Newbie here: Decent, up-to-date Archer guides?

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Re: Newbie here: Decent, up-to-date Archer guides?

#16 Post by Sheila »

Laveley wrote:I made some tests with headshott and i can confirm now that at least mine is kinda bugged. If i use the hotkey it almost never misses, if i use the mouse click to activate the talent, it misses a lot. Dunno why, but thats happening with me.
Strange and should be reported in the bugs section :)
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Re: Newbie here: Decent, up-to-date Archer guides?

#17 Post by shieldwall »

Hi guys. I'm new to the game, but managed to win once with a Skeleton Archer on Normal/Adventure and then stumbled on this thread. The thing that got me curious is that it seems like PES is considered a great prodigy. Could someone, please, tell me what's so great about it? Is the bonus to other stats that great?
I used Vital Shot (which was just ridiculous, imo. Got crits almost up to 6k) and Subcutaneous Metallisation (which I'm really not sure about). Is PES better than Vital Shot at lvl 30? Is it more reasonable to take PES at lvl 42?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Newbie here: Decent, up-to-date Archer guides?

#18 Post by Number43 »

PES was badly nerfed in the 1.5 update. The cooldown was changed so it used to have almost twice the uptime. In any case, it's most useful for classes that use a stat other than str for damage.

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Re: Newbie here: Decent, up-to-date Archer guides?

#19 Post by bpat »

I just wrote up an Archer guide for bow builds. Here's the link.
My wiki page, which contains a guide and resource compilation and class tier list.

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Re: Newbie here: Decent, up-to-date Archer guides?

#20 Post by InabaYap »

Laveley wrote:Good to know about intuitive shots! Didnt knew about the change.
pretty sure headshot has instant travel time and infinite accuracy
Exactly. Yet, my heashots still missing. Should i report as a bug?

The reason why not use physical is in case you have came upon a bow that gives imba increased damage for a certain type, like the one that give +40% blight damage. On my last game as an archer, i got that bow and a t4 arrow with blight damage. Later, i got those t5 arrows with 60 base damage. Than i though they would do more damage with piercing. I did the tests, and the t4 arrows + blight blow was doing pretty much the same "on-hit" damage that the t5 arrow with another bows with piercing and venomous tests. The difference was on the dot + debuffs from venomous later; every fight that should be over before poison or bleed can tick will be over with or without poison or piercing, except when they dont (i.e. bosses), than the venomous proved to be slight superior, not specifically because damage, but because the debuffs, crippling poison specially can give a 40% of talent failure and thats pretty handy against strong enemies.

As for the Steady shot, you are probably right.
The headshot arrow does seem to have a travel time. So it can miss the same way normal arrows do when you, say, shoot a snake and it moves out of the way before your arrows even have a chance to roll accuracy vs defense. Not only it doesn't consume the mark in this case, you will also notice there's no "X's Headshot misses Aerynn the copperhead snake" in the combat log.

IIRC I've seen my own headshot projectiles, and that's with a bow, so one should also be able to see them with enough weapon speed/slowed projectiles.

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Re: Newbie here: Decent, up-to-date Archer guides?

#21 Post by GlassGo »

Quick question - heavy armor or light armor for Archer?
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Re: Newbie here: Decent, up-to-date Archer guides?

#22 Post by Micbran »

Archer has the mobility tree, so you're best off going light armor.

Also can we buff light armor egos? And their defense values?
A little bit of a starters guide written by yours truly here.

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Re: Newbie here: Decent, up-to-date Archer guides?

#23 Post by zion563 »

Hey Bpat-using your guide -how much of this guide is outdated? I see your point on PES etc

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