Barely getting a Kruk Yeti Psyshot Win (Nightmare Adventurer)

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Barely getting a Kruk Yeti Psyshot Win (Nightmare Adventurer)

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In the past I have played with an Orc Psyshot on Normal difficulty - that character getting to the Sher'Tul High Priest but ultimately failing to defeat him in the end. Looking to play a Tinker Class again for the purposes of unlocking the new class that has appeared, I decided to take a Kruk Yeti for a spin and believed I could net a win now with a Psyshot - on Nightmare difficulty no less!

Well, I can say that I have now done so - but it was a doozy of a victory to achieve for sure....

DFuxa Showcases - Tales of Maj'Eyal: Embers of Rage 1.7.4 - Kruk Yeti Psyshot Nightmare Adventurer Davion MentalFreeze

Getting a Kruk Yeti Psyshot off the ground was not exactly an easy task - this actually wasn't the first attempt, just the attempt that I stuck with in recordings and kept going on further into the Orc Campaign. Because I was aiming to do everything in my power to beat the End Game Boss I was a lot more focused on making this character as strong as possible and equipped for the task; besides the Temporal Disruption I pretty well visited everything I could!

However, that fight with the Sher'Tul High Priest I have to say that it was moreso the knowledge of the fight that won me that battle as opposed to being the outright stronger character I was hoping to be. Long story short - and it was a long story - I spent a little over 4 hours in the Finale Battle before getting the win.... I died a few times and had an 'interesting' time with the God Pieces as they 'moved' around due to various random skills they managed to acquire as a result of Nightmare Difficulty and some of the shenanigans of the Sher'Tul High Priest too.

I was actually thinking I might do two runs of the Embers of Rage campaign - but that specific fight...... I'm not really too keen now about doing it again.

The link to the character page can be found here regardless:

Davion MentalFreeze the level 50 Kruk Yeti Psyshot by Davion Fuxa
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