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[1.6.5] OldRPG Overdrive

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 3:23 am
by GreatSphynx
OldRPG Overdrive Tileset

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This version of OldRPG is a rework to support 1.6.5 and Forbidden Cults. It merges parts of the recent OldRPG Core set from Krazycure with parts of the OldRPG Revival addon. Any missing tiles are now replaced with their vanilla counterpart instead of being blank or ascii.
I am not a skilled artist so there are not many new tiles. Primarily a tile for Worm That Walks and modified tentacles for the paper doll.

  • Any tiles that would normally be missing will now be replaced with their vanilla counterpart (mostly just Forbidden Cults tiles).
  • Fixed paper dolls (tested as many race/item combos as possible, there still may be some slight alignment issues).
  • A and B player tilesets. Set A is OldRPG with fixed paper doll, Set B is the vanilla player sprites (If you want to use cosmetics or like the vanilla sprites but want OldRPG for everything else).
  • Some cosmetic customization options for certain races.
Known Issues:
  • There are no OldRPG sprites for Glass Golem, Whitehoof or Yeti. Both player tilesets will use the vanilla versions.
  • Forbidden Cults Artifacts do not have new sprites, so they will not look correct with player tileset A.
  • This version still replaces the NPC frames/flags/health bars, but does not replace the rest of the UI or talent icons.
The addon is broken up into 6 parts (for upload size requirements)
Part 1 - Terrain
Part 2 - NPC's, Objects, Etc.
Part 3A - OldRPG Player Tiles
Part 4A - OldRPG Player Tiles
Part 5A - OldRPG Player Tiles
Part 6A - OldRPG Player Tiles

As well as the optional vanilla player tiles
Part 3B - Original Player Tiles
Part 4B - Original Player Tiles
Part 5B - Original Player Tiles
Part 6B - Original Player Tiles

This addon is also available on theSteam Workshop.
Installation is the same as previous versions. Download the addon from either the addon's page or Steam Workshop and place it in your directory. Make sure it is enabled in the addon's menu and start a new game. In game, go into options and select OldRPG (64x64) as the tileset. Don't forget you can toggle whether or not your cloak's hood covers your helm in Game Options >> Misc >> Show Cloak Hoods.

Please let me know if you have any issues.

Additionally if you are an artist and have any interest in creating some updated tiles for Forbidden Cults in the 16 bit style of OldRPG please get in touch with me on steam.

All credit to krazycure, daftigod, chrambo, blooo, and sevenredreturns for previous versions this is based upon.