[1.6.7] Gemblade class

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[1.6.7] Gemblade class

#1 Post by Erenion »


Adds the Gemblade, a (mostly) melee psionic that channels their energies through a gem held in their offhand.
Gemäldes typically model their blade after a certain material, and can delve into both arcane techniques as well as their innate mind powers.

Please report any bugs you find here, the class is not properly balanced yet and I'd be very thankful for feedback.
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Re: [1.6.7] Gemblade class

#2 Post by Recaiden »

Class icon is lovely.

Overall, class feels defenseless.

Class should start with a dagger in inventory. Class should also probably start wearing heavy armor. They have a point in it already and little reason not to wear it.

The Gem Blade is obviously a powerful weapon with that 170% multiplier. Low range though.
The 'deal 2 split damage types' thing, plus your base weapon, makes improving your damage with gear pretty nightmarish. Gemcutter does help make up for this.
Class gets Mindstar Mastery but can only use one mindstar so half of it will be unusable.
Some of the abilities are psionic and some are spells, but none of them cost resources. The fact that you get Psi and Mana from Augmented Mobility and Staff Combat is just odd.
It's also inconsistent which abilities use Weapon Speed and which use Spell / Mind Speed.
Gemblade doesn't have any high-level locked trees.
Gemblade has 13 active weapon attacks across its class trees. Isn't that a bit much?

Gem Trees
Every talent in Voidstone is great.
Except Void Cross just instantly kills things and is potentially too strong.

Delaying Strike is nice.
The effect reduction on In Due Time does literally nothing at low levels, and scales badly with points.
Same for Sleight of Time.
Cocoon in Time seems fine and interesting, although a lot of the power is in being Amber Imbued.

Stormstone is mandatory because it has an engage.
It also has a nice defense, although the counter damage aspect of it seems weak and unnecessary.
Static Charge and Storm Sweep seem less useful as weak AoE.

Goedalath Hammer is a nice source of damage with its low cooldown.
Overwhelming Blows basically has no downside since your defense is going to be bad anyway. Good and interesting anyway.
Obliteration is a stun and a %max health damage source. Low stun uptime, but still very important to get. I think that makes this the other mandatory tree. %max health anything is probably to be avoided.
Goedalath Titan puts the main part of its power in the base effect, not the imbue effect.

Rending Strike is already tons of damage.
Exploit Suffering makes it even crazier.
Hastened Slashes is fine.
Heartrend seems like an interesting damage multiplier.

Sunstone I haven't used as it seems entirely focused on bouncing sun rays to multiple enemies. Does it hit the original?

Ooze Splash looks like pretty low damage, especially as a DoT.
Splitting Blade is good for allowing poison to hit resistant targets there.
The other two seem like solid DoT and slow.

Virulent Arc has a long cooldown as an attack, perfect as a disease application method.
Why does Plague Web's secondary attack have a cooldown?
Blightning Storm seems solid and important for the disease playstyle.
Plagueshard Barrage is probably too many on-hits while imbued.

All-in-all, very fun.

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Re: [1.6.7] Gemblade class

#3 Post by Erenion »

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

I completely agree on the dagger + heavy armor.
You're right on Mindstar Mastery being half unusable, but I want it anyway so you can play a more mindcaster-y build without having to (temporarily) ditch all spells to go shopping in Zigur.
I wasn't sure on resources, so I temporarily went with none. If you have any ideas on how to manage resources / add one (and how it would work), I'd like to hear them.
Concerning speeds, I wanted most gemblade attacks to be weapon speed. Skills that don't involve weapon attacks usually use mind/spell speed, depending on what tree they're in.
Trees... yeah. I was thinking you could do more with the offhand gem, I might add one or two locked high-level trees there.

Void Cross: might nerf the number of blows to 4.

Stomstone: agree on the mandatory because engage. I might tweak another tree to have a dash/teleport. (died on one of my test runs because I didn't take stormstone)
The counter damage on Storm Barrier goes into the 200s with some good gear... but yeah, I might buff it, or add a daze maybe?
The damage on Storm Sweep becomes quite a lot with high mind power (200% initially and then again every turn for 4 turns if imbued.) Might buff it early, though.

