Yet another brave adventurer falls prey to the darkness. (LvL17 Cornac Cursed)

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Yet another brave adventurer falls prey to the darkness. (LvL17 Cornac Cursed)

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My first decent cursed has now fallen, Amped to death (whatever that means) and resurrected as a mindless horror on the depths of the alternate maze.

She died like she lived, endlessly cursing her dark fate and all her foes, kicking and screaming bloody murder as she delivered more debuffs and endured more punishment than I honestly thought she could. Seriously, almost half of the debuffs she laid on the Horned Horror (a name that doesn't stop sounding kinky and cringy at the same time) I had no idea she could even do.

That was a character full of surprises. It was a bit underwhelming at first, but slowly as the amount of talents started growing and I started using Rampage more often (when she didn't use it on her own, that is), I started to come to like her.

There is a beauty in launching yourself at your foes, have them attack you with everything they have, and still beat the shit out of them with nothing but pure rage. I always imagined that when I read "rampage shrug off" Tleria suffered a hard hit, but got up and screamed at the top of her lungs "IS THAT ALL YOU GOT, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!?"

And as the mind debuffs started stacking, I could only image how unnerved and terrified her opponents were of this savage madwoman, who launched herself at masses of foes and butchered them all with nothing but a sword, guts, and pure, unadulterated RAGE. Oh, and supernatural cursed miasma.

Unfortunately, the Horned Horror (the most horrendous thing is the name itself) proved to be too much for her. A brawler almost ten levels over her, maybe if I had been more awake I would have used the advantage of seeing it across the map (thanks predator tree) and gotten the - out of there, but what's done is done.

It was a pretty good fight tho.

Now, I have the insane urge to try out a Willpower focused build, however impractical that may be. I will probably focus on Gloom and Predator trees. Gloom seems to be the most important and versatile Willpower tree, and improving it improves mindpower. I will sorely miss Rampage and its tree though.

Maybe a Thaloren next? Doing Cornac again would be boring. Higher is kinda meh, and while a cursed Yeek sounds hilarious, I won't do that just yet.

But if I ever do a strength focused cursed again, I will definitively try out ogres and dwarfs. Just the thought of combining Ogric Wrath and Rampage makes me shiver.

Oh. And mages and poisonous plants/molds/slimes were absolutely awful. Specially the poison. Until this character, it was almost a joke, but poison was so annoying in this playthrough. I'M LOOKING AT YOU, HEART OF THE GLOOM. Yet another reason to hate that place. Sandworm lair has nothing on it.

Until next time guys. The community here is awesome. Maybe I'll post this on the blog tomorrow. The page thinks I'm a bot/spammer/whatever. Again.

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