Summons can use tinkers

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Summons can use tinkers

#1 Post by ghostbuster »

If you have tinkers (seeds or steam) and a summon that can wear equipment (golem, worm), it is possible to add tinkers to the summon equipment.
But the process is rather painful as all must be done by the summoner: wear the equipment, add the tinker, transfer it to the summon and rewear the original item.
And this must be redone whenever you change equipment in the summon as wearing a new item on the summon will remove the tinker.

What does the addon is to allow tinker manipulation directly when you control the summon (with attach tinker, etc). Changing worn item will also as usual transfer the tinker to the new item.

This is just a 3 lines addon that superloads canUseTinker by applying the test either to the actor or to its summoner if the actor is a summon.
This way, there is no extra feature and only summoners that can manipulate tinkers will transfer this ability to summons.
It is just an improvement in quality of life (and should the default behavior IMHO).

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Re: Summons can use tinkers

#2 Post by Chronosplit »

This works great with my alchemist that can use Tinkers! Just, one mostly cosmetic thing... when my golem attatches a Tinker, it stays in your inventory. When I use a Tinker, it still disappears from the inventory as normal.

How this is annoying is that when I use Extract Gems I need to steer around my Golem's Spike Attatchments, Armour Reinforcements, Razor Edges, things like that. I'm not sure what would happen if I did accidentally a Tinker in this way, but it probably wouldn't be buggy.

EDIT: Turns out that when removing a tinker that is your golem's from your inventory, it's still attatched to the golem. Also, switching equipment while still having a Tinker on it seems to duplicate the Tinker.

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