Talents Use Any Weapon (beta)

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Talents Use Any Weapon (beta)

#1 Post by silentsnack »

Berserker punching orcs to death? Temporal Warden using guns? Why is this Sawbutcher using Mindstars? This mod edits item-type checks to let almost all talents work with almost any weapon.

Available here

Some key things to note:
This mod breaks the game in fun ways, letting you create wacky overpowered builds with combinations that were never meant to be used.
* It also might break the game in bad ways, so please report any bugs or errors.

This mod applies to enemies as well, making some rare/unique/randboss enemies far more dangerous.

Weapon masteries are universally interchangeable, using only the highest skill to calculate damage/power bonuses.

If you have masteries in multiple ranged weapons then all of their reload-rate bonuses stack.
* Added a generic talent to give reload speed for those who don't have access to the relevant mastery, or for gunslingers who REALLY need that many bullets. (under Technique/Combat-Training)

Melee weapon skills can be used with any combination of weapons or while unarmed.
Unarmed skills only require your mainhand to be empty, but offhand weapons/shields only attack when talents call attackTargetWith() instead of attackTarget() such as Dual Strike and Shield Offense talents.
* Brawler's 25% attack speed bonus only applies if both hands are empty.
Shield skills require at least one shield or steamsaw, but for compatibility most of them still only check the first they find in Mainhand>Offhand>PsiFocus

Ranged weapon skills still require at least one ranged weapon, of any type
Ranged weapons can use any type of ammo. (known issue, using mismatched types messes up the display on the Character Sheet)
* Which means a sufficiently motivated Mindslayer can triple-wield a sling, steamgun and bow.

Some notes on specific classes and skills
* I haven't touched Possessor abilities because I'm not familiar with their gameplay style, so if anyone has any input on that let me know.
* Mindslayers can now telekinetically wield almost any equippable item.
** TK-wielded steamsaws/shields can actually be used for Blocking now and contribute their stats+resists (helm/boots/gloves/cloak/body armor only contribute resists for blocking)
** Except for the changes to Grasp+BTF+Reshape and Block the only benefit is being able to equip a different item type.

Change notes:
beta 2 - exploding harder than ever before
* Split the functionality rather than doing too many different things at once, so--
** Warden quick-swap hack is moved to the Quickswap Tweak mod.
** Doodad of Martial Knowledge (which wasn't in beta1 anyway, oops) is moved to Generic Weapon Mastery Training mod, which I will eventually upload once I can hammer out all the bugs.
*Anyone can fire an offhand gun, without needing Gunslinger categories.
*Special-case kludge to make Telekinetic Smash work when unarmed.
*Tweaked Arcane Combat and Arcane Destruction to counteract the unintended dual-wield penalty.
** SHOULD be compatible with AstralInferno's "Adventurous Arcane Combat" and Zizzo's "Arcane Combat Tweaks"

Boring Technical Junk For Nerds...

Code: Select all

Superloads and replaces listed the functions in
- mod/class/interface/Archery.lua: hasArcheryWeapon()
- mod/class/interface/Combat.lua: hasShield(), combatShieldBlock(), hasTwoHandedWeapon(), hasDualWeapon(), isUnarmed(), hasWeaponType()

superloads - data/talents/techniques/combat-training.lua
superloads but effectively overloads - data/talents/psionic/finer-energy-manipulations.lua, psi-fighting.lua, other.lua

Uses hooks that overwrite the following --
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Re: Talents Use Any Weapon (beta)

#2 Post by Micbran »

How come this one isn't uploaded to the main website? Because it's in beta? Trust me, I've seen a lot of beta addons on the main website.
A little bit of a starters guide written by yours truly here.

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Re: Talents Use Any Weapon (beta)

#3 Post by silentsnack »

Micbran wrote:How come this one isn't uploaded to the main website? Because it's in beta? Trust me, I've seen a lot of beta addons on the main website.
Yes, that was the reason I didn't upload it there before getting some more testing. But I guess there's no particular reason not to offer it in multiple places.

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Re: Talents Use Any Weapon (beta)

#4 Post by astralInferno »

...this looks amazing. It must have been So much work! nice job! :)

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Re: Talents Use Any Weapon (beta)

#5 Post by Moroteuthis »

Oooh, this sounds like a good time. :)

It occurs to me: a sword-and-gun Steam Cavalier class has the potential to be interesting.

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