Changes to Arcane blade

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Changes to Arcane blade

#1 Post by Dhurke »


I've been searching like crazy to find information regarding the newer major changes to Arcane blades. I've noticed that battle tactics no longer is a tree that you can train in. When was this implemented (searched through the release threads in announcements) ?

Is there someone who can list the major changes to this class, and what their consequences should be?


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Re: Changes to Arcane blade

#2 Post by Razakai »

The Battle Tactics change was a while ago. The only other changes I can remember is that shields have their chance to trigger Arcane Combat/Destruction reduced by 25%, and Dual Wield now has a 50% chance to trigger Destruction (was that there already?). And there's the new 2h tree, and Shield Slam instead of Overpower in the shield tree. Doesn't really change AB that much except for making them overall a little weaker, shield/dw builds slightly weaker, and 2h slightly stronger.

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Re: Changes to Arcane blade

#3 Post by Fhtagn »

I'm not quite sure if one can call the loss of Greater Weapon Focus making them "a little weaker". 8)

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