Arcane Blade Ogre Magical combat

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Arcane Blade Ogre Magical combat

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Allows you to use a melee weapon to focus your spells, granting a chance per melee attack to deliver an offensive spell as a free action on the target.

The chance to trigger a spell is 20–70%cL:100% as ( (1 + 0.09 * Cun) * Talent Level ) varies from 0–50.

When using a shield the chance is reduced by 25%.

When dual wielding the chance is reduced by 50%.

Delivering the spell this way will not trigger a spell cooldown, but only works if the spell is not cooling down.

The chance increases with your Cunning. 
Greetings, If I recall right when dual wielding using a two handed weapon ( possible with ogres ) you still get the full chance to trigger the spell.
Can anyone confirm?
thanks in advance

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