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A screen centering addon design draft

Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2019 8:02 pm
by smithfield
A screen centering addon design draft:

Hey there funky tome addon devs. Thank you for
all your enthusiasm to cause and assist

Can the following be done w/ existing addon scripting?

This is a description of the way that I'd prefer
map centering work. It has the benefit of doing
exactly what I prefer, without a complex algorithm.

I'm describing this as I see the code,
rather than qualitatively. If this is too
terse, it will be my pleasure to expound the
design rationale.

A two part interface verb.

First key starts the process.
Press it again, to get the center/default response.
Press a movement direction to get a directional response.

As per, directional attacks in the game.

The response...

Based upon the 'center' x y tile of the full screen.

key, key = the default,
place '@' on center tile.
move the map accordingly,

as the existing code 'sort of' does.

Here this move is to be made even when the
map is near the edge of the area of the zone
map. At the moment, the existing centering
overrides this and slides the map over to the

key, direction = the response,

addon lets the user specify radius, integer 0..??
max screen dimension is a sensible clamp
horizontal and vertical independently.

The location of '@' is then determined as

MOVE-UP: screen center (h,v) plus (0,v0) where
v0 is the user vertical radius value

MOVE-UP-LEFT: screen center (h,v) plus (h0,v0) where
h0 is the user horizontal radius value

MOVE-DOWN: screen center (h,v) plus (0,-v0)

similarly for the other cases.

It would be super if someone chose to do this,
but this would make a huge difference for me and
I will eventually do this for myself. But I
think it may be really nice low hanging fruit
for some.

On the other hand, I know a bit about coding,
I just putting out a feeler to the dev group
with this question. Seems like a really good
'first' project, to me. What do you think.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.