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[1.7.0] Raider v1.0.6

#1 Post by RootOfAllThings »


Back from the dead, a year and a half later, with style.
Updated for 2021 with three new talent categories, a huge overhaul to their sound and particle effects, and new and updated balance.

Adds in the Raider as a new Tinker Subclass.

General Overview
The Raider is a Tinker that mixes ranged and melee combat. They do best with, but don't require, a melee weapon in one hand and a steamgun in the other, although many of their talents are spell-like and are weapon agnostic. Ideally they can be built as a bump attacker with their bump replacing attack, or slightly more tactically by exploiting the black powder cloud mechanic. The class introduces two key mechanics, Roaring Powder and Black Powder Clouds. While you sustain Raider's Stance (a Striker's Stance-like dummy talent), you'll automatically replace some of your steamgun shots at close range with shotgun blasts. Black Powder Clouds are dispersed by several talents and linger for several turns. Hitting a tile that has a cloud on it with one of several fire damaging talents will detonate it, dealing damage in a ball around it and detonating further clouds. Be careful, however, as explosions are indiscriminate! Strike a careful range to catch your enemies in your deadly munitions without taking too much damage yourself.

Also has a heavy pirate theme, probably at the expense of quality design. Yar har.

Generic Trees
Technique/Combat training
Cunning/Rolling deck (new)
Cunning/Survival (locked)
Steamtech/Physics (locked)

Steamtech/Blacksmight (locked)

Class Trees
Cunning/Dirty fighting
Technique/Seaward Charge (new)
Technique/Raider's blade (new)
Steamtech/Handcannon (new)
Steamtech/Black powder (new)
Steamtech/Crewmates (new)
Steamtech/Powder trance (new, locked)
Steamtech/Barrage (new, locked)
Steamtech/Boarding Party (new, locked)

New Generic Trees
Cunning/Rolling deck
1)Sea Legs
Whenever your effective movement speed is reduced below 100%, you get a movement speed bonus proportional to the amount you're below 100%.
2)Swill Grog
Eat some citrus, healing yourself and dispelling physical and mental ailments over several turns.
3)Dread Reputation
Whenever you make a steam or physical crit, you attempt to confuse all nearby enemies.
4)Legendary Greed
Consume a percentage of your current gold and turn it into a shield.
Passively increases gold gained.

New Class Trees
Technique/Seaward Charge
1) Charrrrge!
Rush to the target spot. If targeting a creature, strike them with your sword. If targeting an empty spot, shoot the nearest foe.
2) X Marks the Spot
Periodically mark a tile within range while in combat. Reaching this tile grants a boost to your attack and steam speed for several turns.
3) Storm Voyage
Foes that damage you are marked, granting you vision of them. Movement towards marked foes refunds energy.
4) Pirate's Wrath
A long cooldown buff that grants critical hit multiplier.

Technique/Raider's blade
1) Steel and Shot
Strike once with the mainhand weapon, then fire a shot at that enemy with the steamgun.
Puts you into Raider's Stance automatically, and will replace your default attack once there (like Brawler's Double Strike).
2) Grog-soaked Blade
Deals increased damage as fire, and gives a lingering fire damage on hit buff.
Can ignite powder clouds.
3) Boarding Sweep
Strikes in a melee-range cone. If your blade is lit by Grog-soaked Blade, strikes an additional tile beyond for additional fire damage, scaling with Grog-soaked Blade's buff.
Can ignite powder clouds when lit.
4) Toss Overboard
A single target strike that knocks the target back like a bowling ball, dealing physical damage to those in their path.

Steamtech/Hand cannon
1) Roaring Powder
While you sustain Raider's Stance, your short range (half your steamgun range or less) shots have a chance to become conical blasts.
Also acts as Steamgun Mastery.
2) Collateral Damage
Unleash a high-powered conical blast from your steamgun. If you're sustaining Raider's Stance, convert all your shots for the next few turns into Roaring Powder blasts.
3) Shockwave Round
Fire a round into the ground, dealing physical damage to everyone nearby and attempting to disarm them. Leaves a slowing field.
4) Dragon's Breath
Unleash a beam of fire from your steamgun, dealing fire damage in a line and applying a fire damage over time debuff.
Can ignite powder clouds.

