[v1.7.0+] Rebalancing

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[v1.7.0+] Rebalancing

#1 Post by Zizzo »

This is the nuclear option. When 1.6 dropped and previously manageable mid-level bosses like Urkis and the Assassin Lord started coming within an inch of one-shotting me multiple times in a single fight, I spent weeks trying to figure out which specific part of 1.6's new AI changes had led to this ridiculous deadliness spike and how to revert it via addon to regain some semblance of normalcy, all to no avail. And then 1.7 dropped and I started getting the same treatment from the Master and Rak'shor, and I said, "right, forget the scalpel, bring me my @#$%ing sledgehammer." :evil:

Which brings me to my new Rebalancing addon, which follows the example of Prox/Shax and places a massive damage malus on the relevant absurdly over-deadly bosses. Currently we hit Urkis, the Assassin Lord, Subject Z, the Master and Rak'shor; in a future version, I might add a few other bosses like Celia and the Grand Corruptor that are manageable if I leave them until after returning from the East but are still ridiculous if I need to fight them around level 25 for prodigy/evoluation-related reasons. And yes, I fully expect to get laughed out of the room for this; I'm only releasing it so my characters will start showing up in the characters vault again. :oops:

[And no, obviously this isn't going into ZOmnibus.]

[Implementation notes:]

Code: Select all

  Entity:loadList [to smack down grossly overpowered bosses]
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