Race: Leprechaun

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Race: Leprechaun

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Adds leprechauns as a new race. They are especially lucky and cunning magical halflings.

Stat modifiers: -3 Strength, +3 Magic, +3 Cunning, and +10 Luck

Racial talent tree:
Luck of the Leprechaun - Activate to increase your critical strike chance, defense, and defense against projectiles for a limited time.
Pot o' Gold - Passively increase Physical, Mental and Spell Saves based on the amount of gold you possess.
Lucky by Design - Passively increase confusion resistance and improves the contribution of primary stats on infusions and runes. At level 5 you are instantly granted a new inscription slot without needing to spend a category point.
Too Clever by Half - Activate to remove detrimental effects and heal yourself.

Initial release

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