Steamtech/Black powder
1) Grenado
Throw a slow-moving bomb that explodes when it reaches its destination, dealing physical and fire damage in a radius and dazing enemies struck.
Can ignite powder clouds.
2) Throw Powder
Throw a cone of black powder, for use with other talents. Also scales the damage of all black powder explosions.
Passively modifies Blinding Powder to also throw powder.
3) Flaming Cocktail
Throw a slow-moving bomb that explodes when it reaches its destination, dealing fire damage and applying a fire damage over time debuff.
If the cocktail misses, a stationary patch of fire is left that deals damage to enemies who walk over it.
The initial hit, burning enemies, and the patch of fire will all ignite powder clouds.
4) Powderkeg
Place a ticking time bomb that spreads powder before detonating.

1) Mechaparrot
A robotic bird harries nearby enemies, blinding them and disrupting their talents.
2) Roboswabby
Summon a distracting, useless robot deckhand to taunt foes.
3) Autobosun
Taking too much damage summons your trusty autobosun to shield you and defeat your foes.
4) No Surrender
Your robocrew detonates upon death, dealing damage and lighting nearby clouds.

Steamtech/Powder trance
1) Tempered by Flame
Passively increase your resistance to your own explosions, and the damage dealt by all black powder explosions.
2) Powder Trance
Whenever you stand in your own powder, you gain a stacking buff to health and stamina regen, and flat damage reduction.
3) Mad Bomber
Whenever you detonate powder, you gain a fraction of a turn.
4) Black Cloak
Increase your physical and fire damage and penetration, and passively disperse powder around you each turn.

1) Cannon Barrage
Call down a barrage of cannonballs over several turns in the designated area. A Physical version of Aether Breach, of sorts.
2) Grapeshot
Each cannonball deals additional damage in a larger area around it.
3) Revel in Destruction
You benefit from cooldown reduction while within the radius of your Cannon Barrage.
4) Flaming Cannonballs
The cannonballs called down have a chance to be either flaming, dealing additional fire damage and igniting powder clouds, or powder coated, dispersing black powder.

Steamtech/Boarding party
1) Ship's Armory
Your Roboswabby and Autobosun are now armed with steamguns in addition to their melee weapons, and know Roaring Powder and Steel and Shot.
2) Mass Charrrrge!
Whenever you Charrrrge!, your Roboswabby and Autobosun jump with you, before attacking nearby enemies.
3) Parrot of Ill Omen
Your Mechaparrot curses those it strikes, causing them to hurt themselves when they fail to use talents.
4) Shipboard Melee
Your attacks and those of your Roboswabby, and Autobosun mark foes. Attacking already marked foes stuns the target.
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Re: Raider v0.1.1

#2 Post by nsrr »

Ok, I had a few goes with this and have a bit of feedback. I played in EoR and made the mistake of starting on Insane difficulty. It's been a while since I've played EoR and I forgot how rough the start is on Insane. Started a run on Nightmare and had much more success.

So, one thing I mentioned on the Discord already is the stat spread. Using both melee and ranged weapons with no talent for requirement or dam mod conversion means you end up having your points spread really thin, or just ignore one stat/weapon for a while. Cunning ends up being the most important stat, as the bulk of your damage comes from black powder shenanagins. With that said, once things got rolling, the damage from detonating black powder gets really high really quick, to the extent that you're only using your weapon attacks to touch off the powder anyway. I'm thinking this damage may fall off a bit later on and the weapon attacks will become more relevant, but haven't gone far enough to say, yet. So all in all, the stat spread may not be as bad as I initially thought it would be, it just creates this weird kind of curve where you want Strength and Dex very early for your weapon and armor requirements, then you want lots of Cun for black powder and unlocking more tinkers, and I expect it will shift back to Strength and Dex after most of the higher level Cun reqs are met. It's probably fine, but it's different from a lot of other classes, so it feels a little weird at first.

I think the Black Powder mechanic is really well done and I get a real kick out of spreading and detonating the clouds. It starts off a bit dangerous (which feels thematic and right), but at that point your steam gun can take things down pretty quickly anyway (since the mastery talent uses normal talent requirements and you can pump it up very early). Once you get Powder Trance the danger is reduced considerably, and once the flat damage resistance talent comes online you end up ignoring nearly all of the (already drastically reduced) damage. Then you can detonate a cloud you're standing in and laugh as everything around you dies.

One thing I wish the class had some more of is mobility/knockback. Having a couple talents that cause knockback would be great for shoving mobs into your powder clouds, and a talent for jumping away from enemies would also be great, to move away from the explosions yourself (mostly this would be nice early on before you can mitigate most of the detonation damage, which I'll admit is a pretty small window). Having one or more knockback/disengage talents that could also touch off the powder would be really fantastic.

