1.7 B5 Necromancer Guide: Undying

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Re: 1.7 B5 Necromancer Guide: Undying

#16 Post by analogline »

Just wanted to thank the OP for the guide, as I just got my first win this afternoon thanks to its help. Really super powerful!

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Re: 1.7 B5 Necromancer Guide: Undying

#17 Post by tragicremedy »

This is a great guide, thanks for spending the time on this.

Got my first nightmare win. https://te4.org/characters/237744/tome/ ... 8f737b767d

Just a couple notes which you kind of touched on already.

The soul management part of this is so big, if you go below 8 it does get a little dangerous. It is hard to keep your souls coming in when you use river of souls on a single mob. Even when I used it on a room full of mobs, I would still waste about 3 souls since everything would die on the first blast, bloom doesn't stop each one after you cast it. I tended to try to not use it unless absolutely necessary. I found the lich ring which I felt was more important to have +3 souls then anything else. It really is nice to have that extra cushion.

In the beginning and all the way to late game I also found that it was nice to add an item that gives you a low cool down damage spell (and doesn't put totems on cooldown), preferably darkness damage. Since so many skills use souls and invoke darkness is your only good low cooldown ability that doesn't use souls. Bloom had such a high cooldown so if you were in a long fight or running around, you might have to use souls. If you are running, and you are low on souls, that gets dangerous...

I happened to find a mirror image rune and I found that very helpful. You can pop highborn then use mirror and the copies will have really good resistances. The taunt on them works really well and gives you time to crank up your murder loop. This also diverts all their status effects on them instead of you.

Once you get around 50% crit and 100% darkness damage, nightmare was pretty easy at that point. I could have cleared everything in the game.

I'm sure people could add better comments to what I mentioned above, by all means go ahead. :D

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