Grove Keeper - A Wilder Subclass

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Grove Keeper - A Wilder Subclass

#1 Post by nsrr »

Adds the Grove Keeper, a Wilder subclass.

Find it on
Also on the Steam Workshop.

Code: Select all

The Grove Keeper: a Wilder Subclass

 +1 Str, +1 Dex, +3 Wil, +2 Cun. 2 life rating.

Main stats are Wil, Cun and Dex/Str (if choosing ranged or melee, respectively)
[Hybrid ranged or melee weapon users/summoners/mindpower casters. Deals mostly physical (weapon) and nature damage and light damage(mindpowers).]

Generic Talents:

Combat Training 
Wild Gift/Fungus 
Wild Gift/Call of the Wild(locked) 
(all from vanilla)

Wild Gift/Bark

1)Bark Guard
Sustain 10 EQ, 10 CD
While your offhand is empty or holding a mindstar, you will a hardy bark covering to grow over your forearm, creating an effective shield.
This shield will prevent up to X damage.
After passing 6 turns without taking any damage to the guard, it will begin to regenerate [12-25]% of its max power per turn.
Any direct healing you receive that would heal you above your maximum life will restore your shield by [25-50]% of the extra heal, if it is not at maximum power. While your shield is fully charged you will regenerate [0.5-1] EQ per turn. The amount is doubled if you have a mindstar in your offhand.

Your bark has grown a healthy covering of lichen, which enlivens both it and yourself.
Whenever you deal Nature damage while Bark Shield is active, you will restore your shield power by [1-2%] of the damage dealt.
If your Bark Guard is depleted by more than X% of its maximum value or more in a single hit, gain a Y% of a turn.

3)Shed Bark
12 CD (no EQ cost, uses up Bark Shield charges instead), Mind Speed
Expends all charges of your Bark Shield and cleanses yourself of debuffs.
While your Guard is active and not depleted you have a X% chance to deflect melee attacks and projectiles.

4)New Growth
28 CD, 8 EQ, Instant
Instantly regrow your bark, restoring [10-20]% of your maximum shield power.
For [3-6] turns afterward, your Bark Shield will regenerate [10-20]% of its maximum power per turn, regardless of damage taken.
The effect will also restore X Equi per turn.

Class Talents:

Wild Gift/Moss (from vanilla)

Wild Gift/Symbiosis

1)Spore Shot
4 EQ, 6 CD, Mind Speed
Fire fungal spores at an enemy up to 8 tiles away, dealing X nature damage. The target will become Spore Sown for 1 turn afterward. Whenever you or an ally deals light damage to a spore sown target the effect will stack, the duration will be increased by 1, and it will release a burst of natural energy in a radius equal to the number of stacks, at most once per turn. Enemies struck by the burst will take X nature damage and allies will be healed for Y. If the effect reaches 6 stacks, one final burst will be released and the target will lose [1-4] sustains or beneficial temporary effects, prioritizing sustains. Damage and chance to apply the effect improve with Mindpower.

4 EQ, 3 CD, Mind Speed
Empower bioluminescent fungi living on your skin to create a range 8 beam of light dealing X light damage. foes hit by the beam will be dazzled for [1.5-3] turns, reducing all saves by Y and critical power by Z. Damage, save and power reduction will increase with Mindpower. Passively increases light radius by [2-4].

You are healed for X% of all Light damage you deal and restore Y Equi each time you deal Light damage, up to 3 times per turn.
Whenever you use a Wild Gift you gain one stack of  Solar Power for turns, up at most once per turn. If you reach 4 stacks, the buff will be consumed and you will deal X light damage in a radius [2-4], centered on random enemy within range 10.

4)Thorn Barrage
6 EQ, 8 CD
Launch thirns in a radius 6 cone, dealing X nature damage. The thorns  will inflict deep wounds which cause the target to bleed for Y damage over 6 turns and reduces all healing received by [12-36]%. Damage and healing reduction improve with Mindpower.

Wild Gift/Botany

5 EQ, 12 CD, range 6, Mind Speed
Toss a  Shineleaf seed to a nearby location, where it will sprout instantly. Shineleaf is immobile, does not attack, has -50% Darkness Resistance, 100% Light Resistance and lasts for [4-6] turns.
Light and Nature damage you deal to the plant is negated, instead healing it for 25% of the amount.
Each turn, your Shineleaf will release a pulse of light energy in a radius of 6. The energy will heal allies for X and deal Y light damage to foes. The light will illuminate the area, and reveal all foes within. 

