[1.7.4.] Quantum Slider class

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[1.7.4.] Quantum Slider class

#1 Post by Tradewind_Rider »

Hi All!

This addon introduces a new Chronomancer class: the Quantum Slider.
The addon can be downloaded from here:


The class has a very unique way of gameplay: you should run & teleport as fast and as many times as you just can.
Running with very high speed and teleporting gives you several benefits. Sliders are always on the Run.

Quantum Slider has only the Spellbinding (locked) tree from the original chronomancy trees.

Their talent trees are:

- starting unlocked class trees -

Quantum Theory - for paradox management and unique mobility benefits (defense & core utility)
Quantum Coherence - the knowledge about molecular bonds and structures (defense & utility)
Reality Sculpting - the knowledge about re-shaping reality (AoE damage & DoT with debuffs)
Field Extension - manipulating spacetime (defense & self buffs)
Chronodynamics - slowing down and damage your enemies (AoE damage & debuffs)

- locked higher (from lvl 10) class trees -

Paradox Mysticism - overcharged by speed causes very dangerous electrical properties... cook your enemies while running fast!
Pocket Universe - gives debuffs to enemies through running fast & buffs on teleporting (indirect defense & utility)
Googolplex Existence - Teleport based attacks & debuffing enemies
Core Dweller - adds a time golem summon, thats helps in spellcasting but also deals damage
Spellbinding – the original paradox mage tree to enhance a few of your spells

- starting unlocked generic trees -

Prajna - extended senses and enlightenment (tracking, other vision effects, immunities & buff)
Beads in a String - curve spacetime (mobility & utility)
Wanderlust - speed up yourself (movment buff, healing & utility)

Paths - contains 8 individual "MINI-PRODIGIES" (specializations)

- locked generic trees -

Quantum Fusion - enhance your spellcasting (damage enhancement, buffs & debuff)
Anomaly Alchemy - change enemies into weaklings and imbue your spells into your items!

Quantum Sliders also have a Class Evolution, the: Táltos.
Be aware, this can result is crazy powers!
They can fully unleash their paradox.

The addon also contains new effects and new damage types for the class.

The possible power level is equal or higher than with a paradox mage.

Slider is a very strong class if it's played in a simple way, but the more complex
way it's played the stronger & stronger it will be.

Thanks for playing and for any feedback!

I add some spoiler here for those who would like to have a little help, hint:


Some effective talents for the early game (what will remain strong even in late-game):


Wanderlust – Too Fast to See:
This is one of your core talent, it removes effects that would immobilize you, it gives a nice movement speed buff, and this effect does NOT ends on doing non-movement actions. Level this up early and use it both offensively & defensively. Several of your other talents benefits from this effect.

Beads in a String - Möbius Strip:
Instant, precise teleport what can be targeted through the terrain.

Quantum Theory – Always on the Run & Just a Blur:
These are passives & active too. Charge the effect up by moving to gain immunities, and when its fully charged up, you can choose:
a, not use it to have the immunities
b, use Always on the Run for an instant movement
c, use Just a Blur to have a better Wraithform (also enables you to go through trees)


Combo 1:

Reality Sculpting – Emit Photon:
Nice AoE damage dealer, applies debuff on enemies, cancels unnatural darkness. Use this.

Chronodynamics – Temporal Ignition:
This is the “other half” of Emit Photon. Once an enemy is Irradiated by Emit Photon, it will trigger a radius 2 AoE explosion if you target it with this spell. It is even better if more enemies are close to each other … You can also give yourself a nice damage shield, if you also affected by the explosion and you sustaining Quantum Theory – Not Really Here.

Combo 2, the DoT route:

Chronodynamics – Inertia Beam:
Nice beam talent with extra slow for the enemies. Use this with Stasis Web to decimate your foes.
This talent is really strong on its own, especially with Stasis Web. You can use it even wothout the two following talents.

Reality Scultping – Tears of the Forsaken:
Slowed enemies will be pinned. Enemies taking damage per turn, you gain life per turn if you sustain Quantum Theory – Not Really Here.

Reality Sculpting – Sands of Time:
Reduces enemies vision range, pinned enemies will take great extra damage, you gain life if you sustain Quantum Theory – Not Really Here.


