out though. Still, do you guys think this and the upcoming corruption tree could be a set-up for a major Wyrmic rework. Fingers crossed.

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Re: Undead Drake

#2 Post by PseudoLoneWolf »

Undead Drake exists as a way to make a Wyrmic that's anything other than antimagic. Almost all their talents are %wepdam, so pushing MAG for Arcane Might will actually dramatically improve their DPS and having all that spare MAG makes Undead Drake a prime option - particularly with Raze, which can become hilariously broken with damage conversion.

So to answer your question, a "traditional" wyrmic has no use for Undead Drake, you're correct. But for a 2H-weapon using (this doesn't really work with mindstars) apostate Wyrmic that wants to use arcane powered artifacts and branch into Arcane Might, it's a reasonably solid choice that clicks right into your niche. It only requires dumping CUN in exchange for MAG - WIL and STR are still going to probably be your two primary stats.
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Re: Undead Drake

#3 Post by Micbran »

The main issue is that wyrmic is, by nature, a weapon class. Undead Drake has one talent that benefits weapon users, Vampiric Surge.

There's no reason to invest in magic either, unless you actually plan on using breaths which is your loss anyways, since any of their weapon talents are a better use of a turn anyways.

I would love to see it reworked, but you really got to put more ideas out there.
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