[v1.7.0+,EoR] Tinker Cave Blacksmith

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[v1.7.0+,EoR] Tinker Cave Blacksmith

#1 Post by Zizzo »

By request, :mrgreen: my new Tinker Cave Blacksmith addon modifies the Ancient Automated Teacher in EoR's tinker cave, adding options to buy the Steamtech/Blacksmith and Stematech/Engineering trees. I ultimately decided to go with just a 500gp cost with no cat point cost, and not to require the player to buy Physics and Chemistry first.

Note that you can use this addon with or without Tinker Cave for Everyone; we don't care how you get to the tinker cave, we just modify the AAT when you get there. :wink:

[And no, obviously this isn't going into ZOmnibus. :mrgreen: ]

[Implementation notes:

Code: Select all

  Chat:load [to add our options to the AAT chat]
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Re: [v1.7.0+,EoR] Tinker Cave Blacksmith

#2 Post by leugimimi »

thank you! now I can do the size meme build I wanted!

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