Quantum Theory – Not Really Here:
A core talent. A percentage damage reduction with an extra teleport if you take damage.

Field Extension – Quicksilver Armor:
Sustain it for a damage shield, when you would take damage. Also, if you have any damage shield, you can strengthen and extend it by moving fast.

Beads in a String – Klein Bottle:
Gives you nice all resistance bonus if your movement speed is high, and also an all resistance cap bonus if your global speed is high. This effect together with the traditional Out of Phase from items will give you nice all resistance.

Quantum Coherence – Eternal Core:
Against really high damage instances, you would like to have a flat damage cap, just like Ghouls have. This sustain gives you that, and also extra die_at too.

Beads in a String – 5 Minutes Alone:
Summons an image that Taunts enemies and also lures them into a mine-field. The mines will prevent enemies from acting, while you can damage them.

Wanderlust – In Great Need:
A healing spell, that also resets your Quicksilver Armor.

Detrimental Effect Handling:

Wanderlust – Futurepast Shield:
A sustain, that reduces the duration of applied detrimental effects (just like Out of Phase, but the 2 effects are different, so have both). When you move fast, you can also clear effects from yourself.


Prajna – Auspex & Intuition:
Auspex is your “Track” and Intuition is your “Vision”, but these are cheap sustains.

Paradox Management:

Quantum Theory – Just a Blur:
While you are in your blur form, you also tune your paradox on movements. So, move a lot. :)

Quantum Theory – Dimensional Tuning:
On each teleport, you tune your paradox with a nice value. So, teleport a lot. :)

These are just a few very basics, the class has many complex talents and combos that not just includes two, but even more talents.
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Just a dood
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Re: [1.6.7.] Quantum Slider class

#2 Post by Just a dood »

Damn, I was just about to test the new beta. I will be sure to try this out. Not a madness player, so I will see how this class can fair on insane for now. The icons seem fine in terms of color.

Edit: found a typo. "Moebius strip" should be "Mobius strip"

Edit 2: actual bug. 5 minutes alone has no level requirement despite the rest of the tree having them. This means you can take it at level 4

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Re: [1.6.7.] Quantum Slider class

#3 Post by Seventeer »

yeah…I also try this class and really confuse how to fight…

I play it more time and notice something.
Inertia Beam damage twice,is it a bug? or it's the bonus from Stasis Web?
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Re: [1.6.7.] Quantum Slider class

#4 Post by Tradewind_Rider »

Thank you very much for trying it and for the feedback!

I added some Spoilers at the end of the original post.

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Re: [1.6.7.] Quantum Slider class

#5 Post by Recaiden »

Nice class icon!

Too Fast to See looks really strong.
Not Really Here is almost certainly too strong, being like Trained reactions with extra benefits and no costs or downsides.
Klein bottle is just a copy of teleport?

Typos and Phrasing
Class description 'lonley' -> 'lonely'
Heart of Glass 'pradoxical' -> 'paradoxical'
Paradoxical Rearrange 'anomaly' -> 'anomalies'
5 Minutes Alone 'cannot see or cannot act anything' -> 'cannot see or do anything'
Everywhere at Once 'once at each turn' -> 'once each turn'
Shorten Distance 'talents' -> 'talent'
Tears of the Forsaken and sands of Time should use the same text for their Not Really Here bonus.
Too Far Too Long 'loose there a part of thysevles behind' -> 'leave a part of themselves behind'
Chain of Collapse 'can hurt from' -> 'can be hurt by'

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Re: [1.6.7.] Quantum Slider class

#6 Post by Seventeer »

Your idea is good, but I have to say…The operation is too complex.
And it looks like the player play game by only himself all the TIME, I think it's not a satisfaction.

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Re: [1.6.7.] Quantum Slider class

#7 Post by Tradewind_Rider »

To Recaiden:

Thank you!

Yes, Too Fast to See is very strong, but that is needed.
You cannot play in madness if the class do not have a few very strong core talents,
that you can build around your strategy.

In mid-late game madness, enemies can have way more than 1000% movement speed,
Wyrmics and Cursed enemies can have even 3000-3400% movement speed
and Blinding Speed gives an incredible global speed bonus too.
So, the class is "Not Really Too Fast to See" ...
It's really challenging to use a strategy that is focused on movement speed, BUT
enemy speed effects will vanish after they attack you, so that means, you will get hit for a few-several thousand
then you can continue to move fast while they can't.
So, this movement speed won't save you and won't prevent enemies to reach you or attack you.
Enemies will/can have 400% global speed & 1-2 or 3000% movement speed there ...

