YAVP: Orc/Lich Necromancer - EoR Insane/RL

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YAVP: Orc/Lich Necromancer - EoR Insane/RL

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https://te4.org/characters/137285/tome/ ... ef50e154ab

This is my first EoR Insane win with a non-Adventurer class, so that was nice. The run was deathless apart from intentionally dying to unlock Lich form. I played it at a pure caster from start to finish, with just 1 point in the ghoul talent. The free ghoul summon is a great distraction, and it uses Retch to heal you as a Lich too. Generic points were very tight due to having 2 racial trees plus tinkers and Chants, so I had to make some tough choices. On the plus side, I had 100% crit shrug from Lich + Ablative Armor without having to invest in Dex, so I maxed Con instead for heal mod and some extra life.

The final fight took a long time, probably upwards of 100 turns, but was fairly safe. The boss had 100+ spell save, so I was rarely able to make debuffs stick and had to just whittle it down with direct damage. I summoned all the captured yetis on a lark during this fight and they were surprisingly useful as a distraction. I expected them to die in a couple turns, but they actually survived a long time and helped keep the adds busy. 5/5 Device Mastery reduced the cooldown for Pain Supressor Salve to 6 turns, with a 6 turn duration, so I was able to have 100% uptime on it. I'm not sure if Ethereal Form was the best choice for 2nd prodigy since I didn't need the penetration, although the resist and defense were nice to have. Taking something like Master of Disasters may have bumped my spellpower enough to beat the boss's saves more often, but it's hard to know how much survivability I'd lose in exchange.

Category points: +1 inscription -> Age of Dusk -> Eradication
Prodigies: Lich -> Ethereal Form
Yeti tissues: Chants -> Misdirection -> Foresight -> Device Mastery

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