Class: Banished

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Class: Banished

#1 Post by Erenion »

Adds the Banished, an afflicted archer.
Banished use shadowy powers and specialized arrows, many of which grow more potent based on your hate.
They are highly mobile and can shrug off larger instances of damage, but many smaller sources of damage will wear them down quickly.
Also adds the Shrouded Arc, a lategame artifact bow intended for this class.

Technique/Combat Training
Cursed/Twisted Form (new): Your body has been warped, gaining new powers, some of which grow more potent with high hate.
Cunning/Survival (locked)

Cursed/Darkbow (new): Bow mastery and some darkness-based archery.
Cursed/Stalking (new): Pick off your targets one by one.
Cursed/Hunting (new): Specialized shots that scale with your hate level.
Cursed/Elusive Movement (new): You are hard to pin down, darting in and out of both combat and darkness.
Cursed/Beast (locked, new): Your hate has warped your form, making you more instinctual and savage.
Cursed/Black Quiver (locked, new): Weave darkness into your arrows and arrows into your darkness.

Any feedback is welcome. Please post all bugs you find here.
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Re: Class: Banished

#2 Post by Recaiden »

I stopped using Black Arrow once I got Seeping Quiver.
Blast Arrow remained useful all game.

Bola shot is useful more for the disarm than the pin, in my experience.
Splinter shot was not useful as AoE.
Shade Shot is a very good disable, it might do too much; perhaps the DoT should be on some other skill.
Flurry Shot is good burst and AoE; it could be more clear about how arrows work: if you have 20 hate, is that 2 or 3 arrows?

It seems you can't Dazing Dash through Creeping Dark, even if you have Dark Vision. Lots of movement skills fail this way? Also it took me 3 tries to use Dazing Dash correctly when starting out, because I first targeted the enemy... (which is where the targeting popup starts, even when it's asking for a space to jump to.
Dark Refuge is great early, falls off later on.
Dark Wind and Twisted Gate are both solid with a single point and don't seem great to rank up past that.

Black Mark is a good skill, but a little awkward to use. Maybe the mark should just move on its own when you kill something with it.
Isolate is amazing, the chain confusion is very powerful and the damage isn't bad.
I almost never used Fatal Shot but it was pretty good when I did. It really shouldn't have an extra-special immunity-bypassing execute, even if Swallow does it.
I wasn't sure if One by One would get reset by Creeping Darkness and consequently didn't use it much.

Damned Shot is a ton of damage, and also useful as a repeated stun.
Shadow Volley was useful as AoE, and very fun to use.
How much is the damage reduction on Sharpened Shadow? The talent doesn't say.

Warped Strength is fine. Not exciting, encourages spacing your talents out a little.
Hateful Flow seems like it scales well, but as undead I was already immune to most of that stuff, and hate economy was already very tight. I only used it for one fight all game.
Twisted Mind scares me a little but it seems like a solid design.
Not sure that Abhorrent Skin needs free armor as well as the trained reactions effect.

Didn't unlock Beast, but it looks fun.
Darkhounds are too cute. Please fix.
Black Arrow has a much lighter icon than the other skills in its tree
Banished need Dex, Willpower, and Cunning for talents, plus Strength for arrow's tough. Not necessarily a bad thing.

I took "I Can Carry the World" for my first prodigy and forgot to ever spend a second one. :oops: I died twice due to not being able to blink through creeping dark, and more times to what I believe is a bug in one of my own mods. :oops:
Midgame damage felt really low, lategame and earlygame were fine.
More active archery attacks than I would like.
The hate mechanics are really well done. I appreciate that there are rewards for staying at high hate as well as ways to effectively spend as much hate as you want.

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Re: Class: Banished

#3 Post by Erenion »

Thanks for the feedback!
Based on this, I've modified a few talents and replaced one.

- Black Arrow no longer has the flat damage burst. Instead, it hits all targets in the area with an arrow attack dealing darkness damage and blinding. Area now scales. Talent does not require ammunition anymore.
- Darkhounds have been menacified by 100% by changing some shader settings. Cuteness issue should be fixed.
- One By One now does not lose duration if the target is standing in Creeping Darkness. You were right about Creeping Darkness causing targets to lose vision of you.
- Shade Shot has lost the damage over time component. It now also reduces poison resistance based on hate.
- Splinter Shot has been replaced by Toxin of the Hated. This instant-use talent envenoms your next few arrows, causing them to apply a poison that deals darkness damage over time and reduces healing.
- Flurry Shot now mentions how many arrows will be shot at your current hate in its tooltip.
- Fatal Shot no longer has the special 5% instakill. Even though Swallow has it.
- Abhorrent Skin no longer grants armor.
- Clarified that the second shot from Damned Arrow deals darkness damage.
- Increased Shadow Volley's damage by a bit.
- Some minor tooltip changes.

The damage reduction on Sharpened Shadow is weird. What the talent does is give you the ITEM_NUMBING_DARK damage type on ranged attacks.
I don't want to automatically move the Black Mark, since the talent has no idea whether you want to kill the boss after killing one of his minions or keep focusing the minions. The flexibility to do both is worth a little tedium in my opinion.
Concerning Dark Refuge falling off, it still provides the darkness damage in the lategame, making it worthwhile if you're on creeping darkness.
About Dazing Dash: yeah, Creeping Dark is weird.
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Re: Class: Banished

#4 Post by Erenion »

Class has been updated to 1.7 and a few talents have been changed a bit.

- Fixed Toxin of the Hated not being removed after the listed number of attacks.
- Lash Out now rounds up on the number of attacks.
- If there are fewer nearby enemies than Lash Out attacks, the remaining attacks will hit random targets.
- Nerfed the blind chance on Seeping Quiver, as it was too easy to trigger in the lategame.
- Fixed a few typos.
- Blinded creatures are now always eligible targets for Isolate, as opposed to blinded creatures not counting as allies for Isolate.
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