Additional Randart Properties [1.0.0]

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Additional Randart Properties [1.0.0]

#1 Post by minmay »

A simple addon that makes pink and orange items a little more varied. Balance is a priority, so don't expect this to change the difficulty of your games. I also didn't change the fundamentals of how randarts are generated, so you can and will still get scattered properties.

Egos are completely untouched. This addon only changes randart properties.

P.S. I added a new debug menu option for debugging this addon. If you want to see what a level 1,000,000,000 randart looks like, click here. For comparison, merchant randarts are level 70.

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Re: Additional Randart Properties [1.0.0]

#2 Post by grooog »

Working on tome4's "grey goo" problem?

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Re: Additional Randart Properties [1.0.0]

#3 Post by rincewind »

oh finally t5 randart body able to look useful

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Re: Additional Randart Properties [1.0.0]

#4 Post by Mordo »

Nice gloves! I absolutely love the added level 2.6 Juggernaut talent, that'll make all the difference! :lol:

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