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I just finished my Monolith run. ... 5329336313

I built an Adventurer specifically to wear the Monolith Armour. The goal was to have 150 CON. As it turns out, this is not nearly enough. You will need considerably more CON, probably 200 is safe. The reason why is when your armour is removed due to your CON dropping below 150 (disease or dispelling an important sustain), your armour disappears.
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This happened to me twice. The first time was after level 35 when I could wear a vaulted Limmir's Amulet of the Moon. A dread or some other invisible undead dispelled my Inner Power sustain and so my armour disappeared permanently. I also realized at this point that wielding a gem in your psionic slot does not count toward the minimum 150 CON.

I vaulted over another set of the armour and started wearing it when I could get my CON to 175 or so. The screenshot above is after I beat the final mages. As you can see, no armour. I think that I got hit by one of those 30 turn diseases that drops your highest stat by 30 or so by Argoniel. Maybe Inner Power was also dispelled again. Either way, my armour disappeared some time during the battle, so I won the game without wearing pants.

Since I am a masochist, I might try a Ghoul Sawbutcher who takes Stone Alchemy and Crafty Hands in order to give this another go.

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Re: Monolith

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I went up to 250 CON before deciding it was a bit too much and settled on 225 ... 30efa6bda5

Ghoul proc paladin is good and fun 8)

the fact that the armor goes away totally is a bug and will be fixed in the next patch
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