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[1.6.7] Qlass Pack 1.0.0

#1 Post by minmay »


Finally ported my races and most of my classes to 1.6. Some bugs probably slipped through, since there was a ton of stuff to port and 1.6 changed a lot of things, but I did go over every talent/effect/etc.
I also made lots of cool and sexy nerfs and a few other changes, and actually fixed some old bugs.

Zephyr, being like 80% joke class, is still horribly overpowered, but since it's like 80% joke class, I'm not motivated to try to make it balanced. It's only here because it was really easy to port :P

edit: init.lua description for reference:

Code: Select all

Adds several new classes and races:
- Bladebender class: Psionic melee fighter that triple-wields daggers and has "meta" talents that can modify other talents.
- Harbinger class: Wilder melee fighter that channels storms through their attacks. More powerful against groups of foes than against single targets. Their class talents do not use resources.
- The Cooler Anorithil class: Revamp of the Anorithil class that must directly alternate between Solar and Lunar talents instead of managing positive/negative energy.
- Zephyr class: Basically a ranged and exclusively lightning-based version of Arcane Blade. Overpowered, not a serious class, and mostly exists to demonstrate instant projectiles.

- Dreamelf race: Overpowered race that can reposition enemies and shorten talent cooldowns.
- Lich race: Undead race that can convert a portion of all their damage into a damage type of their choice.

This addon also makes a couple other changes to make the Zephyr class work:
- Feather Wind is no longer snapshottable, provides less defense but provides both melee and ranged defense, and its maximum encumbrance is no longer spellpower-dependent.
- Tempest is no longer shapshottable.

Other than that, the addon tries not to affect existing classes/races/talents. The new classes won't appear on enemies or Adventurers.

You may freely modify and redistribute this addon and its contents, except where otherwise indicated in the Credits section below.

Weight: 134953

===== Credits =====
As in vanilla, all talent icons are from http://game-icons.net/ and licensed under CC-BY 3.0. Class icons are from https://opengameart.org/content/painterly-spell-icons-part-4 and https://opengameart.org/content/11-planet-sci-fi-set .

http://freesound.org/people/pingel/sounds/2689/                  CC 0
http://freesound.org/people/artifact/sounds/29675/               CC BY 3.0
http://freesound.org/people/BOBtheROSS/sounds/244358/            CC BY 3.0
http://freesound.org/people/CGEffex/sounds/98335/                CC-BY 3.0
http://freesound.org/people/Ephemeral_Rift/sounds/77370/         CC BY-NC 3.0
http://freesound.org/people/jameswrowles/sounds/248219/          CC BY 3.0
http://freesound.org/people/Julien%20Matthey/sounds/105016/      CC 0
http://freesound.org/people/misosound/sounds/251759/             CC 0
http://freesound.org/people/nicStage/sounds/64460/               CC BY 3.0
http://freesound.org/people/benjaminharveydesign/sounds/315914/  CC 0
http://freesound.org/people/misosound/sounds/251759/             CC 0
http://freesound.org/people/werra/sounds/232130/                 CC 0
http://freesound.org/people/bspiller5/sounds/157616/             CC 0
http://freesound.org/people/qubodup/sounds/219566/               CC-BY 3.0
http://freesound.org/people/gezortenplotz/sounds/20135/          CC-BY 3.0