5 EQ, 12 CD, range 6, Mind Speed
Toss a Ragevine seed to a nearby location, where it will sprout instantly. The Ragevine is immobile, does not attack, has -50% Blight Resistance, 100% Nature Resistance and lasts for [4-6] turns.
Light and Nature damage you deal to the plant is negated, instead healing it for 25% of the amount.
Each turn, your Ragevine will attempt to lash one foe within range [3-6], pulling them in, pinning them (2 turns), taunting them, and dealing X nature damage. The Ragevine will prioritize targets that are not already adjacent or pinned when possible.

8 EQ, 18 CD, Mind Speed
Target a plant ally up to X[4-8] tiles away and swap places with it, fully healing the plant and removing all debuffs. 
All foes targeting you will target your plant after the swap.

4)Verdant Song:
12 EQ, 24 fixed CD, Instant
Sing nature's blessing for [6-12] turns. Resets the cooldown of Transplant when activated. While singing, your plants gain 25% mind speed, X life regen, cannot take more than 30% max life from a single hit, and the following bonuses:
Transplant will sprout a new plant of the same type as your target, randomly spawning within 3 tiles of its new location and lasting [3-6] turns.
Your Ragevine will apply Strangle Hold (pin+silence+dot) instead of pin. 
Your Shineleaf's light energy will attempt to Blind foes for 1 turn.

Wild Gift/Nature's Ward

1)Swift Wind
4 EQ, 12 CD, Mind Speed
Quickly move [4-8] tiles. Requires a clear path. Passively grants [12-25%] movement speed.

Gain X% healing modifier, and Y% Poison, Cut, and Diseases immunity.

6 EQ, 18 CD, Mind Speed
Yourself and any summoned plants will regen X life over 5 turns. 
If you have a regen effect already, it's remaining power will merge into your new regen effect (but not that of your plants). 
The healing value improves with Mindpower.

4)Nature's Ally
Gain X% crit shrug and [12-25]% physical, nature and light resistance penetration. Crit shrug improves with Mindpower.

Wild Gift/Mud Slinger(Locked)

Sling Mastery. Increases reload rate. If your off hand is empty, archery attacks will deal X (based on Willpower) added Slime damage.
Slime damage is Nature damage which applies a X% global slow (based on Dexterity). Your basic Shoot talent restores [1-2] EQ.

5 EQ, 3 CD, Archery Speed
Fire a shot for [115-135]% nature weapon damage, releasing a burst of mud which will deal Y Slime damage to all foes in a radius of [1-2] centered on the target.
Burst damage improves with Mindpower.

8 EQ, 16 CD, Instant
Imbue muck with natural energies and smear it on your shots. For [4-8] turns, Slime damage from Mud Slinger talents is converted to random Moss damage. If you know the corresponding Moss talent, the power of the Moss effect will improve with it.

4)Mud Spray:
6 EQ, 6 CD, Archery Speed
Fire 3 shots for X% weapon damage, targeted individually.
Passively, your Mud Slinger proc has a chance to trigger a random Moss talent that is not on cooldown, centered on the target. This will use Equilibrium and put other Moss talents on cooldown as usual, but cannot fail due to Equilibrium.

Wild Gift/Treekin(Locked)

1)Bark Fist
(Passive) 4 CD
Grants unarmed mastery. Hand gear will use Willpower instead of Dexterity as a damage modifier. 
Once per turn per target, melee attacks will trigger an unarmed attack for [15-30]% nature damage, if your off-hand is empty.
Your basic Attack talent restores X Equilibrium.

2)Leaf Blast
4 EQ, 6 CD
Attack adjacent foes for W% damage. If the attack hits, you release a blast of razor-sharp leaves which deals X nature damage to targets in a radius of [1-2] around yourself. 
Foes hit by the blast of razor leaves will bleed for an additional Y damage over 8 turns. The bleeding can stack. 
Plant allies in the are will gain Z% global speed for [1-2] turns.
The damage dealt by the blast and the bleed will both improve with Mindpower. Speed bonus improves with Mindpower.

3)Rhytidome Rage
Once every four turns the unarmed attack from Bark Fist will deal X times the damage and attempt to stun the target for [1-4] turns.

4)Botanical Strike
6 EQ, 8 CD
Attack your target for X% Nature weapon damage. If the attack hits, you will follow up with another melee attack and an unarmed attack for Y% damage, each as guaranteed critical strikes.
Plant allies within [1-2] tiles will have their remaining time extended by [1-2] turns and instantly use their innate talent as a free action.

