Hammer of Urk'Rok Campaign

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Re: Hammer of Urk'Rok Campaign

#16 Post by Moasseman »

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Lua Error: /data-campaign-hammer/zones/fields-of-hope/zone.lua:179: attempt to index field 'room_map' (a nil value)
	At [C]:-1 __index
	At /data-campaign-hammer/zones/fields-of-hope/zone.lua:179 on_enter
	At /mod/class/Game.lua:1334 changeLevelReal
	At /mod/addons/cults/superload/mod/class/Game.lua:45 changeLevelReal
	At /mod/class/Game.lua:976 changeLevel
	At /data-campaign-hammer/zones/wilderness-add/grids.lua:53 fct
	At /engine/ui/Dialog.lua:171 fct
	At /engine/ui/Button.lua:63 fct
	At /engine/Mouse.lua:71 receiveMouse
	At /engine/Mouse.lua:111 delegate
	At /engine/ui/Dialog.lua:817 mouseEvent
	At /engine/ui/Dialog.lua:510 fct
	At /engine/Mouse.lua:71 
Entered Fields of Hope straight from Thalore invasion (skipping BK) and got greeted with this upon entering + on every floor thereafter

E: Nvm, didn't realize a new version exists

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Re: Hammer of Urk'Rok Campaign

#17 Post by rexorcorum »

And it has been won! On nightmare to boot :).

It was very fun and my randomly selected skelie sawbutcher became unstoppable after the second prodigy and a thick giant-forged heavy plate. From that point on nothing could harm me much in the main campaign. Lina spanked me a couple of times after the Allied Kingdoms fell and I moved to the ID where a quest Dreaming horror finished the job :mrgreen:.

Being a sawbutcher I've seen that the forge giant does not offer steam weapons, so maybe you can look into that? If that is not feasible, a second merchant bot will do the job more or less, at least to offer some artifact guns and saws, because the game gave me just 2/2 unique guns and saws for the whole run and I cleared all vaults except one. Of course I could have made a 1h randart and craft a saw from it myself, but got lazy in the endgame and continued using the 2 purple crafted ones I made earlier.

Thank you for the marvelous job you've been doing, the campaign is a superb experience!

Edit: Oh, I forgot that I got 2 minor error pop-ups, that didn't break anything as far as I could tell, but here they are: plop and plop.
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Re: Hammer of Urk'Rok Campaign

#18 Post by astralInferno »

Finally got around to trying this! The lore is well-written, loving the hyperboosted progression speed.

Minor (presumed) bug: the Naloren quest NPC shows up, can be given money, and gives you the quest and zone as normal. All the Naloren there will try to kill you, but you CAN get to the abyssal caves and clear them. Even if they have Water Imps as enemies. I'm not complaining too much as I got pendant of the deep for my Ice mage out of this.
The mummy starting zone also appears to exist, although I didn't go clear it.
(...its not impossible that my copies of those addons are outdated)

(Is it intentional that you have to dig a bunch in the scintillating caves? interesting gimmick if so but I want to check)

I had a lot of fun! I can't believe you really went and did that for the shassy quest. xD

I resented being the bad guy less than in Embers. Dunno why. Still bugged me a little.

I died five times in the campaign - two of those deaths were because of another addon that I'd forgotten to update, and thus included Ye Olde addon bug where lava floors caused infinite errors and killed you instantly, sorta.
Then I fought linaanil. And died another 17 times.

Really good campaign though!

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Re: Hammer of Urk'Rok Campaign

#19 Post by nsrr »

The elf on the world map (or the town entrance if you are a Nalore) should not show up in the Hammer campaign with the latest versions of Hammer and Naloren. Guessing you need an update on Naloren, since I think I patched this out before Hammer was officially launched.

It probably won't mess anything up too much, but they were never intended to show up outside of AoA.

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Re: Hammer of Urk'Rok Campaign

#20 Post by astralInferno »


my bad! if it helps, that on-spell hit proc made things really inconvenient when I was doing walrog's quest. :P

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Re: Hammer of Urk'Rok Campaign

#21 Post by Mr Frog »

https://te4.org/characters/263904/tome/ ... 8c0d57fd28
Farthest run so far out of three attempted, Drem Corruptor. Nightmare Roguelike, RIP'd in the final dungeon like a boob. I really enjoy the storytelling and that it seems to try to create unique challenges instead of just throwing bags of stats at the player like basegame tends to.

Assorted comments:

Urkis is way, way harder here than in the main game because you can't really sneak up on him; you encounter him in the center of a massive open area filled with enemies so he has a large advantage in terms of both initiative (he will notice you attacking the enemies before you see him) and favourable terrain (a huge open area with little cover heavily favours a unit with range-10 spells).
The Thalore boss is a pretty brutal DPS check because of all his resists and healing; the first time I encountered him he stalled me continuously without ever dropping below 75% until I finally ran out of gas and died. Fortunately, Corruptor pretty much hard counters him (takes away his healing, takes away his sustains, melts his summons en masse, etc.).
Having one of the bosses of the sand caves be entirely immune to debuffs is a Choice. I did manage to kill it by just Soul Rotting it repeatedly but it was very annoying to have 95% of Corruptor's gameplan taken away.
The Scintillating Caves were really irritating because it has both teleporting enemies and invisible elves which are two of my biggest pet peeves.
The cracked-out Shadowblades in Last Hope are a nightmare. I almost got one-shotted by them a couple times and only survived because I happened to have a shield up for other reasons.
Somewhat relatedly some enemy type or another is Last Hope was consistently drawing an ego that casts a blinding light on-hit and it was really obnoxious.
Recruiting the demons was fun.

