Well this is how it all ends.

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Well this is how it all ends.

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All day of grinding, just for this.

I never went into the rooms with the blinkwyrms in - but they aggroed to me all the same.

I'm a wanderer and I don't have a sustain break in my kit and I was unwilling to save scum for Rod of Annulment so, this is where it all ends. There is no outplaying losing all my sustains and receiving all my damage back, there's just no beating that kind of tempo, I just die. The funniest part is I can even beat the High Wyrmic - if I can get to him alive, but blinkwyrm bosses are actually just so outrageously overpowered that I die.

Displacement shield doesn't respect resistances, doesn't respect armour, doesn't respect anything. It's true damage retaliation. I literally cannot win because they will never stop being aggroed, even if I die they will still be there.

WOULD BE REALLY COOL if Displacement Shield's reflection actually respected any form of mitigation, that would be real nice.

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