The Stoneshaper (Wilder subclass)

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Re: The Stoneshaper (Wilder subclass)

#16 Post by Razakai »

just popping in to say this class is really cool and did make me do a double-take as i had a design doc for a geomancer that did similar things. beat me to it!

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Re: The Stoneshaper (Wilder subclass)

#17 Post by Frumple »

Idle idea: Prodigy that removes the speed penalty (or possibly inverts it) on rock travel and grants summons passive pass wall (and probably sight and or no-breathing, ala xorns)? Call it something cheesy like earthborn or summat.

Could additionally grant the stoneform tree (or just specifically rock travel) at reduced mastery if you don't have it, if generalizing outside the specific class was desired.

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Re: The Stoneshaper (Wilder subclass)

#18 Post by Erenion »

So, after a short discussion on the discord, I got back to changing up a few things.

The end result is that now version 1.0.2 (Broken and Reassembled) is out.
- Call the Stone now gains an additional pillar at raw talent levels 5, 9, 13 and so on. These additional pillars must be placed for the talent to work but you can just place them in the same tile as the first one if you don't want to place other ones for some reason.
- Awaken the Warriors is now targeted individually instead of at an area. If you target a tile that can't be turned into a Stone Warrior, that chance to create a warrior will be lost, so target your walls responsibly!
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Re: The Stoneshaper (Wilder subclass)

#19 Post by Velikolepni »

I'm currently trying out a Dwarven Stoneshaper and while I like it a lot, I have a couple of comments/complaints regarding the first ability in Animation, namely "Awaken the Warriors". The interface is currently very annoying (have to click 3 times on wall segments at talent level 5) and leads to ridiculous things such as turning trees into stone warriors. Honestly, it would make sense to have the stone warriors rise from the ground (random positions in some area, if there are no empty spots in the area, no warrior appears). That would solve 1) the interface annoyance, 2) the problem of walls in the Maze and probably elsewhere and 3) the problem of turning trees into stone.

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