Wild Gift/Force of Nature (Advanced, Locked)

1)Gale Speed
8 EQ, 18 CD, Instant
Attack with your melee weapon or sling at double attack speed and increases attack speed by [12-25]% for [2-8] turns. Speed bonus increases with Mindpower.

2)Verdant Warrior
Sustained, 10 EQ, 18 CD
Gain X Physical Power based on Willpower and Y Accuracy based on Cunning.

3)Arboreal Might
Your physical critical chance is increased by X% and your critical power by Y%.
When you land a physical critical you gain Z Mindpower for 3 turns, stacking up to 3 times.

4)Radiant Force
8 EQ, [48-20]CD, Mind Speed
Gain on-hit (ranged or melee) Light damage for [5-10] turns.
Passively, melee and ranged attacks will trigger Photosynthesis, if it hasn't proc'd already the same turn.

Wild Gift/Floramancy (Advanced, Locked)

1)Seed Pod
6 EQ, 12 CD, Mind Speed
Launch an explosive seed pod at your foes.
Deal X nature damage to all enemies in a radius [1-2] ball up to 6 tiles away. Enemies hit will have a chance to become Seed Sown for 6 turns afterward. Seed Sown enemies deal [12-24]% less damage as the seeds sap energy from their host. If a target dies while under the effect, you harvest the seeds, reducing the cooldown of Seed Bomb by 1 turn. Damage and chance to apply the status increase with Mindpower.

10 EQ, 8 CD, Mindspeed, Sustained
Increases all Light and Nature damage by [15-30]%.

3)Glow Bomb
4 EQ, 6 CD, Mind Speed
Toss a glob of bioluminescent algae at a target up to 10 tiles away, which splatters on impact. The flash released will deal X light damage in a radius of 1 and coat all enemies in the glowing gunk. Glowing enemies have [12-25]% reduced Light and Nature resistance and [3-6] increased light radius.

4)Green Thumb
Whenever you deal Nature damage to an enemy afflicted with Glow they will release a burst of light energy in a radius of [1-2], dealing X light damage to enemies and healing allies for Y, at most once per turn per target. Whenever you deal Light damage to an enemy who is Seed Sown you have a Z% chance to put [1-2] random talents on cooldown for [1-2] turns, at most once per turn per target.

Class icon from: ... ons-part-3
Talent icons from:

Questions, comments, feedback, and especially bug reports, are all welcome, as always. Enjoy!
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Re: [WIP]The Botanist and The Grove Keeper, Wilder Subclasse

#2 Post by nsrr »

So, if you've read the doc, you'll see the two classes are basically the same (aside from starting stats and life rating), except they each have one unique tree (their weapon tree) and they switch the class trees they have locked. It was pointed out that this makes them 'even more similar than Reaver and Corruptor', which is definitely true. In the base game, having two such similar classes would be kind of glaring. As addon classes, I'm not sure it's a problem.

However, while considering some ways to mix the classes together without making them a ranged/melee swapping class (not the direction I want to go), I came up with the idea to just make this one class that has the option to spec into different types of weapons. I'm not sure exactly what I'd do for starting stats (probably just Wil/Cun?) or life rating (maybe 2?), but as far as talents go they would have Moss, Botany, Symbiosis, and Nature's Ward all unlocked, and then Mud Slinger and Treekin as locked trees, and give them Mindstar Mastery as a locked tree, and allow Bark Shield to work with an empty-or-mindstar-equipped offhand. Basically the class would be a mind caster where you have the option of hybridizing in a couple of ways. You could take Mindstars, giving up the stun from either the Sling or Melee tree but gaining more Mindpower, plus some defense/healing from Leaves Tide and Nature's Balance. You could invest in strength and take the melee weapon tree, or dexterity and take the ranged tree. The melee tree probably has more damage, but slings have range. Mindstars give you the best mind power, but no stun. Dexterity has synergy with Bark Shield, whereas Strength gives you access to Heavy Armor Training. Overall, I feel like the three options are fairly well balanced already. And, of course, you could invest in Mindstars plus either Slings or Melee (you could go slings/melee, but both effectively give you stun with 100% uptime so you wouldn't have much reason to swap between them) and gain some of the benefits of both. As I said already, though, I'm not inclined to give them quick swap for their weapons, certainly not as a passive, at any rate. Adding a locked advanced tree that gave you a talent to swap on a cooldown might be something I would consider, though.

Anyway, I'm going to start coding the trees and I'll figure out exactly what I want to do with class/classes split at some point before everything is finished. I'd be glad to hear thoughts on how to split up or mix things together in the meantime.