===== Changelog =====
- Initial release
- Changes to the classes and races:
  - All content updated for ToME4 version 1.6.7
  - Removed legacy talents/effects/etc. that were kept for save compatibility in the original addons, since this is a new addon (and 1.6 is not save compatible with 1.5 anyway)
  - Some indentation cleanup
  - Edited some descriptions
  - Bladebender:
    - Bug fix: The sound effect for Break Guard now accounts for the enemy shrugging off the disarm or stun
    - Bug fix: Deja Vu recursion guard no longer sticks around slightly longer than intended when the Deja Vu sustain is deactivated
    - Bug fix: Deja Vu now has a message when its chosen talent is lost, like the other Talent Perfection talents
    - Bug fix: Specialty now updates the passive effects of non-passive talents
    - Bug fix: Waiting Blades now only attacks hostile creatures as it claims
    - Lesser Weapon Focus can now trigger from all attacks that did not originate from Lesser Weapon Focus, but has a lower trigger chance
    - Reduced healing and psi gain from One With Blades by 1/3
    - Healing and psi gain from One With Blades is no longer rounded
    - Perforate now uses blood color
    - Talent Perfection messages for talents being lost no longer begin with a space
  - Dreamelf:
    - Updated experience penalty to match the change to Shalore
    - Updated healing infusion to be inscribed instead of in inventory, to match changes to other races
  - Cooler Anorithil:
    - Bug fix: Finally implemented Sear and Numb with callbackOnDealDamage, fixing them searing/numbing through damage shields. Also can I just say that death_note is a really bad variable name
    - Bug fix: Solar Focus Target now actually removes itself if the source dies or otherwise disappears
    - Bug fix: Solar Focus now deactivates immediately upon changing levels
    - Bug fix: Solar Flares no longer fails to roll crit and shift alignment when it doesn't find any targets
    - Renamed from "Anorithil" to "Cooler Anorithil" and is now separate from the vanilla class (no more monsters with it)
    - Added class icon
    - Added "SOLAR_", "LUNAR_", "LIMINAL_", to unprefixed talents' internal names to reduce the chance of addon conflicts.
    - Talents with 3D sounds no longer lose volume with distance, and have had their panning adjusted
    - Changed Cunning/Survival mastery from 1.1 to 1.0
    - Replaced Duality's projectile deflection chance with a much lower chance to avoid damage
    - Reduced the amount of critical chance from Selenelion
    - Reduced the damage of Spontaneous Combustion
    - Renamed the new version of Corona to Syzygy
    - Renamed the new version of Jumpgate to Astral Gate
    - Renamed the new version of Jumpgate: Teleport To to Ad Astra
    - Renamed the new version of Moonlight Ray to Lunar Ray
    - Renamed the new version of Searing Light to Solar Light
    - Renamed the new version of Shadow Blast to Shadow Burst
    - Renamed the new version of Starfall to Dark Star
    - Renamed the new version of Totality to Occultation
    - Renamed the new version of Twilight Surge to Twilight Pulse
    - Increased minimum pitch of Lunar Ray sounds
    - Increased minimum pitch of first Shadow Blast sound
    - Increased minimum pitch of first Solar Light sound
    - Increased volume of Occultation sound
  - Harbinger:
    - Bug fix: Particles for Channel Fire, Channel Cold, and Cyclone are no longer lost on save/load
    - Bug fix: Cyclone particles now disappear if it is completely unlearned
    - Added "HARBINGER_" to talents' internal names to reduce the chance of addon conflicts
    - Capped all talent radii at 10
    - Arc now attacks monsters in order of how many arc steps it took to reach them, with ties broken randomly
    - Arc now has a safeguard against stack overflows when attacking extremely long chains of monsters (chains shorter than 127 monsters are unaffected, so it can still hit over 16,000 monsters)
    - Reduced the effect of Chill
    - Adjusted scaling of Countershock's cooldown with talent level, nerfing it at talent level 2+
    - Reduced Cremate's heal by 70% but removed its once-per-turn restriction
    - Cremate no longer plays a sound
    - Increased Cyclone's damage by 50%
    - Made Electrical Disruption's cooldown scaling less extreme at low talent levels
    - Electrical Disruption now plays its sound at the user's location instead of the target's
    - Reduced the number of effects removed by Electrical Disruption
    - Halved Flashover damage.
    - Reduced Flashover radius (matches new Storm Conduit radius)
    - Foreshock's sound now has randomized speed
    - Reduced the amount of evasion given by Megathrust
    - Changed Mist's life regeneration to scale with talent level only (not mindpower), but increased its healing modifier bonus. This also fixes the snapshotting bug with the life regeneration
    - Reduced the amount of physical power given by Mountain Mover (now that weapon masteries give less)
    - Storm Conduit's radius now scales with talent level
    - Storm Conduit's sound now has randomized speed
    - Greatly reduced Storm Conduit damage, due to Cremate now being able to trigger it multiple times per turn
    - Reduced the effect of Suppressing Fire, especially at low talent levels
    - Vortex's sound now has randomized speed
    - Reduced the number of effects removed and wards given by Torrent
  - Lich:
    - Due to 1.6 inscription changes making undead MUCH less bad, this race had to be nerfed a lot.
    - Increased experience penalty from 0% to 20%
    - Removed stun immunity (farewell consistency with NPC liches)
    - Reduced life rating from 10 to 8
    - Absorb Essence now recovers steam
    - Ancient Knowledge's Infinite Dungeon hack revised to be monotonic (going from slightly below effective talent level 10 to slightly above it no longer makes the talent worse)
    - Reduced the crit shrug chance on the Lich talent by about 28%
    - Reduced the Cunning-based saves on the Lich talent by 1/3
  - Zephyr:
    - Bug fix: Recharge now uses callbackOnDealDamage, fixing e.g. 0 damage hits providing mana
    - No longer starts in Angolwen because Abashed Expanse is obnoxious
    - Self-targeting with Lightning Phase now gives Stormshield instead of Elemental Surge: Lightning (which was similar to Stormshield before 1.6), with a threshold of 0.01 and a small number of charges
    - Greatly reduced the flat damage reduction from Static Shield
    - Storm Infusion is now passive
    - Reduced Sylph's damage avoidance chance
    - No longer has Spell/Phantasm or modifies its talents; starts with Disperse Magic instead of Illuminate
    - No longer alters Chain Lightning or Thunderstorm
    - For consistency with vanilla, the Mobile Defense talent no longer applies to the Feather Wind defense bonus (only relevant in combination with other third-party addons)
    - The Storm Fury artifact no longer grants Storm Archery mastery

