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[v1.5.0+] Hedge Clipper

#1 Post by Zizzo »

Aaand after having two level-5 Cultists in a row summarily slaughtered in Trollmire by the Forest Troll Hedge-Wizard, :evil: I'm putting my proverbial foot down, in the form of my new Hedge Clipper addon. Seriously, whose bright idea was it to give that @#$% a min spawn level of 3? :roll: We increase that to a much more reasonable 15. (I don't fully understand the zone generation code's out-of-depth handling, so I suppose it could still appear earlier than that, but it should be much less likely.)

[And no, obviously this isn't going into ZOmnibus… :wink: ]

[Implementation notes:]

Code: Select all

  Entity:loadList [to fix Forest Troll Hedge-Wizard]
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