The original version of Not Really Here gave the player a golbal speed reduction, calculated from the damage taken,
but i canceled the disadvantage, because the class has "just" Eternal Core & Not Really Here as a damage reduction layer
(apart from the shield from Quicksilver Armor).
So: Flat damage cap (Eternal Core) -> 30-33% reduction onTakeDamage (Not Really Here)

Ofc, there is Adapt too with a smallish flat damage reduction, but that is not a factor in madness at all in most of the cases.

So, for example a ghoul Paradox Mage is tankier than this class.
It has better flat damage cap (50%) -> 33% dmg reduction onTakeDamage (Webs of Fate) -> Energy Decompostion (flat damage reduction onTakeDamage) -> 30% damage reduction onTakeHit (Reality Smearing).
(and PM can also have Time Shield)

Klein Bottle is a viable version of Teleport.
Actually I see now i even have to nerf the maximum range of the skill.

So , first of all Teleport in NOT instant.
That means if you teleporting in the LoS of an enemy, you can instaltly die (in madness).
So I made Klein Bottle instant.

My other problem with teleport at low talent levels and if it fizzles (like with teleport rune):
the skill/rune is worse if the range is better.
In madness you have Hunted! , so basically every enemy around you in radius 20
will come colse to you and aggro you.
So a random teleport with range 15 (minimum) - 20 (very rare to find a teleport rune that is this crap) is usually totally SAFE!
Meanwhile if you are in danger, you do not want to teleport in a ~100 range ...
.. to teleport next to a boss and just die.

So , i nerfed the talents maximum range significantly.
I see now, with 27 effective spellpower, the max range is 47, what is still maybe too much...
This problem vanishes, if the talent becomes targetable ofc,
but i wanted to create an escape talent, what is safe & usable even at low talent levels.
Teleport's insanely high max range is very bad if the talent is not targetable yet.
Also, if the Teleport has no LoS & fizzles, this insane range is again very bad.

And Klein Bottle has also a bit better accuracy than Teleport, but this is not the significant difference.

Thank you very much for trying my class and thank for the typo & phrasing list,
i will correct everything that you mentioned.

To Seventeer:

Thank you very much to try my class.
Yes, i totally understand your point of view, that's why i wrote in my post:

"i can recommend for players who like to learn something new & having fun to
play a bit slower and in a tactical way."

As I mentioned formerly, at mid-late game madness, enemies can have 3-400% global speed
with thousands of movement speed.
This class is based on speed, so it have to compete with those crazy numbers.
So, many enemy will just outclass your speed from mid-game.

Thanks again for both of you!

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Re: [1.6.7.] Quantum Slider class

#8 Post by Tradewind_Rider »

I just saw now some edits in the comments:

To Just a dood:

Moebius Strip is not a typo, it's actually Möbius Strip (from the german mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius),
but in languages that do not have the letter : "ö" like english, instead "oe" is used.

I forgot to add the requirement tag for 5 Minutes Alone ...

Thank you i will add it!

To Seventeer:

Yes, that is a bonus from Stasis Web, but i still not 100% sure if it's needed or not ...

Thank you!

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Re: [1.6.7.] Quantum Slider class

#9 Post by Recaiden »

I would have expected Inertia Beam to use the same visuals as Rethread, not this darkness beam :lol:
Inertia Beam has `nowarning=true` in its targetting field, but you actually can't cast it on yourself (and it has `selffire=false` anyway) maybe nowarning should be removed so it can auto-target smoothly.

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Re: [1.6.7.] Quantum Slider class

#10 Post by Tradewind_Rider »

The only reason for i used this darkness beam is: i think it looks way way cooler :lol:

(and Inertia Beam is a set of negatively charged small particles, so it can be represented as "darkness")

You made a very good point with the targeting.
Thank you, i will change it.

Just a dood
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Re: [1.6.7.] Quantum Slider class

#11 Post by Just a dood »

Okay, got to level 20 but Rip'd to myself from the explosion of Chain of Collapse lol. I will come back to this at another time, but I had a lot of fun.
Over all the class seems both strong and fun to play, but it takes some figuring out.

