Skeleton Sun Paladin Insane: help!

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Skeleton Sun Paladin Insane: help!

#1 Post by Delmuir »

So... I got through the starting zone, Trollmire, and Crystal Caves (or whatever) and now I've hit a wall. Every single T1 left is blocked by either a Unique with Summoner, Necro, or Steamtech Gunner skills, usually in combination with Oozemancer skills as an added FU, and I do mean blocked. They're staring me right in the face as soon as I enter the zone and I can't even close the distance before they tear through all of my shields (level 12, currently).

I've never been able to keep a Sun Paladin alive for very long, in spite of what everything says about them. In this case... I don't understand how a class with "good defense" is supposed to survive when they're get ripped apart by a single ritch flamespitter?!?

There's nowhere left to go and the class just doesn't seem to have any tricks, so to speak. It's a very straightforward class and I'm just not sure what do with it.

Sure, this situation is probably a lost cause but does anyone have any pointers with the class?

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Re: Skeleton Sun Paladin Insane: help!

#2 Post by Delmuir »

What the freaking hell just happened?

I literally got one shot, at level 12!!!, through 800 in combined life/shields mostly by something called "tempest of metal." It hit me, seriously, like 15 times. ZERO status effects. What the hell?!?

How is it that the Sun Paladin is the MOST fragile class that I've ever played with on this game. How is that even possible? Every single time I play one, it's the same story... fine, fine, fine... insane burst damage one-shots me. Is there something in the code?

What the hell?!?

But the bonus is... I returned to the world of the living after resting up and... one-shot again. WHAT!? I checked its talents and nothing seemed terrifying. Overheat, tempest of metal, saw mastery (or whatever). It was just a rare. Note a unique or boss, just a rare.

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Re: Skeleton Sun Paladin Insane: help!

#3 Post by Delmuir »

Worst death ever...

I've had lots of deaths in this game but none frustrated me as much as this one. I'm level 30, exiting the Spellblaze with a a rock-solid Sun Paladin. Just got Adept as my first prodigy and I'm one-shotting practically everything. Accidentally double-tap a button and end up not escaping the "Godfeaster."

The first enemy I come across is some nasty horror with Sun Paladin and Oozemancer talents. I unload on him for a while... zero damage. I never dropped him below 98%. Try to flee but there's nowhere to go, and he hits HARD. Needless to say, hit by a gastric wave and he snipes me from behind.


My problem is... how do I escape now?!? Oh, right, I can't. WHAT?!? Now I've died four times, one to a summoner who, in ONE TURN, summoned 4 different things, including a Rimebark which hit me FIVE times. WHAT?!? 2k in life and shields, maxed out, gone in one turn. I've now been 1-shot three different times. Also, the "hero" who was supposed to save me died, no joke, in three turns. Yeah, real helpful.

And I still have the indestructible blob on my heels. I was in the Godfeaster one other time with a Necromancer who dealt rock-solid damage and when I finally got to the zone boss, I did nothing to him. This time, thankfully, the boss was mobile (not sure why he wasn't last time) and so I could get to the exit BUT not before his BS unclearable status effect that lowers all of my stats. This time, making me unable to move via encumbrance. Also, he can move into walls and still see me... so that was great.

This zone is BS. It's not even an interesting layout or aesthetic. It looks bad and has no tactical opportunities of note and one Insane, it's just insta-death. What is the point of this?!?

Update: in Dreadfell... two unkillable enemies thus far. One, I can't get away from... it's a unique with what must be the worst combination of skills I've ever come across: Necromancer and Paradox Mage. Holy Hell. Hit me with a 19 turn Impending Doom that I couldn't clear, in spite having multiple tools that should have (Shatter, changing chants, and so on - it was the only status effect and I couldn't clear it). I'm not clear on the mechanics of how that's even possible but suffice to say, it's rough.

Finally escaped it only to get one-shot right off the stairs by the Master. The list was so long, I don't even know what hit me but it looks like 7-8 enemies, including a Lord of Skulls. I literally took two steps off the stairs and dead. Second life didn't save me, ha ha... Healed up and returned and I'm surrounding by some terrifying Unique, a normal enemy, The Master (who rushed me!?!), and a Lord of Skulls. Tore through my shields and second life, leaving with 47 life, 17 status effects, and zero means of escaping... but even if I did escape, I'd have that damn Boss from the previous level on top of me.

I give up.

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Re: Skeleton Sun Paladin Insane: help!

#4 Post by Tradewind_Rider »


With Sun Paladin, i always went early:

Level 4-5 Path of the Sun : you can use this to close-in -> attack a few times -> then escape, under the same effect

Level 3 Sun Ray asap : to make it AoE Blind, and always use this against non-blind immune dudes

Level 3-5 Weapon of Light : to maintain your damage shield(s) during fights

Learn Second Life asap

Use a shield and go for Shield Offense 1,1,1,1 early

Use Shield Pummel to stun enemies


Chants: 1,1,1,0 asap to have effect cleanses

Level up Bathe in Light and use it. You can use it together with Path of the Sun, and you can
position yourself at the edge of your effect, so you will have shields and the enemy not.

Also use Barrier & Providence.

Use a Tracking item, or learn Track / Precognition from escort, becasue your buffs are non-instant, so
you need to pre-use them, before a fight.

If you do not plan on Fallen, i would unlock Guardian tree at lvl 10 to have Shield of Light immediately.
Retribution & Crusade are also nice, later.

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