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Re: [WIP]The Botanist and The Grove Keeper, Wilder Subclasse

#3 Post by astralInferno »

This looks super cool. The first three Nature's Ward talents scream "Generic talent tree", though.

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Re: [WIP]The Botanist and The Grove Keeper, Wilder Subclasse

#4 Post by nsrr »

astralInferno wrote:This looks super cool. The first three Nature's Ward talents scream "Generic talent tree", though.
I agree with that, actually, but they have lots on the generic side already, even more if I combine them and give them mindstars. And that's before racial trees, real escorts, any nasty parasites you might pick up, and t-t-t-tinkers. So that's more or less why it's a class tree instead of a generic... plus I hardly had enough to fill up the class side as it was. Combining them would change that a bit, but not a lot.

Also, I updated the OP with a new link that allows comments, in case anyone wants to do that, and the doc has been updated with some rough ideas for possible changes/additions.

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Re: [WIP] The Grove Keeper, a Wilder Subclass

#5 Post by nsrr »

Updated the original post with the current working design and removed the link. Everything has been worked into one class and two new advanced trees have been added. The class is effectively a mind-caster/summoner who has the option to go full-on caster, or hybridize into a weapon/mindcaster with the choice of melee or ranged and the option to build Dex or Str in addition to Wil/Cun.

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Re: The Grove Keeper v1.0.0

#6 Post by nsrr »

Now available on and on the Steam Workshop.
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Re: The Grove Keeper v1.0.0

#7 Post by Recaiden »

The level 1-3 experience is tough. Using level 1 Bioluminescence and a Ragevine as my only damage is not great.

Got an error in your Combat.lua superload on line 36. dammod is nil.
Seems to be a conflict with Improved Player Targetting but it made the character unplayable.
Error when a water jet trap damages the player - Load.lua line 23. It tries to check if the trap knows Photosynthesis.
Botany / Verdant Song can be learned at level 8 instead of level 12
You can cast Floraportation on nothing and it will go on cooldown, having done nothing.
You can cast Floraportation with no plants out.
Swift Wind says it has Range 4, but it does not. It has Range 3.

1st Death was to a Randboss Black Crystal (100% light resistance) before I had Nature's Protector.

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Re: The Grove Keeper v1.0.0

#8 Post by nsrr »

Fixed the error in the projector and the requirement for Verdant Song. I'll look at the superload for the dam mod tomorrow. Borrowed it from White Monk, might have made some unintended alteration when I adapted it. Think there may be a hook I can use instead, but I need to look at that closer. Thanks for the bug reoorts!

Also, I agree that the first few levels are rough, but I'm not sure what I would change to alleviate that.

Edit: I'll look at the range on Swift Wind and add more checks into floraportation tomorrow. Saw those after I fixed the projector hook bug, but I've got to call it a night for now.

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Re: The Grove Keeper v1.0.0

#9 Post by Recaiden »

This is a nice class. The summons are not overpowering, but are useful.

For the low-level experience, if you're willing to be unconventional, let the player learn Shineleaf and Ragevine in either order (and then the other at level 4). If you're not, just make Shineleaf the level 1 plant.

Spore Shot has weird targetting. It won't let you shoot it if it's not aimed directly at something, but it doesn't have travel time. So enemies can be in situations where a beam could hit them, and an arrow could hit them, but Spore Shot can't hit them.

It seems that if I summon Shineleaf with an enemy targeted, the Shineleaf will attack that enemy in melee (if possible)

Trying to use Spore Shot while blind gave me some errors.

Actual question: Why is Swift Wind so bad? Compare: Lightning Speed, Carrion Feet, Skate. There may well be a reason for this lame talent, but it's not obvious to me.

Gale Speed's numbers are small (at level 20 when I'm thinking about getting it, anyway).

Arboreal Might's numbers are really big. I'll go out on a limb and say they're too big.

Seed Pod should list its duration in the tooltip.

Green Thumb's light burst is also checking a random chance, like the talent failure part, but it doesn't mention that in the description (and it probably should happen every time).

The talent to regrow Bark Guard is anti-synergy with healing infusion. You may want to heal up and recharge your shield, but if the infusion puts you 1 hit point above maximum, you can't regrow it because the shield has a tiny amount of charge.

In general, if I'm going to spend a turn casting a buff, it had better be good and/or long duration.

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Re: The Grove Keeper v1.0.3

#10 Post by nsrr »

Thanks for all the feedback! Made some updates.

