1.65 Skeleton Archmage (normal)... way overpowered

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1.65 Skeleton Archmage (normal)... way overpowered

#1 Post by Delmuir »

This was my easiest win ever.

Admittedly, a skeleton archmage on normal is a pretty easy win but this was comical. I didn't have to heal, not even once, after Dreadfell.

The build was simple enough... all lightning maxed out and then I threw in Shivgoroth Form and that was it. I really just used Chain Lightning as my primary with Lightning Storm for clean up. When Hurricane was up an running, the game got easy in a hurry. I actually did die once though but it was early and it was incredibly stupid. I opened a room in Dreadfell and just stood even when I had plenty of opportunities to run away. I was just... cavalier.

I killed the final boss in like 8 or 10 turns and Atamathon went down almost as quickly. The fact that his infamous sustain isn't active immediately made him even easier. I just threw up a stormshield rune, cast tidal wave, and unloaded on him. When his fiery skin (or whatever) sustain came up, I dismissed it easily and finished him off.

The Stormshield rune is obscenely overpowered. I had one that nixed damage over 47 for FIVE turns with 13 cool down (reduced by cool down reduction). I only used it against Atamathon. That's how murderous my character was... everything just died.

Chain lightning is a killer once it gets daze. The standard attack was roughly 2400 damage (64% crit) and I surely didn't optimize equipment, though my equipment was solid. Lightning Storm was almost 400 every turn... yeah. I used rune of reflection and didn't both adding the final two inscription slots until literally right before the final bosses. That one shield was enough.

I understand that the Wildfire build is the best for higher difficult but this was the easiest win that I've ever had and I've had some easy ones.

The new runes are incredible, perhaps too incredible for normal difficulty.

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