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Re: [1.6.7] Qlass Pack 1.0.0

#2 Post by PseudoLoneWolf »

Oh hell yes. I recently went looking for your classes cause I was curious if Harbinger would hold up to 1.6 and was disappointed when I couldn't find them anywhere. I'll be back soon with feedback.
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Re: [1.6.7] Qlass Pack 1.0.0

#3 Post by nsrr »

death_note is a really bad variable name. I can't recall which talent it was for now, but I spent a long time routing around to figure out that was the place I had to look to find some useful information, like damage type.

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Re: [1.6.7] Qlass Pack 1.0.0

#4 Post by astralInferno »

Got this error leveling up the Lich's third racial talent. :(


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Re: [1.6.7] Qlass Pack 1.0.0

#5 Post by minmay »

That error means that you've somehow managed to learn a talent category that doesn't exist. Can you send me a save file?

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Error starting new game with Bladebender

#6 Post by Sinister Stairs »

Sorry if you read my earlier (deleted) posts; it took me a while to track down the root cause of the error.

I'm trying to create a bladebender but after selecting the race/class -- but before being permitted to select initial stats/talents -- I'm getting an error. (The Custom Difficulty addon is referenced in the following stacktrace, but it's a red herring.)

The root cause appears to be the beholder addon: When I disable it, I can create a bladebender without error; with it enabled, I get the error whether I'm trying to create a banshee bladebender (another red herring), or even a yeek or krog.

Code: Select all

Lua Error: /engine/interface/ActorInventory.lua:128: attempt to index local 'inven' (a nil value)
  At [C]:-1 __index
  At /engine/interface/ActorInventory.lua:128 invenStackLimit
  At /engine/interface/ActorInventory.lua:145 addObject
  At /data-qlass-pack/birth/bladebender.lua:59 
  At /engine/Entity.lua:762 resolve
  At /mod/class/Actor.lua:313 resolve
  At /mod/addons/custom-difficulty/superload/mod/class/Game.lua:167 at_end
  At /mod/dialogs/Birther.lua:366 fct
  At /mod/dialogs/Birther.lua:227 checkfct
  At /mod/dialogs/Birther.lua:251 checkNew
  At /mod/dialogs/Birther.lua:301 atEnd
  At ...dons/custom-difficulty/superload/mod/dialogs/Birther.lua:287 fct
  At /engine/ui/Button.lua:63 fct
  At /engine/Mouse.lua:71 receiveMouse
  At /engine/Mouse.lua:111 delegate
  At /engine/ui/Dialog.lua:793 mouseEvent
  At /engine/ui/Dialog.lua:508 fct
  At /engine/Mouse.lua:71
This is likely an error with the beholder addon and not Qlass Pack; but the former doesn't have a forum topic, so I thought I'd post here if it happens to be any easy fix on your end.

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Re: [1.6.7] Qlass Pack 1.0.0

#7 Post by minmay »

I appreciate the detailed report, but unfortunately, compatibility with that addon is not attainable in a clean way from my end. That Beholder addon overwrites some vanilla functions completely without calling the original, breaking other superloads of those functions, and that happens to include some of the superloads in Qlass Pack.

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