[1.7.0] v1.0.1 - Steel Monk Evolution for Brawlers

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[1.7.0] v1.0.1 - Steel Monk Evolution for Brawlers

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Adds a new Class Evolution for Brawlers, the Steel Monk.
Steel Monks are masters of both unarmed and armed combat. You may equip melee weapons and still count as unarmed for the purposes of your talents. However, you may only use weapons to deliver special blows and all other weapon attacks are replaced with unarmed ones.

While wielding a weapon, your unarmed strikes will grant you Greatest Weapon Focus for 6 turns. This grants the following benefits:
- You gain 0-50 armor and 100% armor hardiness as the steel of your weapon resonates with your honed body. The armor scales with the weapon's damage.
- The first 1-3 times you make an unarmed strike each turn, you make an additional weapon strike with your mainhand weapon. Fractional strikes have a chance to occur. The number of strikes scales with your Strength. These strikes are the only weapon strikes you may make.
You can't gain Greatest Weapon Focus while you already have it or while this talent is on cooldown; this talent won't cool down while you have Greatest Weapon Focus.

Learning this refunds any points in Weapon Training, then grants you levels in Weapon Training equal to twice your Unarmed Mastery.
Steel Monk requires you to have made 250 (melee) weapon strikes to qualify for the talent.

Fixed an issue with the Weapon Training refund/granting part of becoming a Steel Monk.
Added support to the character sheet to properly display the glove attack stats even when you're wielding a main-hand weapon. This also applies if you have Flexible Combat, so you can now see both your regular weapon stats and your glove stats.

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