[v1.7.0+] Target Filtering

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[v1.7.0+] Target Filtering

#1 Post by Zizzo »

It always vaguely annoyed me that Stone Warden's Rockwalk and Rockswallow talents would let me select targets that weren't pinned by a Stone Vine, even though that was a stated requirement of the talents. Fixing the problem, though, looked like it would require some dangerous diving into the very deep guts of the targeting infrastructure — until the 1.7 engine added the new 'custom_scan_filter' functionality, as briefly used by Necromancers' ultimately abandoned Bone Wall talent. That was exactly what I needed to write my new Target Filtering addon.

What this addon does is attempt to arrange that, by default, target movement will only select targets that meet certain requirements (you can always <Shift>-move the target freely, but that seems fruitless in this case). Here's what we support so far:
  • As noted, Rockwalk and Rockswallow will only select targets pinned by a Stone Vine.
  • Similarly, Headshot will only select marked targets, unless you have Concealment active.
If there are other talents that would benefit from this sort of filtering, let me know here. (I tried to fiddle with Fearless Cleave, but this "hitball" target type has me totally foxed…)

[Looking ahead, I could maybe see this going into a future release of ZOmnibus, but it would probably need a game option to turn it on/off. On the other hand, if this counts as a "bug-fixing" addon like Golem Can Pass or Sidekick Level Catchup, we'd want to keep it out of ZOmnibus, so that we don't have to eventually claw it back out later.]
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