Personally, I would like to see the class move to Steam-only and eliminate Stamina costs from their talents, along with removing Combat Techniques, Combat Veteran and Conditioning. Combat Techniques (especially Blinding Speed) is really, really strong on a class that doesn't need to use lots of Stamina. Combat Veteran doesn't offer much, and Conditioning scales on a stat that is going to be your fourth stat (at best), on a class that's already spreading stats thin. Losing Rush would be a bit of a nuisance, but aside from that, I think these trees (and Stamina) can all go. On the other hand, I wouldn't be opposed to seeing a new class tree that offers a bit of mobility and utility to fill in a bit of what they lose from Combat Techniques, Veteran and Conditioning.

Another way to go, possibly, is to replace 1h melee with just daggers and shift the class entirely to Dex/Cun and give them Mobility in place of Conditioning. Disengage and Tumble would play really nicely with black cloud positioning, and the class could probably stand to have some more damage mitigation, which Trained Reactions is great for. In the case of replacing Conditioning with Mobility, I would keep the Stamina costs on attack talents, but still remove Combat Veteran and Combat Techniques. Mobility might be a bit too good if it's the only thing using Stamina.

It would be nice if the Black Powder (talent) did a little something extra on activation. Once you've invested a few points and the action speed is increased considerably it's not so bad, but early on it feels kind of weird that it's basically just a worse Blinding Powder that has slightly better range. Any kind of a mild debuff would be an improvement, and it doesn't have to be on all black powder all the time, it could be as simple as something like an accuracy debuff on enemies that are in the area of effect when you activate the talent, for example.

Sometimes Grog-soaked Blade does not set off black powder when activated, but it's been inconsistent and I haven't found a pattern to it yet. Maybe it's just as simple as the attack missing the target, but I'm not totally sure at this point.

That's all I've got so far. Just roasted Outpost Leader John with two black powder detonations and I'm about to head inland and see how things go there, but so far I'm having a lot of fun with the class. I'll let you know if I run into any issues (no errors or anything so far, aside from that weirdness with the talent icons I mentioned on Discord) or if I come up with some more feedback.

(Also, bonus points if you can work a Mechno-parrot into the class somehow :wink: )

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Re: Raider v0.1.1

#3 Post by nsrr »

Okay, I think I figured out Grog-soaked Blade. If the hit kills the enemy, the powder isn't set off. Maybe that's intended, but I don't know. It could be good to 'save' the blast if the enemy dies, but if there are already other enemies in the area, then I'd rather have it go off anyway.

I didn't realize before that Powder Throw actually becomes instant at max level. Given that and the large area of effect, it's probably fine that it doesn't to anything else. Does kind of make the talent feel like a mandatory 5/5, though. Instant is infinitely better than any portion of a turn.

Also, Black Powder damage is too high. It seemed high before, and it turns out it was mostly being limited by the fact that the enemy died before all of the hits actually damaged it. Now that I've faced a few stronger enemies in the Dominion Port, I can see that it's doing upwards of 500 or 600 damage. I have 4 points in Throw Powder, but the stats the damage scales on are only 20, 31, and 42 and I'm only level 16. I don't have to do anything except for throw and detonate powder, usually only once, twice at the most so far. Three times in under six turns is possible at this point. I really enjoy the mechanic, but it definitely needs to have the damage tuned down, or at least have the scaling adjusted quite a bit so it's not so strong so early on. Maybe it should just scale on Steampower so it naturally gets hit with diminishing returns?

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Re: Raider v0.1.1

#4 Post by Recaiden »

Roaring Powder functions as your steamgun mastery, but its requirements are the same as a normal talent instead of like other mastery talents.
Roaring Powder has 1.5 weapon mastery scaling.
You can be in Raiding Stance while using a 2-handed weapon and no gun, and it will prevent you from attacking because it still tries to use Steel and Shot.

Collateral Damage is a fun and interesting talent.

Black Powder is just way too damaging. I don't know if the multi-hitting is off or what, but it's tremendous amounts of damage.
The class's only defense seems to be 'everything already died to Black Powder'

The 3rd melee skill, that hits further when your weapon is ignited, seems to be doing something weird to black powder, hitting too often or something.

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Re: Raider v0.1.1

#5 Post by SimonTheDigger »

I don't know if this only happened to me, but I noticed that the Grenado talent was exploding in a radius of zero with 1 or 2 points invested in it, scaling up to 1 with 3 or 4 points invested, and topping off at at 2 with 5 points invested. Is this intentional? Either way I modified my copy of the addon file so that the radius of Grenado starts at 1 and scales up to 3. That seems a bit more sensible to me.

