Thoughts on Necromancer

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Thoughts on Necromancer

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I didn't play through the betas of 1.7, came back starting Saturday to try out the new Necro.

Beat Insane adventure first try. No deaths past level 30, every death beforehand was from me pushing my limits, Grand Corruptor, Celia early etc.

Old necromancer did no damage, was squishy, had problems with friendly fire, had mana and souls as resources to worry about (therefore manasurge inscription tax)

New necromancer does 3k damage per turn, even the passive retaliation damage is comparable to the old necro.

Effective health pool of 1.9k not including hiemal shield, healing from Eternal Night etc, lich easily getting 85+ all saves, feels more tanky than a recent AM bulwark I've played, comparable to a 1.6 cursed, maybe just a bit less tanky.

Mana is not a resource, well it is only for manaclash, but the regen is good enough that I don't even need a manasurge rune on me (not that it helps against manaclash anyway).

Souls Management is pretty fun, I personally didn't care much for the Reaping boni, I just spammed so I only took 1/5 in reaping.

I didn't run from anything in insane (although necro is pretty bad at running), with his teleports needing vision so you lose mobility on blind. Just get the zone order and build right, and you win insane.

Seemed strong.

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