Psi-Borg class

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Psi-Borg class

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I had a dream...
I was going to create a single class with all the abilities I covet.
I made a list of all my cravings and wishes.
I read on Wiki how to create an addon.
I opened addons with notepad (in Windows);
... got confused by tome-addon-dev.teaa,
... realized most downloaded addons were irrelevant to my goal of creating a class,
... opened tome-possessors.teaa

OK then, this is a LOT of WORK! That took the wind right out of my sails. Yep, shredded those sails into tiny, little bits.

You developers having a good time reading this tribute to your efforts?

Here's my half-baked idea:

Psi-Borg class

Shielding category:
shield wall,
restore energy (damage restores energy),
redirect (like elemental or projection weapon egos, damage hurts everybody else a little with X radius),
reflect (right back at them %),

Channelling (category): (a lot from them gives me a little, a little from me gives them a lot)
Life Vampire, take from them
Drink of Me, give to them
Energy Vampire, take from them and transform theirs into mine
Battery, give them my energy transformed into theirs

Affinty (choose which kind of damage heals you)

Acquire (each lore gained adds 1 point of energy resource), augmentation, Assimilate (steal a skill from a boss, at level 5, can steal a category), re-assemble,

exotic weapons mastery

Generic categories you can choose later

Mindstar Mastery
staff combat

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Re: Psi-Borg class

#2 Post by bta »

Oh forgot to say, definitely an archer/dual weapon type like chronomancer.

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