NM RL Archer Win

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NM RL Archer Win

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I had a lot of fun with this class. Just an extreme amount of mobility. Disengage/Tumble/Escape, combined with Boots of the Hunter, Movement Infusion and a few teleport options via the Swift Hands Prodigy. No one could keep me down, not even Atamathon. All areas/vaults cleared.

Ok ok... Linaniil did catch me. The 3 deaths were exclusively from her and after the game was won. I was ignorant of her prowess, and I apologize for stepping on her turf. Respect.

The Good

Awesome Mobility.

One-Shotting most average mobs with Vital Shots / Snipes from 10-spaces away.

I had no logic for picking Thalore other than a character named Legolas' Little Brother has to be an elf. But, I liked having the extra survivability talents as well as being able to instant summon meat-fodder. Wood fodder? They are trees.

The Bad

Damage output in the early to mid-game was medicore. I was admittedly more heavily invested in survivability talents, but still some periods were a real drag. By the end game I had some wicked Arrows made, and my crit % was over 100%. That took care of that issue.

Eventually I pumped Fragmentation Shot / Scatter Shot / Volley, but for a long period large QTY's of enemies were a chore (Looking at you, "The Master.")

The Great

Swift Hands Prodigy + Device Mastery. I've never used it before. Being able to use the anti-magic totem without screwing with my runes was awesome. Mirror Image, Dissipation, Guardian Totem. Magic-Users were no issue. (Except for Linaniil, what a beast.) So many great item options with instant activatable talents to add versatility to your character. I found myself switching them out often depending on the scenario.

Character Link

https://te4.org/characters/11962/tome/5 ... ab281d4594

Final Boss Battle - Easiest time I've ever had in this fight on any difficulty.


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