Fair point on Goedalath Titan, any ideas to make the imbue more valuable there?

Rending Strike should probably be nerved, yeah.

Sunstone doesn't hit the original right now, but I might change that. Right now it's the your best source of aoe once you get decent crit chance though (due to the third skill.)

Gonna buff Ooze Splash.

Plague Web has a cooldown right now because it gives fairly insane aoe. It's basically a projection ego that also can extend duration of diseases - and that is on a class that gets cleave from Goedalath Titan, gets arcing from Static Charges and all those attacks count for Void Etchings. Still, might just be me being too paranoid. I think I'll drop the cooldown down to 2 turns, see how that works out.
Agree on Plagueshard Barrage. That mostly was the result of me being impatient to finally finish the class (it was the last talent I designed.)

Concerning defense, yeah. I might drop an attack or two and replace them with more defense-oriented talents. The initial intent was to have an attack as the first talent of each tree that emphasized what the tree was about - but that's probably too many attacks.
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Re: [1.6.7] Gemblade class

#4 Post by Erenion »

Uploaded version 1.0.1 (the one with the numbers)

Mostly number changes for now, I'll get to the meatier changes when I've got time tomorrow.

- You now start with a dagger in your inventory and iron mail equipped. Hello, negative starting stats!
- Nerfed damage, bleed and cooldown on Rending Strike. This might hit it too hard for levels 1-3, but Recaiden was right, it's too insane post level 4.
- Removed max health damage from Obliteration. Buffed damage and reduced cooldown to compensate.
- Reduced reduction chance on Exploit Suffering.
- Buffed Ooze Splash damage.
- Added / changed bounds on In Due Time and Sleight of Time. These two will be a lot more useful early on, as well as stronger in general.
- Added a lower cap to Storm Sweep. Damage at higher mind power remains unchanged.
- Buffed Ramping Dosage damage to compensate for the Rending Strike nerfs.
- Void Cross now only hits 4 times.
- Sunchaser and Prism Blade now also hit the original target.
- Plague Web cooldown down to 2 turns.
- Plagueshard Barrage now only has a 33% chance to trigger on-hit effects, but takes no time to cast.

As always, please post any feedback and bug reports you have, and thank you for taking the time to try this class!
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Re: [1.6.7] Gemblade class

#5 Post by Rjak »

Small and simple question - are you supposed to be able to remove your gemstone from offhand? And can you put it back?

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Re: [1.6.7] Gemblade class

#6 Post by Erenion »

Yes. You can remove/equip gems in your offhand, you just have to do it by dragging them over there right now. I haven't figured out how to make the wield/wear option available yet.
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Re: [1.6.7] Gemblade class

#7 Post by Erenion »

Version 1.0.2 is uploaded.

- Gemblades now have the psiblade visual.
- Gemblades now work with psiblades, since that grants access to the other half of the tree.
- You can now equip gems via the Wield/Wear option (I finally figured out how to do that)
- Plagueshard Barrage reduces your gem blade's base power slightly less.
- Added a new generic category: Gem Ward, focused around durability.
- Removed Augmented Mobility.

Locked level 10+ talent trees are still in the brainstorming stage, sorry.

EDIT: 1.0.3 is out.
- Fixed requirements for Gemsurge and Crystalline Vengeance.

EDIT 2: 1.0.4 is released.
Bugs fixed:
- Gem Ward hopefully throws less errors.
- Solar Beam respects range when cast manually.
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Re: [1.6.7] Gemblade class

#8 Post by Seventeer »

interesting class.
I found the talent Splitting Blade with bug,you can attack enemy out of range even you cant' see it or behind the wall,wherever it be.
And the Psiblade will also multiply the uses states of Gemblade,is it a mistake?

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Re: [1.6.7] Gemblade class

#9 Post by Erenion »

Thanks for the bug reports.

