Brawler weapon tinkers on gloves

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Brawler weapon tinkers on gloves

#1 Post by Dienes »

Ah, that's the barbed wire. We called that the stinger. They don't let you use that no more.

Brawler weapon tinkers on gloves lets you put weapon tinkers on your gloves as a brawler or adventurer/whatever with the Unarmed Mastery talent. You can use anything that goes on a weapon so long as it doesn't require a specific kind of weapon (so no mana coils on your gloves because that would just be silly). Technically its a little messy since tinkers are kinda complex. I gave it some testing but something might have slipped through.

Technical details:
Superloads mod/class/actor.lua:doWearTinker() and mod/class/object.lua:canAttachTinker() but hopefully cleans up after itself.

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Re: Brawler weapon tinkers on gloves

#2 Post by Micbran »

i approve of this mod

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Re: Brawler weapon tinkers on gloves

#3 Post by Kruzifixxion »

Thank you for supplying us with these great mods
please try not to be so condescending. I play on Madness.

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Re: Brawler weapon tinkers on gloves

#4 Post by Chronosplit »

Kinda wondered why this wasn't a thing in the first place, adding edges to your gloves when you're a Brawler sounds like kind of a natural thing to do. Fighting claws/knuckles and all that.

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