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Re: Revamped Wyrmic

#46 Post by VanceVasser »

Really loving this addon; it's pretty much just what I wanted out of Wyrmic!

However, there seems to be a bug that causes the level generation to crash occasionally, which in turn causes the game to hang.

Here's the error message from the log files:

Code: Select all

Lua Error: /data-revamped-wyrmic/talents/prismatic.lua:172: attempt to index local 'aspect' (a nil value)
	At [C]:-1 __index
	At /data-revamped-wyrmic/talents/prismatic.lua:172 passives
	At /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:624 learnTalent
	At /mod/class/Actor.lua:5105 learnTalent
	At /mod/addons/orcs/superload/mod/class/Actor.lua:218 learnTalent
	At /mod/class/NPC.lua:463 check
	At /engine/Zone.lua:784 addEntity
	At /mod/class/generator/actor/Random.lua:53 generateOne
	At /engine/generator/actor/Random.lua:127 regenFrom
	At /engine/generator/actor/Random.lua:49 generate
	At /engine/Zone.lua:1135 newLevel
	At /engine/Zone.lua:991 getLevel
	At /mod/class/Game.lua:1177 changeLevelReal
	At /mod/addons/cults/superload/mod/class/Game.lua:45 changeLevelReal
	At /mod/class/Game.lua:968 unload
	At /engine/Game.lua:467 unregisterDialog
	At /mod/dialogs/ShowEquipInven.lua:181 
	At /engine/KeyBind.lua:231 receiveKey
	At /engine/ui/Dialog.lua:826 keyEvent
	At /engine/ui/Dialog.lua:512 

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