Aside from the speedbumps noted above overall the campaign feels pretty easy. I like the faster rate of progression compared to basegame.
In the end I died to a Moonchild stair guardian critting me with Rainchill because I didn't realise it was a Moonchild so I actually literally don't have anyone to blame but myself. Hmph!

I wouldn't say this campaign is perfect but it's still a pretty easy 5/5. I was looking for a change of pace and this really satisfied me.

E: Additional comments:

I didn't realise Worldly Knowledge went off of escort quests in the current campaign and took it expecting to get Vile Life. Picture my horror when I closed the levelup menu and saw absolutely nothing of worth.
Guaranteed free unlock of Chronomancy quite early on is crazy IMO, all that gave me pause was that Stone Touch is also extremely good. I still think it'd be my go-to pick for most characters simply because it gives you a Track equivalent, and savescumming is nice I guess.

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Re: Hammer of Urk'Rok Campaign

#22 Post by Recaiden »

There's a new version with the following changes.
  • Fix exploit where you get the scint caves rewards twice.
  • Record of Reunion shouldn’t get stuck in the walls.
  • Shredder of Days should do a bit of damage
  • Fix in case of recursive caravans.
  • Increased proportion of elves in the rhaloren camp
  • Increased proportion of elves in the siege, and they’re worth experience. Also cats.
  • Forgotten King can correctly super-teleport the player.
  • Fields of Hope zone level increased to match High Peak and Slumbering Caves
  • Final boss slightly stronger
  • Final boss should always have valid equipment
Astral, the mummy dungeon will be there if the addon is enabled, but you can't go in unless you're a mummy. Working as intended.

Rexo, I didn't mention it but I've fixed that error thanks to your report.

Frog, glad you're having fun. I literally just saw your feedback so I haven't addressed any of it yet, but in the future I expect I will at least reduce the number of teleporting crystals and danger of the shadowblades.

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Re: Hammer of Urk'Rok Campaign

#23 Post by Mr Frog »

I am always here to celebrate teleporting enemies being expunged from existence :)

E: I don't think the shadowblades are completely unreasonable (they weren't what killed me in the end and they do have counterplay if you know that they're a thing) but considering how late in the run they are if I suddenly got one-shotted by an invisible stealthed enemy I would probably lose my mind.

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Re: Hammer of Urk'Rok Campaign

#24 Post by Moasseman »

Am getting stuck in infinite level generation upon attempting to enter the Beachhead invasion (Invaders Invaded quest). Entering Fearscape on the worldmap briefly loads the town, then saves the game and starts generating the invasion level but that generation never proceeds to succeed. Upon forcefully ending process and reloading the save, the character is in the town and can do stuff/leave just normal, but attempting to re-enter town will lock up again.

te4_log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T4qCf1 ... sp=sharing

E: Hammer version 0.6.5, no other unofficial addons

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Re: Hammer of Urk'Rok Campaign

#25 Post by Moasseman »

Sassy-Cass dialogue "..will protect you should the worst should happen". Too many shoulds.

https://te4.org/characters/153418/tome/ ... e9d32f1cd8 Wanderer Insane RL win. Current iteration of final boss is kinda bullshit. Combination of Second Life, Unstoppable and Weapon of Wrath make it a DPS race where you can't actively DPS because you'll onetap yourself. Since there's no guaranteed mag sustain dispel like in AoA, you kinda need to have a way to nuke his healing for the SEcond Life, whether this is through psn/bleed or Nexus/Heal Inversion. I feel bad for any vim users that don't get enough spellpower to apply Heal Invert reliably lol. It didn't help that the prick rolled Tarrasca and was sitting at 40% absolute res most of the fight

I really like the merchant cost change tho. 3k on insane seems pretty spot on. You get 1 item immediately when it becomes available and then few more soonish.

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Re: Hammer of Urk'Rok Campaign

#26 Post by Recaiden »

Congratulations on the Wandering, Moa
  • On higher difficulties, Final Boss can't get Weapon of Wrath, because Martyrdom is cheap. Also his Second Life takes longer to reset.
  • Beachhead Invasion level generation fixed.
  • Shasshiy’Kaish dialog fix.
  • When you clear Daikara, the time-terrain slowly goes away.
  • Put quest log entries as to what to do for Shasshiy’Kaish and Walrog.
  • Set waterbreathing on all party members when you get it.
  • Make lake of Nur zone 3 count as fully underwater.
  • Reduced amount of teleporting crystals in Scint by ~⅓
  • Gave a few talents to Thalore enemies in the siege.

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Re: Hammer of Urk'Rok Campaign

#27 Post by Recaiden »

New patch.
  • Possible fix for error when killing the Forgotten King
  • Water imp description fixed.
  • Normal transition from 1st to 2nd zone
  • Have to explore through the landing zone to get to its boss.
  • Note that the portal is a town.
  • A certain lanky enemy will always spawn as a caster/mindcaster
  • Town NPC to enable automatic gem extraction
  • In Nur, air bubbles will now be used up to extend the duration of your air shell
  • Smaller shops.
  • Better items in miscellaneous shops
  • No rare+ demons in town.

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