Help creating stores with makeEntity

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Help creating stores with makeEntity

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I'm trying to make an addon that randomly generates stores. I can make traps, and I can make stores using makeEntityByName, but I cannot seem to figure out how to make stores with makeEntity.

The generator code is pretty simple just to test, half copied from the random trap generator:

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require "engine.class"
local Map = require "engine.Map"
require "engine.Generator"
module(..., package.seeall, class.inherit(engine.Generator))

function _M:init(zone, map, level)
	engine.Generator.init(self, zone, map, level)
	local data =

	self.filters = data.filters
	self.nb_trap = data.nb_trap or {10, 20}
	self.level_range = data.level_range or {level, level}

function _M:generate()

function _M:generate()
	local o =, "trap", nil, nil, true)
--	local o =, "trap", "HEAVY_ARMOR_STORE", true), o, "trap", 1, 1)
and traps.lua for the zone:

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newEntity{ base = "BASE_STORE", define_as = "HEAVY_ARMOR_STORE",
	name="Hormond & Son Plates",
	display='2', color=colors.UMBER,"HEAVY_ARMOR", "allied-kingdoms", "store/shop_door.png", "store/shop_sign_hormond_sons.png"),
I pretty much just copied a store from Last Hope.

When I add other traps to the traps.lua file then it always generates those traps. When the store is the only trap available I get a lua error because makeEntity is returning nil. My best guess is that makeEntity is not loading the store onto its' list of possible traps, but I'm not sure why.

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