Phantoms - Speedy human subrace (0.1 release)

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Phantoms - Speedy human subrace (0.1 release)

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They're humans. Like higher, except instead of having good eyesight the go really goddamn fast.

They're also squishier than Yeeks. Probably a wee bit too strong right now, but 'all the global speed ever' is kinda hard to balance out on a first pass.

Their tree looks like this:

-Explosive Agility

Instant cast, 10>5 turn cooldown. Gain 100% global speed for one turn.

- Momentous Strikes

Gives 2-10% crit chance passively. On crit, gain a 5% global speed buff for free turns. This stacks up to TL times.

- Seize the Day

Every time you're hit, gain 2-10% of a turn.

- Faster than Death

Purge all debuffs. Gain 50-200% global speed for two turns. Take half hour health in damage. 40 turn cooldown.
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