Winner: Madness Adventue - Shalore Adventutrer

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Winner: Madness Adventue - Shalore Adventutrer

#1 Post by St_ranger_er »

First of all i want to say Thanks to Cctobias for he's guide and Red, who post idea of chaining (i think about it to, and after some hours of test, finaly solution has been found). Also Thanks for Mex, Mankeli and other, who was able to show: madness can be winnable.

I played v1.2.5 with Ashes of Urh'rok, but no one of new trees have been used. Char dump: ... b12ff48585

The slogan of this run is "Magic shall triumph!". Core of build is use chain Timeless-Metaflow-Timeless for save (in best case increase) buffs duration. For survival possible to use unstoppable, but i reject it, because monsters with or can ruined your day. Even cauterize don't save you. The other variant, which i pick, is shields, and Aegis tree. When shield doesn't fall, we can increase it forever with help of aegis talent. For damage i use arcane brawler combo with stone missiles. But because we need some cat point, i picked only Technique / Pugilism almost only for Axe Kick (and probably for 1.66 bonus attack speed). There is another one point for take unarmed is disarm immunity. Other is simple: Technique / Magical combat , Spell / Stone , Spell / Conveyance, Psionic / Augmented mobility.

For chaining picked Spell / Meta (Metaflow, Quicken Spells, Disperse for some sustain removal), Chronomancy / Temporal Combat (Invigorate), Celestial / Sun (Suncloak. interesting moment: suncloak is prevent taking damage more than ~70% max hp which can save you when monster have shield penetration or, in vorst case, dispell your shield). I foolishly take Temporal Combat on level one because cannot decide what i will chhose to use (unstoppable or aegis). Maybe if i took aegis, i can avoid this two death (on level 9 by lumberjack unique villager, whom i tried to oneshot of mind blast torque. and on level 19 by some solipsist rare in old forest).

The most hard part of run is first 30 or so levels. It's almost all about track+dig. In this run i get lucky for hero infusion ~-450 (drown) and gauntlets with track (in shop). Even with all previous stuff and average shield rune (~200), without Spell / Temoral (temp shield) it's really hard.

On level 30 with starving of class talents, become possible to start chaining. Metaflow (4), Quicken Spells(5), Invigorate(3), Suncloak (4-5 depends of spellpower), Timeless(5) and prodigy Hidden Resourses (maybe possible with metaflow(on equip) and manasurge rune, but not for aegis version).

When i get level 35-40 i found "void valker's" prefix item, which add def and all res anp, the most important "new effect duration reducion" after teleport. The last effect with rune of blink and items is capped at 60% reduction. But when you stack it only with items, there is no cap (for first use as you can see on video final battle. When you buff this effect and take off all gives this effect item, you can tele wherer you want without fear for reduce,let say from 215%(i can reach this by swapping), to 60%). Well, good replacement for draconic will.

When mobs HP rises higher than sky, i remembered suggestion for use dagger Mercy (because -3% of lost hp per attack). But i have no Mercy :( On the other hand i have cat points (36 and wirm byle). Chronomancy / Time Travel (Echoes From The Past) Have the same, and even better effect (remember our spell CD reduction, Timeless, Metaflow, invigorate...). It's nice but for maximize effectiveness this build i realy want to pick Chronomancy / Energy (Redux) Which doubeled damage from Echoes From The Past. But i pay so many cat points, on the other side i have free ~8 class points. To solve another problem: mobs starts with 100% hp, i decide take Corruption / Reaving combat (Corrupted Strength). So when we cast Echoes we attack in the same time (even unarmed, if i see correctly).

Before High Peak i want maximize my effectiveness. It's time to buy some randarts. Boots with - 10% cd i found in last hope shop. And if i remember correctly, i i saw -10% CD on pickaxe. the first two was not so good (but 3 turn, another 15phys crit chance). And third try was great success! -10% cd! I have -89% CD reduction. That was able me cast constatntly. Is anybody know another item that can give CD reduction?

Let's talk about some nasty stuff. Which can destroy chaining and many other scarry things.

Impale, shattering blow, sunder armor can destroy your shield. With high skill levels is about 95% chance.

acid fire, cleansing flames, combination cick, corrupted negation, disperse magic - It's all terrible, but disperse magic especial. Most of all our essential effects are magical, and when you loose 10 of it in one turn it's really big problem. Effective way is Axe Kick before, retreat.

Not so terrible, but require rebuff: ravage, dissolvong acid.

And in the end is mana clash (and same). When mana goes to 0 sustain which give -30 CD shutdown. Uncomfortable, but not really dangerous in fight 1 by 1.

Enjoy some video, which i made:
Final Fight

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Re: Winner: Madness Adventue - Shalore Adventutrer

#2 Post by Mankeli »

Congrats, great job! Hilarious build too!

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Re: Winner: Madness Adventue - Shalore Adventutrer

#3 Post by Effigy »

Congrats on the win! I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around your build though. It seems to be all over the place. Also, only one prodigy?

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Re: Winner: Madness Adventue - Shalore Adventutrer

#4 Post by St_ranger_er »

The 2nd prodigy is not so essential. Maybe combo cauterize+The untochable+aegis should works well against mobs in, let say, 850 floor of madness infinity dungeon (but stacks pretty bad with Suncloak, need some try). Draconic will is nice, because no management of void walker's item and mental effect instead magical(no disperse fear, but still dissolving acid/combination kick). Invigorate + Timeless with 89% CD reduction allows autouse it when available, even without extending duration should be infinity. Swift hands for swap when need Axe Kick, other time use weapons with temporal res penetration. Temporal form, for max Echoe.

The initial plan was to pick Hidden Resourses at 30 lvl and Draconic Will at 42. Feel free to take what you prefer.

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