First Insane RL Win - Cornac Doomed AM w/ Tinkers

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First Insane RL Win - Cornac Doomed AM w/ Tinkers

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Hello, dear fellow adventurers!
Finally, I managed to win on Insane Roguelike difficulty.

It was the 3rd attempt on Cornac Doomed (the both 1st and 2nd died in Daikara at ~31 lvl).
I aimed for AM with Tinkers but couldn't imagine how good is the outcome. Betrayed the Alchemist so had 1.3 Psiblades mastery.

During the run, I found the one-handed automaton schematics, that's why I got Mechanical to 4 and Electricity to 2. I though it would be like the second Cursed Sentry, but this talent is BULLSHIT, with high cd and about 150 dps, while my Cursed Sentry does about 600 dps and IMO needs redesigning.

The last fight was abit nervous - I couldn't take down Elandar as he kept teleporting away and as he turned back he was almost at the full health. Then I run and closed three portals (dragon portal is good as he aggros bosses), and this stupid boi just suffocated inside a wall because I kept knockbacking him and he couldn't go out.
Argoniel was easier, as I deleted all of his sustains with remnants and dropped totem and silence from AM tree, so he couldn't actually do nothing.

And one more reason to celebrate, after syncing, I realised that I have 500 steam achievements

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