Switched Shineleaf and Ragevine, and Spore Shot and Bioluminescence. I didn't want only one damage type at the start. Slightly longer cooldown and no beam AoE, but you can trigger the burst with Shineleaf, and it's AoE itself.
Also moved Bark to Generic, which feels like a better fit for the category anyway and frees up a point at least on the class side, and more down the road.

Fixed the targeting on Spore Shot. It's now a bolt instead of a hit, so can cast it one tile in front of an oncoming enemy as you could with an arrow or beam. After the change I tested the talent while Blinded and could not produce an error, so it was either fixed incidentally or possibly a conflict with something else.

I looked at the dammod superload and I can't use the hook afterall. It only allows for total substitution, such as the Strength of Purpose Magic for Strength swap. I tried restructuring the superload, and it still worked as intended. I got the addon you mentioned and tested it with that, and it seemed fine initially, but eventually I got a LUA error on entering a zone and every turn until I killed all the enemies with dev mode. Seems like it's a conflict on the part of the other addon, which looks to be pretty intrusive at a glance.

Plants won't target an enemy if you target an enemy when you summon them and will use their talents instead of attacking. Plant AI is still a little wonky though (and totally broken in Vaults, I have no idea what's going there yet).

Floraportation cannot be used if you don't have plant summoned and will cancel the action if you do not target a plant.

Swift Wind now has a fixed range and scaling cooldown, as well as improved passive move speed. The idea is to have a movement talent that encourages using it to move into combat. The bonus being negated while on cooldown is an experimental way of making it a bit less useful as an escape than an engagement.

Tweaked Gale Speed a bit and made it instant. Inexorable Will now uses mind speed instead of being instant and has slightly improved duration and reduced cooldown.

Nerfed Arboreal Might a bit.

Added the duration to Seed Pod description.

Green Thumb light burst no longer checks chance (and you are correct, it was not meant to; copy-paste error).

New Growth can now be used when shield power is 50% or less.

That plus yesterday's update brings us to v1.0.3 (one was an oops).

Still working on the plant AI thing. Ideally I would like them to just spam their talents every turn regardless of targeting or anything, but I'm not quite sure how to arrange that at the moment. The talents are already designed with that in mind, I just can't get them to do it with the AI, apparently. If can just bypass that, hopefully that will negate the vault problem, too. Only so many hours in a day, though, but I wanted to post the update with the bug fixes anyway.

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Re: The Grove Keeper v1.0.3

#11 Post by Arcvasti »

Probably for the plants you'd just give them a custom AI like shadows have.

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Re: The Grove Keeper v1.0.3

#12 Post by nsrr »

I searched through summon AI settings searching for 'ai_real ='... Which doesn't return a hit for Shadows and I didn't even notice. Yes, I suspect that's the way I'll have to go, even though it feels like saying 'do this and only this every time you have energy to act' should not be so complicated, it probably is. Thanks for the suggestion :)

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Re: The Grove Keeper v1.0.3

#13 Post by nsrr »

Updated to v1.0.4 and v1.0.5. I'll do a change log of everything since release here, since I didn't really do any for the first few updates.

Swapped Ragevine with Shineleaf and Bioluminesence with Spore Shot in their respective trees.
Moved Bark to Generic.
Ragevine and Shineleaf have had their behavior changed and should now only use their talents and use them as often as mind speed will allow, even if no enemies are present (though Vine Lash has no effect if there is not an enemy in range).
Numerous bug fixes (thanks Recaiden!)

[New Growth]
Now usable when Guard power is 50% or less, instead of only at 0.

[Swift Wind]
Fixed range to 8, change to cooldown to a scaling value, buffed passive move speed.

[Gale Speed]
Now instant cast, improved minimum scaling.

[Arboreal Might]
Reduced all values a bit.

[Inexorable Will]
No longer instant cast, uses mind speed.
Reduced cooldown and improved duration.

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Re: The Grove Keeper v1.0.6

#14 Post by nsrr »

[Mud Slinger]
Corrected the physical power value in the description.

[Spore Shot] The Nature burst from Light damage caused by the Spore Sown effect is now correctly centered on the target instead of the caster.

The Light burst which triggers when the buff reaches max stacks is now correctly centered on the randomly chosen target instead of the caster.

Recaiden pointed out that the burst triggered from Green Thumb was not centered on the target, and I fixed that, but I didn't think to check Spore Sown and Photosynthesis. They had the same mistake.

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Re: The Grove Keeper v1.0.6

#15 Post by nsrr »

Fixed a bug in Floraportation inadvertently introduced in the last update, which broke it completely.
Fixed a cosmetic bug in the log line when Spore Sown disrupts an effect.

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