EDIT: Released version 1.0.5
Changelog: Fixed Splitting Blade targeting
Removed Gemblade gaining stat bonuses from Psiblades.
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Re: [1.6.7] Gemblade class

#10 Post by Erenion »

Released 1.0.6.

I've decided to use psi as a resource for now, even though this somewhat disincentivizes wearing heavy armor.
Other big changes:
- Augmented Mobility is back. The class desperately needed some not-Stormstone mobility, and this was a nice fit.
- Voidstep now properly is marked as unusable out when pinned.
- Shadowflame fields from Overwhelming Blows should no longer damage you/your allies.
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Re: [1.6.7] Gemblade class

#11 Post by rexorcorum »

Hey there, fooling around with the Gemblade and got an error to report - casting Blightning storm spews this error:

Code: Select all

Lua Error: /data-gemblade/damage_types.lua:138: bad argument #1 to 'percent' (number expected, got boolean)
  At [C]:-1 
  At [C]:-1 percent
  At /data-gemblade/damage_types.lua:138 projector
  At /engine/Map.lua:1265 processEffects
  At /mod/class/Game.lua:1757 onTurn
  At /engine/GameEnergyBased.lua:90 tick
  At /engine/GameTurnBased.lua:51 tick
  At /mod/class/Game.lua:1534 
and it triggers on every turn, until I leave the floor. Not gamebreaking, just annoying :). On a different note - the class is quire fun to play :).
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Re: [1.6.7] Gemblade class

#12 Post by Erenion »

Thanks for the bug report!
That was me forgetting to update values from booleans to numbers when changing Plagueshard Barrage to only trigger on-hit effects 33% of the time.
Fixed in the new version.

Speaking of which, a new version is out!
I was a bit burned out on this class after writing 10 trees in a week and a half, so I took a break from it.
But I'm back, and there's a new advanced tree (locked until level 10) for you to play with!
The Engraved Focus tree offers several very useful buffs, but each of them have a cost attached to them based on how much you rely on the effect.

As always, please report any bugs you find here. Thanks!
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Re: [1.6.7] Gemblade class

#13 Post by Laughmore »

Playing a yeek gemblade in the maze when all of a sudden, the following more or less continued to spam:

Lua Error: /data/damage_types.lua:33: attempt to index local 'src' (a nil value)
At [C]:-1 __index
At /data/damage_types.lua:33 useImplicitCrit
At /data/damage_types.lua:779 projector
At /data/timed_effects/physical.lua:438 on_timeout
At /engine/interface/ActorTemporaryEffects.lua:93 timedEffects
At /mod/class/NPC.lua:306 timedEffects
At /mod/class/Actor.lua:614 actBase
At /engine/GameEnergyBased.lua:119 tickLevel
At /engine/GameEnergyBased.lua:64 tick
At /engine/GameTurnBased.lua:51 tick
At /mod/class/Game.lua:1534 base_tick
At /mod/addons/turn_separators_v2/superload/mod/class/Game.lua:45

After a number of them, I noticed the bottom line mentioning another addon, turn separator. I removed that addon from my player's desc.lua but the error returned sans the last line.

I can't say for sure if it is your addon; however, as I was playing a gemblade, I figured I'd start with reporting it to you.

Zip of first occurrence and occurence after removing turn separators addon
(41.75 KiB) Downloaded 39 times

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Re: [1.6.7] Gemblade class

#14 Post by Erenion »

I don't think that error is caused by Gemblade.
data/timed_effects/physical.lua Line 438 is the "Burning" status effect.
In this case, something applied the effect, but did not set a source for it, meaning the game got confused as to who should deal the fire damage.
I don't think Gemblade applies that effect, so it probably isn't that.
Thanks for reporting it anyway!
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Re: [1.6.7] Gemblade class

#15 Post by Laughmore »

Thanks for taking a look.

I had my doubts as well. The Maze would of been 5th or 6th map I visited, albeit the first of the 2nd tier. And I went through the Maze with another addon race today without problems.

I'll see what happens to my other Gemblade char (I'll probably end up in the holey version) :D

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