[v1.7.0+] Pre-Paid Hiemal Shield

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[v1.7.0+] Pre-Paid Hiemal Shield

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So I've been idly fiddling around with a kind of gimmicky "all-minions" skeleton/ghoul/dread Necromancer build, just to see if it can actually work (verdict's still out), and it reminded me afresh of a minor annoyance I've run into with Hiemal Shield: if your shield has been partly depleted, it will regenerate to full "10 turns after leaving combat" — which in practice usually works out to "long after any chance of actually, y'know, recouping the soul cost of said regeneration in a timely manner". Which isn't so bad if you're already below max souls and can collect some spares in advance while you're waiting for the reset, but if you're maxed out, you're likely throwing away some perfectly good souls that you could use to pay for your upcoming shield reset.

Now, if you're at all familar with my work, the minute I said "minor annoyance" you immediately thought, "yeah, he wrote an addon, didn't he?" :mrgreen: In particular, my new Pre-Paid Hiemal Shield addon. Here's how it works: If your Hiemal Shield is dinged and you're at max souls and you capture a soul via Soul Leech, that soul will be temporarily stored in a Hiemal Buffer, which will be used to recoup the soul cost of a shield reset when it happens. If your shield collapses completely (or you turn it off manually), that soul will go back into your soul bar if you have room for it.

[And this one strikes me as kind of questionable, so it's probably not a likely candidate for inclusion in a future version of ZOmnibus.]

[Implementation notes:]

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  ToME:load [to load our effect and fiddle some talents to use it]
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