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Re: [1.7.0] Raider v1.0.0

#6 Post by RootOfAllThings »

Bumping with the grand changelog.


Code: Select all

* Now compatible with ToME 1.7.
* Many bugfixes.
* Minor tweaks to various talent descriptions. Damage numbers standized to integers.
* Strength scaling removed. Now starts with daggers and scales primarily with DEX and CUN.
* No longer has access to Technique/Combat Veteran, Technique/Combat Techniques or Technique/Conditioning.
* Steamtech/Physics starts locked, but you have a point in Smith to make steamguns and know that recipe automatically.
* Now has access to Technique/Mobility at 1.3 mastery.
* New class, unlocked category: Technique / Seaward Charge. Move with the wind at your back!
	* Seaward Charge - Charrrrge!: Rush to the target spot. If targeting a creature, strike them with your sword. If targeting an empty spot, shoot the nearest foe. Refunds cooldown when detonating black powder.
	* Seaward Charge - X Marks the Spot: Periodically mark a tile within range while in combat. Reaching this tile grants a boost to your attack and steam speed for several turns.
	* Seaward Charge - Storm Voyage: Foes that damage you are marked, granting you vision of them. Movement towards marked foes refunds energy.
	* Seaward Charge - Pirate's Wrath: A long cooldown buff that grants critical hit multiplier.
* New class, unlocked category: Steamtech / Crewmates. A valiant raider never fights alone!
	* Crewmates - Mechaparrot: You're accompanied by a robotic parrot who periodically harries nearby foes, blinding them and disrupting their talents.
	* Crewmates - Roboswabby: You summon a robotic deckhand who taunts nearby enemies.
	* Crewmates - Autobosun: Your first mate disciplines those who strike you. Attacks that deal a percentage of your life or more summon him assault your foes.
	* Crewmates - No Surrender: Your Roboswabby and Autobosun now explode when killed, based on the total damage they took.
* New class, locked category: Steamtech / Boarding Party. Arm your crew with deadly weapons.
	* Boarding Party - Ship's Armory: Your Roboswabby and Autobosun are now armed with steamguns in addition to their melee weapons, and know Roaring Powder and Steel and Shot at this talent's level.
	* Boarding Party - Mass Charrrrge!: Whenever you Charrrrge!, your Roboswabby and Autobosun jump with you, before attacking nearby enemies.
	* Boarding Party - Parrot of Ill Fortune: Your Mechaparrot curses those it strikes, causing them to hurt themselves when they fail to use talents.
	* Boarding Party - Shipboard Melee: Your attacks and those of your Roboswabby, and Autobosun mark foes. Attacking already marked foes stuns the target.
* Talent changes:
	* Black Powder damage now stores until the tick end before dealing it in one (two-typed) chunk. This is to reduce log spam and make powder explosions a bit riskier late game and reward the new movement options from Mobility, Sea Legs, and Seaward Charge.
	* Black Powder no longer scales directly with stats. Instead scales with steampower and character level.
	* Black Powder now deals less damage with a full explosion, from 300% base at 9 procs to 250% base.
	* Rolling Deck - Sea Legs buffed substantially. Now turns speed maluses into bonuses at high enough talent levels. Ponder the synergies.
	* Rolling Deck - Cure Scurvy now Swill Grog. Now heals and removes effects over time. Now removes both physical and mental detrimental effects. Now applies a self-slow and increased damage resistance while healing.
	* Rolling Deck - Legendary Greed active removed, but grants more gold.
	* Raider's Blade - Steel and Shot now applies Lethality's STR->CUN effect on daggers.
	* Raider's Blade - Grog-soaked Blade now applies the buff after the hit, so the initial hit won't benefit from the added fire damage.
	* Raider's Blade - Boarding Sweep's bonus damage now scales with all fire damage on hit, not just damage added by Grog-soaked Blade. Now knocks back enemies in melee.
	* Raider's Blade - Walk the Plank now Throw Overboard. Now knocks foes back and deals damage to all foes they pass through.
	* Handcannon - Roaring Powder now has a fixed shotgun chance (50%). The base damage multiplier of a shotgun blast now scales with talent level. Now obeys 1.7 standards for mastery talents (fixed 30 power), and higher stat requirements. Shotgun penalty formula adjusted. Now crits all or nothing.
	* Handcannon - Shockwave Round now creates a slowing field of difficult terrain.
	* Handcannon - Dragon's Breath now crits all or nothing, as a steam crit.
	* Black Powder - Grenado now starts with radius 1 and scales to 3. Now stuns instead of dazing.
	* Black Powder - Throw Powder now contributes less to black powder damage. Now silences on the initial throw. No longer speeds up with talent level.
	* Black Powder - Powderkeg Toss now Powderkeg. Substantially reworked. New talent now places a movement-blocking keg that spews black powder clouds and charges up a powerful explosion.
	* Cannon Barrage - Cannon Barrage had its numbers buffed. Can now crit on each cannonball.
	* Cannon Barrage - Grapeshot now increases the steam cost on Cannon Barrage.
	* Cannon Barrage - Flaming Cannonballs now increases the steam cost on Cannon Barrage.
	* Powder Trance - Tempered by Flame now contributes less to black powder damage.
	* Powder Trance - Powder Trance now grants physical and fire resistance, rather than flat damage reduction, to better synergize with the Black Powder changes detailed above.
	* Powder Trance - Mad Bomber had its proc adjusted. Can now only trigger once per global turn, rather than actor turn.
* Blast resistance adjusted. Mainclass Raiders start with 50%, with a possible additional 45% coming from various talents. Adventurers and other non-Raiders start with 0%, with a possible 95% coming from talents.
	* Each locked tree now has a talent that grants blast resistance, with Tempered by Flame offering twice the others.
	* Your summons from Raider talents inherit your blast resistance automatically.
	* Blast resist now appears on the character sheet.
	* Blast resist applies more widely to friendlyfire and selffire damage from Raider talents.
* Shiny new SFX and particles for many talents.
v1.0.1-v1.0.5 - Bugfixes
I get hasty and upload before I really should.