One thing I would like to mention. Most enemy cloning abilities have some kind of nerf to the clone, such as less damage or less max hp, but Paradoxical Rearrange has none of that. You can even have 2 at once at 4/5. the minor anomalies it causes aren't really that bad either, and hilariously enough can cause even more temporal clones to help you lol. Maybe on madness it's not as busted due to the anomalies being potentially more dangerous to risk?

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Re: [1.6.7.] Quantum Slider class

#12 Post by Tradewind_Rider »

Hey, thank you Just a dood!

I am very glad that you had fun with it! :)

Yes, my intention was exactly to make a strong class, but meanwhile a unique playstyle
so players need to learn to play with it, to learn something new.

I gave the Chain of Collapse explosions selffire, because they are realtively strong
and enemies can take damage from muliple explosions when standing close to each other.

If you found very hard to avoid the damage from the explosions, i can switch off the selffire from this.
I am not 100% sure if the sellfire on it is a good or bad thing on the UX.

The main purpose of Paradoxical Rearrange is distraction and gaining a possibility to escape.
(Yes, you are totally right about random things in madness. You want there everything totally controlled,
because you can die from everything. So, random anomalies can cause serious problems, but the talent is instant
to give the player possibility to react/solve the problem if some bad things happened)

The clones should survive their whole duration, so i do not like to nerf their HP (late-game damage can be very high),
but i think i will nerf their damage.
Thank you you made a good point!

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Re: [1.6.7.] Quantum Slider class

#13 Post by Tradewind_Rider »

Hey, hi!

I made a new patch for Quantum Slider!

Version 1.0.1. changelog:

- Inertia Beam: extra range from Prajna now applied to triggered beams too
- Inertia Beam: extra beams can trigger now if the target die
- Temporal Ignition: changed, now it makes explosions when applied on illuminated targets
also applies a damage shield on the Slider if stands in an explosion
- Chain of Collapse: the explosions were removed (to Temporal Ignition), the damage
was changed to light & fire and buffed

- Bondbreaker: changed it to an AoE both offensive and defensive spell

- Klein Bottle: reduced the max range
- 5 Minutes Alone: added the missing requirement

- Quicksilver Armor: changed it. The initial value is now a cap. The initial value was buffed
- Steal Fate: increased the duration and added an activable summon option too

- Heart of Glass: changed to instant
- Uncertainity of Momentum: take the 2nd effect and gave it to Coccoon

- Coccoon: changed it. Have 2 paradox-management effect now

- Paradoxical Rearrange: the clone(s)' damage was nerfed
- Always on the Run: changed it, now it gives stun/pin immunity with a cap

- Shorten Distance: added blindness immunity and changed the talents that gains benefit from it
- Intuition: changed the stun/pin immunity to confusion immunity

- Intruduced a new generic tree : Paths
It contains 6 talent, each has maximum 1 talent level
They can be unlocked by learning specific combinations of talents to level 4
I removed some very strong effects from talents and gave it to these specializations
There are also extra talents and effects here ;)
Once a path is chosen, it cannot be unlearned!

- Talent Sheet UI: damage types and other talent references are now colorful and very beautiful
- Fixed some typos

... and maybe some more that i forgot now ... :)

What is interesting, I added this changelog in the Init.lua file description, but it cannot be seen on the tome/addons page...


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Re: [1.6.7.] Quantum Slider class

#14 Post by Kelvara »

Hi, super interesting class. Unfortunately I'm getting an error every time I use Chain of Collapse if it doesn't kill something, so I assume it's due to the debuff it puts on people. Also one of the paths gives energy, what is that?

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Re: [1.6.7.] Quantum Slider class

#15 Post by Tradewind_Rider »

Hey, hi!

Ouch: yes 1.7.0 changed something in the code of removing effects and sustains,
but I will make a quick update very soon just to solve these problems.
Chain of Collapse effect tries to remove an effect from the enemies but becasue
the code changed, it produces an error in 1.7.

Energy means Time.
1000 energy means 1 turn.

But you made me ralize now, I did not wrote very clearly in the description of the talent, what it does.

Thanks for the feedback!

P.S.: If you have any question with the class just ask it here. :)

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