Code: Select all

* Roaring Powder's description no longer trails off ominously.
* Particle error at character creation fixed.
* Autobosun should no longer be an active that doesn't do anything. Was active for testing.
* Autobosun and Roboswabby should properly have cooldowns.
* Roboswabby should properly have a steam cost and can't be used if you have a roboswabby.
* Powder Trance life/stamina regen hastily nerfed, from 4-20 per stack to 2-10 per stack.
* Autobosun and Roboswabby should no longer try and flee on low health.
* Mechaparrot should no longer error when the directed harrying target dies.
* Throw Powder now also modifies Flash and Itching Powder tinkers, in addition to Blinding Powder. Each tile hit by these talents has a 50% chance to leave black powder.
* Class tags for Raider are updated so that their randboss generation should be more restricted. If Gunsnakes are illegal, half-gun-half-dagger snakes should be too.
* Adjusted tactical tables for new and old talents so enemy raiders should use them better. Several talents marked not for NPCs due to their complexity (X Marks the Spot, Powder Keg, etc.).
* No longer throws an error when a non-actor attempts to print a combat log message, such as sand collapsing, or the fearscape doing its fearscape thing.

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Re: [1.7.0] Raider v1.0.0

#7 Post by Seventeer »

the damage of Grenado is wrong(only half).
Boarding Sweep do not have bonus fire damage.
Copies from Inner Demons show lot of bug massages everyturn.

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Re: [1.7.0] Raider v1.0.0

#8 Post by RootOfAllThings »

Thanks Seventeer for the reports.

v1.0.6 - Yet More Bugfixes

Code: Select all

* Boarding Sweep should now properly respect fire damage on your mainhand weapon, not just on the actor itself. This includes both the "Damage (Melee)" and "Damage (radius 1) on hit" properties, although the latter is rather rare. Burst on crit is not respected.
* Fixed a spammed error from AI attempting to use Roboswabby, prominent on clones of the player and the occasional Raider rare.
* Fixed a tooltip issue with Grenado. Not nearly as good as it said it was, sorry.
* Raider starting tinkers adjusted. Now start with Pain Suppressor Salve, Steamgun, Healing Salve, and Flash Powder. This brings them more in line with other Tinker classes.
v1.1.0 - Planned Changes

Code: Select all

* Updated tactical table and AI consideration for Mechaparrot. Raider NPCs should no longer stand around with their own Mechaparrots poking their eyes out.
* Mechaparrot now unsustains if you run out of Steam.
* Black Powder damage adjustments. Should scale a bit higher and demand more Steampower to get there.
* New egos for steamguns and armor.
* New fixedarts that are available for both Raiders and non-Raiders.
* New cosmetics thanks to Rexorcorum. Show off your pirate style!
* More???

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